The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Sunday, September 21, 2014


The entire team of Super Heroes that worked relentlessly to make the evening a smashing success!

From left to right: Jenny Therriault,Véronique Courey.Sean Zinkman,
June Svetlovsky,Glenn Massad, Theodora Brinckman, Sherin Al-Safadi,
Catherine Defoy, Marcos Discepola, Mai Nguyen 
FONDATION AMAL   is a non-profit organization that puts together fundraisers to benefit other organizations that work with children with chronic diseases and disabilities. One of these events happened last Wednesday the 17th of September at Terrasses Bonsecours in the Old Port. It was so much fun! The theme was Super Heroes and Comic Books. After being greeted at the door, we walked in to take advantage of all manners of food, drinks, games, and we enjoyed the best conversations in a long time with a variety of interesting people.

You can check the website if you want to know more or give a donation AND to find more about the next Fundraiser that should be FABULOUS!

-Lena Ghio 
There was a StrongMan competition as you can see on the left; the scientist is blending personalized lip glosses for the women a speciality of; the Sushi Chefs from Saiken Sushi were kept very busy preparing goodies for the guests, and Robin ( AKA Marcos Discepola ) was saving my life with Jenny Therriault when a bobbob got stuck in my throat.

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