The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3. The Warrior’s Recapitulation Chapter 1 REVELATION p.6

Century III Quatrain 2

Le diuin verbe pourra à la substance,
Comprins ciel, terre, or occult au fait mystique
Corps, ame, esprit ayant toute puissance,
Tant soubs ses pieds comme au siege Celique.
The divine word will give to the sustenance,
Including heaven, earth, gold hidden in the mystic milk:
Body, soul, spirit having all power,
As much under its feet as the Heavenly see.


Strangely enough, Century III Quatrain 2 was one of the first quatrains I read. I have always loved books so I regularly went to a discount store that put used books in bins and sold them for less than a dollar. I found a tiny brown leather bound book about a selection of quatrains that I thought my brother would like. He never saw that book because by then he had the popular French writer Jean-Charles de Fontbrune's books. It is interesting that Fontbrune died on the very day we put the remains of my brother into the earth, December 7 2010.

In p.5,  I gave my interpretation for a possible motive that would have inspired the prophet to pursue the long and slow process of gathering and writing his gloomy predictions. The two quatrains on this page show yet another way to accomplish the vision of peace he created for us in his mysterious rhymes.

The above mentioned quatrain speaks of a great unifying force. The image that came to me of being naked in a field, a dove between myself and the Spirit that had caught me in 1982, has been depicted by many artists in the last two millennia where the artists were trying to convey the link between Jesus and his Holy Father. For me it was events I had seen in the sky, molded by the clouds, in particular a Constant Spirit I called Z, that I successfully photographed three times in 2009 and 2010, that I was referring to. So it begs the question on how past humans interpreted such a phenomena I called Z and Jesus apparently called His Father? Was this recurring celestial event the foundation for the human belief in God? Knowing how humans feel they are the universe's gift, deserving all things without reserve, consuming everything beyond saturation, they were intrigued by these forces and began all forms of theism to enslave them, cajole them, in other words to make God obey their bidding. A simple look at human history at any time and you will see the leaders invoking the will of the Higher Power to support their endeavors. Then the tantrums when the human fails and was apparently not supported by the Higher Force he so diligently prayed to. Or the endless lamentations of so many about why God (their childish egocentric view of God-as-their-personal-servant God, not the actual Force that is responsible for our being alive)  created such horrendous circumstances in the first place. This is a subject of long debates, but this resume will suffice for this page.

Today we have science. Scientists like STEPHEN HAWKING and many others feel confident they now have enough evidence to prove "GOD" does not exist. But are they speaking of the creative force itself or are they referring to the character God developed by various writings and myths that religious and political beliefs were structured on? I listened to many luminaries of our times explaining in total earnestness why there is no God, why beliefs are stupid, and so on. Yet none of them has observed The  Force at work as it forges life forms and circumstances as I have with the resulting opportunity that I can share the revelation with you by using scientific methodology and our new technologies. Effectively, my extremely modest scientific and artistic exercises have revealed the action of The Force from the rings of Saturn all the way down to a bowl of water. ALBERT EINSTEIN understood what I learned about The Force: it is not a personal God, it creates like a river flows, life flowers on the banks of this river but it flows on and on: he was just too early to have the means to prove it like we do today.  In this brief paper, you will see The Force gliding down from heaven to affect plant life through my scientific exercises to prove my equation for the Theory of Everything. That is the final objective of Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension, to illustrate The Force by its effect on us and on life as it spirals through Time and Space. In this Phenomene Art, I return to the writings of one solitary man who also saw The Force at work but did not have the means to go beyond the capacities of his Time.

It is through science that everything will come together for humanity. We, all of us equipped with cameras and technology, are now gathering all new types of evidence that are forging a large common worldview that is based on evidence. This evidence is now irrepressible and irrefutable and no political, educational, or religious entities will suppress it because it is now a condition of the Times. We the people will know the TRUTH and this will free us. In a sense this is the time of reckoning because the Spirit has shown us It is watching and we have the knowledge and the means to watch It back.

Next, the conclusion.

Century VII Quatrain 36

Dieu, le ciel tout le diuin verbe à l'onde,
Porté par rouges sept razes à Bizance,
Contre les oingts trois cens de Trabisconde
Deux loix mettront, & borreur, puis credence.

God, the heavens, all the divine words in the waves,
carried by seven red-shaven heads to Byzantium:
against the anointed three hundred from Trebizond,
will make two laws, first horror then trust.

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