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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Friday, August 1, 2014

FANTASIA the last week-end / le dernier fin de semaine

This week I went to the press screening of three highly anticipated movies: Guardians of the Galaxy, Welcome to New York and The Green Inferno.

One of my favorite characters from Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocky!
Guardians of the Galaxy was a hit @ Fantasia and everybody left feeling happy and high. IT IS THAT GOOD! and FUN! With stars like CHRIS PRATT as Peter Quill, ZOE SALDANA as Gamora, VIN DIESEL and BRADLEY COOPER as the voices of Groot and Rocket plus DAVE BAUTISTA as Drax the chemistry is dazzling! IT is a MUST!!!! The soundtrack of Rock from the 70's is right on with the mood of the action. The 3D effect is very successful, the cinematography spectacular. You gotta see this on the big screen and your kids will love it.

Welcome to New York starring GÉRARD DEPARDIEU and JACQUELINE BISSET, written and directed by ABEL FERRARA, is a very strange movie speculating on the down and dirty side of (DSK) Dominique Strauss Kahn's scandalous case of attempted rape on a hotel maid and what was happening in his private life. He had a reputation for inappropriate behavior with women, for being a womanizer, and for enjoying the services of prostitutes. This describes millions of men in various social positions. Depardieu in the beginning of the film admits that he hates DSK. His performance, where he undresses himself totally to bare his contempt, is excellent! He brings to life a character that is a real pig. He grunts like a pig throughout the movie making his point and his contempt very clear. But it is not enough to make the movie an interesting whole. For example the recent movie Nymph()mania explores sexual addiction also but we become captivated by where the character is taking us. Here, we see a dirty old man who is in denial as he huffs and puffs from one woman to the next.

And they are already doing the sequel!
Finally, The Green Inferno! As I was heading to the press screening I was feeling apprehension for the fear the ELI ROTH movie was sure to produce in me. After all, beside Texas Chainsaw Massacre, his Hostel 1 was the second most scary slasher movie I had ever seen! This time however he made me feel bad for another reason. Sadly the movie is awful. So many things are bad about it I just don't understand how such a gifted film maker did this! First the evil cannibals are not evil at all. They are happy revelers eating these individuals in a very festive atmosphere. The plastic body parts are evident, there is too much daylight and the very unpleasant red the savages color themselves with clashes with the fluo green of nature. The cast is awful, the cinematography awful, and we left the theatre feeling awful.
The one possibility for this movie is if you go see it knowing how bad it is and revel in its awfulness as it provides humor for you and your friends. Too Bad!


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