The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Winter Soldier

Français: application traduction à gauche

Before I go on telling you how much I enjoyed this movie and why, let me remind you that it is a COMIC BOOK that comes to life for us, not a work of literature. Like all great Comic Books, this one has handsome heroes, well-built, sleek, with super-powers. Also, almost invincible evil enemies out to destroy the world!

CHRIS EVANS in the role of Steve Rogers AKA Captain America is right on the mark with his American good looks, smile, and superbly sculpted physique. He has come back to life in the future and, as he readjusts to his new time frame, finds himself involved in a confrontation with the Winter Soldier played by SEBASTIAN STAN. This character is intense, focused, hard hitting. But there is the mystery of who he is? where does he come from? who is he working for?

The drama unfolds with an excellent cast: SAMUEL JACKSON, ROBERT REDFORD, SCARLETT JOHANSSON,  and SAM WILSON all part of exciting fight scenes that are very effective. I practice martial arts so I get chills when I see great fight scenes in a movie. Here the chills were phenomenal. The way the film makers cut the action scenes they combine the effect of the comic book with the motion of cinema. The result appears like a succession of cubist paintings unfolding at a very rapid pace. Combine that with the very successful 3D effect and it becomes a dazzling mind blowing show.

The movie opens today and I recommend it,


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