Friday, March 15, 2013

STOKER opens this week-end

Meet India Stoker,  MIA WASIKOWSKA, an introverted young girl with heightened  perceptions. We are drawn into her world by the rich cinematography of CHUNG-HOON CHUNG who uses each image each scene as a living canvas of flowing colors and moods. Soon we meet India's family, NICOLE KIDMAN plays her mother Evelyn Stoker, DERMOT MULRONEY plays her dad Richard Stoker, and MATTHEW GOODE plays her uncle Charles Stoker who will help India come into her own. The movie has a slow pace at the beginning because everything is put to use to reveal India's unusual frame of mind and peculiar family that until now she did not know well. It is a thriller and as the film progresses you will be happy you stuck with it. Director PARK CHAN-WOOK will deliver the goods in a colorful splash of surprise!
Watch trailer to set the stage...

It is mysterious, artistic, beautiful and very scary!

-Lena Ghio

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