Friday, June 21, 2013


Pour le Français prenez la touche translate à gauche.
Cet excellent  film va jouer au Cinéma Excentris dès le 21 juin 2013 et sera sous-titré en Français.

BEFORE MIDNIGHT  is the third in the series of "Before" films starring JULIE DELPY, as Céline,  and ETHAN HAWKE, as Jesse, a couple who first met BEFORE SUNRISE a had a brief romantic interlude then met again BEFORE SUNSET where the relationship began to take root. Now almost twenty years later, the couple has been in a committed relationship for 10 years, have two gorgeous twin girls, and again we enter their very private sphere where love will be questioned from the perspective of a couple who wonder if they still have it!

Like the first two I really enjoy that we are able to revue what is going on at the global level through the lives of the pair and their friends. The panorama of Greece in the background is breathtaking. I truly enjoyed this film as I did the two previous ones.

This movie will play at Cinema Excentris starting June 21 2013.


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