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Overview of scientific articles by Lena Ghio

The most read article on my blog is about how I used the equation described
on the right to capture the clouds forming human features in front of the Sun.
In this version I colored the image sepia so they could be visible on my blog.
Original photos of these extraordinary events have been kept.
Photos Lena Ghio 
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I have written these articles as an artist, that I am, does a work of art. I assemble the scientific knowledge gathered from many sources into coherent patterns.  I do not claim to be a scientist but I have used the scientific method to conduct my experiment so that I have evidence a scientist could use.

Here is a review of the experiments I did to test my equation:

E = MC squared/G + RF = T + S

The first one concerned the forms of the clouds. I had calculated an Alignment Geometry of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM) that involved the approaching New Moon. I predicted that the structure of the geometrical alignment the planets made and the relationship they formed to one another at a precise moment of Time with me at a precise point of Space that I could photograph the clouds forming a human face in front of the sun. My prediction came true on 3 striking occasions.

The Moons of Saturn, Gravity and the Evolution of Life

For the second experiment that led to the creation of my delicious gravitropic mutant named Normand, I used the same AGCM as the previous experiment that formed human faces in the clouds in front of the Sun but the angle of the New Moon to the Earth was from the Eastern Horizon instead of from the Meridian Line of North and South. I planted 32 lemon seeds at an exact moment of Time and point of Space. 4 survived. One manifested an evolutionary anomaly. In the first article, The Phenomena Of Evolution Captured,  I put a selection of images of Normand exhibiting human features. Some scientists told me that it must be the result of leaf malformation or parasite affliction, they did not observe the details like the swollen midrib. The plant's behavior was much more significant when you look at the following images that outline a willful behavior on the part of Normand.

In this experiment I use Time and Space to engage Gravity and the Rolling Force to affect E = MC squared in the form of plant life. Although I hypothesized that somehow the lemon plants would manifest a human face I had no idea how that could possibly come about.
On October 7 2012 I noticed one of the lemon trees seemed to be working very hard at bending and contorting one of its leaves. What is noticeable is the central vein of the leaf , the midrib, bursting with water. Plants do photosynthesis through the venation system of the leaves. It is clear that the midrib if contorting the leaf.The 3 images on the left were taken early in the morning. The one on the right was taken on late afternoon and Normand had done his face.

Throughout the day of October 8 2012 Normand exhibited his human features.

These images illustrate that Normand unfolded his face after his performance. From left to right: October 9 2012, October 10 2012, October 11 2012, October 12 2012 and the final one November 6 2012. In the close-up below you can see where Normand's efforts left scars.

On November 6 2012,
Normand exhibited
scar tissue where his
midrib expressed willfulness.
Amaryllis Sculpted by Gravitational Modulations

In this experiment I use AGCM to affect the size of 2 groups of Amaryllis.
You can see the details of the third experiment on the link above.
This is an aerial view of the Amaryllis that shows the impact of
applying my equation to gardening. The plants on the left created
more mass than the plants on the right.


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