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PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3. The Warrior’s Recapitulation Chapter 1 REVELATION - Conclusion

Century IV Quatrain 31

La lune au plain de nuict sur le haut mont
Le nouueau sophe d'vn seul cerueau l'a veu,
Par ses disciples estre immortel semond,
Yeux au midy, en sens mains corps au feu. ************
The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain,
The new sage with a lone brain sees it:
By his disciples invited to be immortal,
Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire.


This final page ties it all together.

In Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension I explored, with unmitigated audacity, the possibility that I was a reference in the famous Prophecies of Michel de Notre-Dame. I believed that because of the abundant unusual events that have been my life. I was a perfect candidate to witness the slow moving formative character of gravity as it is propelled forward by the Alignment Geometry of Celestial Mechanics to mould our destinies as I have been held back from living a normal human life by a variety of afflictions. We humans were told to abhor anything but our total freedom but everything we are is relationship, including with the Spirit and all the forces of the universe.

To conclude I will outline the final mysterious phenomena. The first phase of Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension occurred at the John Molson Room, a prestigious location on Notre-Dame Street in Montreal. It happened on the day of the Full Moon. That room is located on the eastern side of the Mount Royal mountain. In that room there is a portrait of John Molson the founder of the brewery that bares his name. The portrait is one floor up and right above the entrance of this protected heritage site where the original stones on which he erected his enterprise are mandated by law to remain. His portrait, with his enigmatic smile, faces the south.

In January 2000, I was disillusioned by the let down of my momentum as I hoped that my artistic event would lead to a stabilization of my professional standing as an artist. I drew myself conferring with Z who is showing me the All-Seeing-Eye in his left hand. These drawings are done by doodling unconsciously as I attempt to cope with my incomprehensible existence. In October 2009, July 2010 and December 2010 I predicted that the clouds would form a human face on the Sun by calculating the geometric disposition of the solar system, where and when gravity would be the most intensely focused to operate on a field of particles, the H2 0 particles that form the clouds. This proves my equation for the Theory of Everything and illuminates the active Spirit that shares the Earth with us. The last two Quatrains: Century V Quatrain 75 and Century I Quatrain 91: were not included in the Phenomene Art IV : The Fourth Dimension phase 1 because they made no sense to me at that time. I had never imagined I would have photographed the images below.

In November 2010, my brother Joe died suddenly. I was devastated by grief. I knew the face would appear again on the Sun in December so I prayed it would protect my brother's soul in the after-life. For many weeks all I did was weep. One day as I removed my hands from my teary eyes, I noticed my left hand possessed an unexpected shape, an eye in a triangle. It is in the center of my left hand exactly where I had drawn it on the hand of Z on my 2000 drawing. Then it hit me that Heaven had struck me once again for as I was focused on the phenomena on the place in heaven where it was occurring, I never paid attention to the fact I was in the opposite position standing on Earth. This compelled me to go to MgGill University to learn what science knew about Time Space and Matter.

My first exercise produced Normand, a lemon tree that behaves with very unusual creativity. The second was Amaryllis Sculpted by Gravitational Modulations. In July 2013, I did the first series of photograph that depict water forming unexplainable images, the same actions by water that Nostradamus employed to produce his Prophecies. Interestingly, one of my first images looks like the drawings I do of myself communing with Z.

I have completed all the requirements to which the ancient Prophets have challenged me, including the part about sharing this knowledge with humanity. If humanity doesn't see or care is not my concern. I leave you with the intent I implanted in the event, the Circle of Gold inspired by what I learned about the Zodiac of Denderah. Like these ancient people who lived by the cycles of celestial mechanics and infused them with their best intentions, this design means that prosperity, health, community and joy will spread all over the world in uplifting abundance.

I have used all the means at my disposal to transfer the revelation of The Force so we can overcome the conflicting themes of religion, science, politics, and other issues that are personal to each of you.

To go back to the beginning.


Century V Quatrain 75

Montera haut sur le bien plus à dextre,
Demourra assis sur la pierre carree :
Vers le midy posé à sa fenestre,
Baston tortu en main bouche serree.

He will rise high over the estate more to the right,
He will remain seated on the square stone,
Towards the south facing to his left,
The crooked staff in his hand his mouth sealed.

Century I Quatrain 91

Les Dieux feront aux humains apparence,
Ce qu'ils seront autheurs de grand conflit.
Auant ciel veu serain, espee & lance
Que vers main gauche sera plus grand afflict,

 The Gods will make it appear to mankind
that they are the authors of a great war.
Before the sky was seen to bee free of weapons and rockets:
the greatest damage will be inflicted on the left.

These are the original images from which the ones above were filtered. The sharpening and darkening process reveals with clarity the features and expressions of these astonishing faces. I use Forensic Photoshop to reveal the content of these images. This means the originals are available to compare the veracity of the darkened images above.

The mysterious All Seeing Eye symbol that appeared in my left hand in late 2010. The 2000 drawing is on the far left, followed by The Divine World by Kalhil Gibran, The Rattlesnake Disk found in Moundville Archeological , a version of the Jewish hamsa, my left hand, my All Seeing Eye.

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