Friday, July 11, 2014



The new movie starring KEIRA KNIGHTLY,  MARK RUFFALO, ADAM LEVINE of MAROON 5 and the popular TV show The Voice, from the same show CEELO GREEN and a host of other well loved actors is a new kind of musical. It employs the recently evolving technique of using modern technology to create dimensions in storytelling. We learn the past of Greta (Knightly) and Dave's (Levine) relationship from the videos they shot of each other for example. The story is set in New York where Greta and Dave hope to work together in music but only Dave moves on to a recording contract. Greta befriends Dan (Ruffalo) and they decide to see how far they can let their creative juices go. This is the best part of the movie, its exploration of human ingenuity set to an excellent soundtrack. Knightly managed  her singing debut well enough, but she is also my sore point of the movie. I was very distracted by her over accentuated facial expressions every time it was her turn to speak! It was just too much!
I still enjoyed the movie that opens today, July 11th 2014 in a theatre near you.


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