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PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3. The Warrior’s Recapitulation Chapter 1 REVELATION p.5

Century IV Quatrain 5

Croix, paix ƒous vn accomply diuin verbe,
L'Eƒpagne & Gaules ƒeront vnis enƒemble,
Grand clade proche, & combat tresacerbe,
Cœur ƒi hardy ne ƒera qui ne tremble.
Cross, peace, under one the divine word accomplished,
Spain and Gaul will be united together:
Great disaster near, and combat very bitter:
No heart will be so hardy as not to tremble.

Century X Quatrain 42

Le regne humain d'Angelique geniture,
Fera son regne paix vnion tenir,
Captiue guerre demy de sa closture,
Long temps la paix leur fera maintenir.
The humane realm of Anglican offspring,
It will cause its realm to hold to peace and union:
War half-captive in its enclosure,
For long will it cause them to maintain peace.
I realized Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension in September 1999. The artworks presented in the happening were built by following my equation for the Theory of Everything. I was using Time + Space = Gravity + Rolling Force to bring forth the E=MC2 of the large intention that follows. It was my belief that Nostradamus's intention in going through the harrowing process of putting into writing the unmitigated nightmares of his prophetic visions was to somehow heal humanity of its greatest affliction: warfare. This is an illness in which individual humans band together to inflict incomprehensible suffering on other bands of humans to defend a biased worldview. Usually the disease manifests when two or more worldviews begin to enflame the minds and hearts of men who are convinced they are right and more that it is their duty to destroy the other worldview even if it is the same worldview they hold but expressed in a different language or style of dress. It has become the belief of men that the winning worldview should also command the natural resources of the Earth, and any relationship with the Divine by whatever name. The name given to the Divine by one group of men can also lead to extinction by another group of men who call the Divine by another name. The men are oblivious to this since their feelings of righteousness is blinding and their involvement with the parade and paraphernalia of warfare is complete.

Century I Quatrain 48

Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa Monarchie :
Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez,
Lors accomplit a fine  ma prophetie.
When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed
another will take up his reign for seven thousand years.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

I felt this, the intention to heal us all of this grave malady, must be the motivation behind Nostradamus's actions because I saw no other reason why Heaven would strike me and produce such a meaningful symbol in my right hand that would allow me to recognize a series of Quatrains that, once viewed in a particular sequence, reveal the healing force hidden in the heart of humanity. On September 4th 1982, I dreamed of Century I Quatrain 48 but in the dream I reversed certain elements to retain only the last phrase when I awoke: " Lors accomplit à fine ma prophétie." In the image attached, I have printed a popular English translation of the Quatrain. At the time of that dream, I had not studied the prophecies, it was my brother Joe Ghio who was fascinated with the work of the prophet. In 1999 many of the phenomena I have since recorded and will outline in p.6 had not happened. What I did know was that the time of celestial mechanics operates like an algorithm and reproduces patterns during repeating Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics. The images I created showed the power we possess to soothe "The Dogs of War" with our common sense, compassion and creativity.  Ending the prophecy by installing a new way of life in the hearts of men so they could transcend the compulsion to repeat the atrocities of war over and over like hamsters in a cage, so they would no longer justify their bloodlust with the words of any prophet by recognizing that the golden age of humanity is upon us and they are free. Many brilliant models of a higher existence for humanity have been contemplated by many artists and thinkers of all races and genders. This has already altered the products of the algorithms of celestial mechanics. And you artists of the world, great and small, are the Angels of Century X Quatrain 42.

To be continued.

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