Friday, August 16, 2013


This is an amazing image composed of
half Ashton Kutcher's face and half of Steve Jobs face.

I was at the press screening for this movie last Monday. We had the opportunity to see three different movies but most journalists gathered in the theatre were JOBS was set to play.

I admire very much who STEVE JOBS was in spite of his human foibles. He was a man with a keen awareness that he transfered with enthusiasm to his fans, the consumers of the products of his genius. There is a myth about genius that one must pay for it with ones life. JOBS was such a man consumed by his work before any other consideration.

ASTON KUTCHER is liquid brilliance as he struts from scene to scene channelling the spirit of Steve Jobs. The moment the movie opens and even now as I am sharing the experience with you, I have chills and tears in my eyes.

Of course like all of us humans there are so many unrevealed elements to the complete story. What I have retained was the spirit of Jobs. That came through for me, his desire for elegance, for excellence, his understanding of the human heart, of the ephemerality of our existence.

Opening Friday August 16 2013.



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