Monday, September 22, 2014

Emerge Art and the case of Missing Child Madeleine McCann: a preview of the upcoming book The Language of Water by Lena Ghio

This image has been unsharp mask, cropped, and reduced to be easily
 visible on the internet. The original is intact. To me it looks like a child
being strangled on the right. Up left, with the interference of glass, that
was, like water,  also an item read by the ancients, there is a very scary
male figure. Photo © Lena Ghio 2014
Scientists are working hard to pierce the secrets of water at the molecular level. They believe this will lead to many discoveries that will be applicable in many fields. 

Madeleine McCann
I came upon the image making capacity of water through my art practice. I rediscovered in the summer of 2014 that ancient cultures even some people as recent as the nineteenth century practiced the art of reading images in water. I approached the experience as an artist and as a scientist. I set out to verify if there was a possibility that we could reach a level of understanding of how water communicates with us that would allow us to use the intelligence of water to solve many of our concerns.

A rotated crop of the image
that looks like a child
being strangled or shaken.
Photo © Lena Ghio 2014

A concern that touches my heart deeply is all crimes against children. Honestly, I was terrified of investigating the subject that is why I looked into it a full year after my primary studies of water. What case should I study? There are endless cases to be solved, endless. I decided to tackle the Madeleine McCann disappearance. 

Crop of evil looking man.
Photo © Lena Ghio 2014
To test what water would say I devised an initial experiment that is very rudimentary. The details will be included in the book The Language of Water. Here I will share one image and my impressions of the result.

I took the photo I am sharing with the public on August 7 2014. I put a piece of paper under the bowl of water with the question "Where will we find Madeleine McCann?"

As you can see, it took me several weeks before sharing these results.
It is a work in progress that I hope will one day be a useful tool.
My prayers are with the McCanns.

On the left, a composite of a person of interest released by Scotland Yard. Center, M. Adrian Oldfield, a relative of
Dr Matthew Oldfield a man who checked on Madeleine and the twins around 30 minutes before she was discovered missing. On the right, the image that formed in the glass. The similarities between the 3 representations is eery. NOTE that this is not evidence of M. Oldfield's culpability. It could mean something else than guilt, perhaps he saw something?

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