Monday, August 25, 2014

A word from water to those afflicted by the drought in the western USA

1) The Flag © Lena Ghio 2014
First I must clarify that I would offer such messages to any country experiencing drought, but I am only now learning and writing about The Language of Water. 

I haven't been watching the news for more than a year so I have missed a lot of tragedy and war. The drought moves me because, as those who follow my blog know, since July 23 2013 I have been documenting the image making faculty of water. This evolved into Emerge Art and now a book I am writing The Language of Water.

2) The Woman in White
and the Full Moon
© Lena Ghio 2014
I took many pictures this morning asking the water one question: How can you bring hope to those people devastated by the drought in the western USA? The artwork surrounding the water are my OMIs paying homage to the great Canadian artist EMILY CARR who reproduced the Forest Spirits of the North-West Territories in her magnificent corpus. I chose these 3 images that sum up the message nicely. I hope these images, drawn by water and polished by me, will be uplifting for those in the midst of the drought.

3) The White Horse © Lena Ghio 2014
1) The Flag struck me as a symbol for what most people must be thinking and feeling: ENOUGH ALREADY! PLEASE! A figure is holding it up and it is tattered and dirty.

2) The Woman in White and The Full Moon shows a pregnant woman that seems to be imploring the Full Moon. The upcoming Full Moon on September 8 will be in Pisces a water sign. A few hours before it reaches fullness it will conjunct Neptune in Pisces, a very strong watery element.

3) The White Horse, a universal symbol for upcoming relief.

My prayers are with you all, Spirit has not forgotten you. LOVE


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