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PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3, preface The Warrior's Recapitulation p.4

 Sketch © Lena Ghio 1999 
This is the recapitulation process of Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension, phase 3. It means I am reviewing the work of the past so that in Phase 4, I can throw you into the inconceivable. In page 1, I have described with art how I perceived reality and why I perceived it the way I did. In page 2,  I outline how Michel de Notre-Dame, AKA Nostradamus, got his instructions from the Spirit, and how I got mine. In page 3, I demonstrate how I used art to illustrate how my unconscious mind integrated events, past conditioning, and symbols on its way towards coherence.

The original event, Phase 1, occurred in the fall of 1999. Phase 2 occurred in August 2005 when I had to slash the structures on which I had pasted the paintings to save only the essential elements of the art that will be revealed in Phase 4 coming soon.

The above drawing, done in the spring of 1999, is how I worked out the integration of scientific thought with my artistic process. I wanted to do extra-dimensional art. I was inspired by the popular books and documentaries on Quantum Physics. They excited me because they were describing at the microscopic level what I was witnessing in daily life as I compared Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics to a variety of earthly manifestations from human events to earthquakes.

I will translate what I wrote originally before I studied science at McGill University in 2011. I am ruminating what I read and understood from the popular lectures broadcasted on television:

« To make our passage on earth perceptible we have reduced reality into measures of three:

Past - Present - Future
Length - Height - Depth
Microscopic - us in the middle - Macroscopic

The fourth elements we can add to these categories:  Eternity - Infinity - Spirit: are ignored in our daily lives, with a certain justification for sure. But what is the price we pay for editing that which is divine and noble within us?

"We leave it up to the Aeon of each era to knit human destiny into the fibers of the universe."

We function daily in 3 known dimensions while ignoring the rest because, we argue, we do not have enough time, not enough money, often we just do not have the imagination and believe those who do must be insane! The understanding of the relativity of time and space opened the door to Quantum Theory that allows us to observe a particle of energy turn into matter and matter into energy. We can observe the forces of the universe in a constant ferocious combat with one another, the elements also. By studying Quantum Physics we discover that particles react to the expectations and thoughts of the observer. The particle appears to be conscious it is being observed.
If I go back to the fourth element in the three dimensions we use in daily life: Eternity - Infinity - Spirit: these represent, from our perspective,  the forces of heaven: space, the motions of the stars and planets, the successions of day and night, the lunar cycles in every sign. From these I created vectors that showed me we can alter the quality of our perceptual experiences. This is how one day a series of predictions made by Nostradamus synthesized themselves in a very personal way for me that is very much in line with my life experiences. »

What I wrote in 1999 was accurate but I did not understand yet that scientists were referring almost exclusively to the electromagnetic force, the strong force and the weak force with little reference to the force of gravity which is the force I was observing in action.

To be continued...


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