Friday, September 19, 2014

A Walk Among the Tombstones & The BoxTrolls

A Walk Among the Tombstones

LIAM NEESON plays Matt Scudder in this excellent suspense movie. Scudder is a retired police officer who becomes entangled in a murder kidnap investigation through an addict he meets in his AA meetings. The addicts brother, a drug kingpin,  wants to find his kidnapped wife. At first he resists getting involved but his instincts kick in and he ends up following the evidence into a gruesome series of killings. His unlikely sidekick is a homeless boy named TJ played with savvy by BRIAN "Astro" BRADLEY. It works very well in building a suspenseful tension that makes you want to cover your eyes and look at the same time! The story is based on LAWRENCE BLOCK's novel by the same title.

The BoxTrolls

You are in for a treat with this delightful 3D puppet animation masterpiece! BEN KINGSLEY is the voice of Archibald Snatcher, an evil transvestite who simply wants a white hat, the greatest  symbol of social status in Cheeseburg! And an opportunity to sit at the cheese tasting table with the elite. To get there he promises Lord Portly-Rind, JARED HARRIS, to rid the town of all boxtrolls. Meanwhile the boxtrolls have been raising a little boy named Egg, ISAAC HEMPSTEAD WRIGHT, who is discovered by Winnie, ELLE FANNING, the daughter of Lord Portly-Rind. This movie is so exquisite, your children will love it! It possesses the right balance of suspense and release that children love and you will love it too because it is so well made.

Both movies open today in a theatre near you.


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