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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire // L'Embrasement

The movie opens in district 12 where Katniss Everdeen, JENNIFER LAWRENCE, is spending time with Gale Hawthorne, LIAM HEMSWORTH, her true love. Nothing is easy as Katniss relives the trauma of the Games and Gale must adjust to the consequence of her fame. The intrigue grows as there is suspicion from President Snow, DONALD SUTHERLAND, that a rebellion is brewing and that Katniss is to blame. JOSH HUTCHERSON is heartbrakingly heroic as Peeta Mellark, the other game winner with Katniss, who loves her in vain. A Victory Tour by the reluctant duo soon turns into a diabolical plot with past Hunger Games winners.

In part 2 we go deeper into the characters souls and minds. We are  so close to the action you can feel the vapor of the characters breath. Life and death, technology and human skills, citizens and abusive rulers are in a bloody battle! The design of the film is exquisite, the tension edgy, the special effects of the highest calibre. There is more maturity in this second part and this is equal to the issues the movie is trying to come to terms with: injustice, human rights, freedom. New threats and new challengers give dimension and excitement to the contest imposed by President Snow

Of course there is still that delightfully wicked performance by STANLEY TUCCI as Ceasar Flickerman and the incredible costume designs of TRISH SUMMERVILLE as well as the excellent production design of PHILIP MESSINA. Effie Trinket, played adorably by ELIZABETH BANKS, wears an intricate butterfly outfit at some point that blew my mind. And she cries for "her" team.

A delicious movie that leaves us wanting more and more...OPENS THIS WEEK-END



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