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Einstein - The Mind of God - Life

In early March 2015, I watched an excellent documentary from the BBC: The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein. In this program we revisit the landmark experiments outlined by Einstein to prove his theory of General Relativity. This experiment was to photograph a total solar eclipse to study how the sun's gravitational pull bends the light from far away stars.

As ALBERT EINSTEIN lay on his deathbed he was still attempting to understand "God's thoughts". He was befuddled by quantum mechanics and this led him astray from the answer he was seeking that I will demonstrate had been right before his eyes since the total solar eclipse experiments of 1919 and 1922. In his famous 1920 argument with physicist NIELS BOHR he maintained his view that "God does not play dice." He knew the truth intuitively but the technology of his time did not allow him to verify what he understood.

At the same time Einstein was attempting to link his intuitive understanding of the universe to mathematics so he could at last understand the mind of God, another man, Dr CARL JUNG, was trying to find the roots of human consciousness by comparing the recurrent archetypes in his patients’ dreams to those in the arts and myths of ancient civilizations.

Today's physicists are still struggling with the problem of integrating gravity into quantum mechanics. Science has come a long way with the practical applications of the electromagnetic force but has a long way to go to master gravity.

Lets return to Einstein's prediction that if we could photograph the sky behind a total solar eclipse we would see "that light passing near massive bodies such as the sun would appear to be bent." This experiment would prove his theory of General Relativity that describes gravity as the curvature of spacetime around celestial bodies. To accomplish the experiment, that was attempted on three dramatic occasions, the professional astronomers and photographers would have to be very precise about where on earth they would be positioned to meet the eclipse at a precise time to take the probative pictures; a precise point in space and moment in time. This experiment illustrates what must be understood before we can develop gravity-based technology. It is an application of the time of celestial mechanics as opposed to the time he was describing in his theory of Relativity. In the theory of relativity the measure of time is affected by linear motion in space of one or many components. In the time of celestial mechanics, time is the point where relativity shrinks into a precise point of alignment, a point where gravity is intensified. In the execution of Einstein’s total solar eclipse experiment, there is no relativity in those few minutes when the celestial bodies come together to form a precise alignment with the scientists who are standing at the precise place on earth, as an extension of this precise alignment, at a precise time, so he can witness and record the action of gravity. The time of celestial mechanics is the time of gravity. There is no way to verify the actions of gravity without this type of precise alignment with the time and space where the celestial bodies, like a clock, meet and form alignment geometries.

The experiments were a success that changed how humanity viewed the universe. Einstein proved that gravity, that he referred to as spacetime, tells matter and energy how to look, and, matter and energy tell gravity, spacetime, where to go.

In 2009 I wanted to test my Theory of Everything (TOE) by calculating a point in space and a moment in time when the clouds would form a human face in front of the sun. At that time I was not familiar with Einstein's total solar eclipse experiment. For years I had ruminated over this equation: E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S. I am not a scientist; I am an artist who uses her practice to understand our relationship to the stars. Whenever I feel anxious, I calm myself down by working on impossible problems. Finding the Theory of Everything is of course the biggest one. I figured the only way E = MC 2 could become everything would be if it were divided by the rotating force and gravity that is also equal to the spacetime of celestial mechanics. The clumping action of gravity on particles is enhanced by the rotating force, G + RF, that gives the clumped matter cohesion in the same way as tensigrity does. This allows for the evolution of cycles, for growth to become possible. Once there are objects interacting in cyclic motions, we have the T + S of the preceding equation, the same T + S principle employed for Einstein's total solar eclipse experiment, and predictability begins.

Perhaps before the Big Bang the universe was a quantum field. Once gravity intervened it shaped the unpredictability of the quantum field into large objects that interacted with other large objects in predictable ways that resemble clockwork even while at the quantum level there remained apparent unpredictability. The very unpredictability of quantum fields is what allows gravity to create endless diversity. If quantum fields were predictable, stable, in the same way as celestial mechanics, there would be no innovation. Gravity can handle and work with endless contradictions because in its time frame everything works itself out eventually. 

To see how the lemon sapling forged its face follow this link. The bottom image is a mirror
collage of the half face seen above on the left side of the page.

Lets get back to my experiment. As a visual artist my interest was in finding recurring patterns that aligned with celestial mechanics. I was going to see how the approaching New Moon would affect the shape of the clouds during the few minutes it would be at the place in the sky I predicted the phenomena would occur. The Moons of Saturn, Gravity and the evolution of life)I looked at the same thing Einstein was envisioning with his experiment at the total solar eclipse but instead of looking beyond the eclipse to see the stars, I would be looking at the action of gravity at our level, in our daily world, to see its action on clusters of water particles, clouds. Also I did not put myself on earth to be in a direct line with the approaching New Moon, instead I calculated its position from a specific angle in relation to my position on the planet, a specific geometrical configuration that included other celestial bodies. To succeed, I had to behave in the same manner that the men who had photographed the total solar eclipses for Einstein did, I had to be at a precise place at a precise time because the phenomenon would last for only a few minutes. I succeeded in photographing the clouds shaping a human face in front of the sun at approaching New Moons exactly as I had predicted. It has been the most baffling phenomenon of my existence. It was only a few years after my last experiment that I asked myself why on earth I though of such an outlandish experiment? I remembered the anxiety I felt each time I set myself up to take the pictures: what if I am wrong? But I was right. 

There was one last new moon I had calculated that should have yielded the same type of imagery in the sky, a sun face. But to photograph the sun face I would have had to be in Rome. I could not afford to go. I decided the only thing I could afford was to plant seeds when the New Moon would be rising on the eastern horizon, which should theoretically affect the plants to somehow manifest the same motif as gravity had molded into the clouds, human features. One lemon sapling out of thirty seeds planted manifested human features in such a dramatic performance that I could only conclude the phenomena of evolution had at last been captured: gravity propelled forward by the Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics (AGCM) had affected the shape and character of the plant beginning at the moment the seed was activated. The plant mirrored the motif appearing in front of the sun revealing gravity's love of repetition and its effect on the molecular structures of life. The sapling could only have produced this dazzling effect if its DNA had received instructions to do so. Matter and energy, the celestial bodies forming the AGCM with the New Moon I was investigating, informed Gravity where to go when the New Moon hit the eastern horizon as I was planting the seeds: Gravity, spacetime, told the plant how to look.

“God does not play dice”, the phenomena follow a rigorous principle.

The mind of God is observed at all levels of the universe and in extra-dimensions. If Einstein could have seen the results of my experiments, as modest as they are, he would have understood his intuition that God does not play dice. There IS predictability in the universe. There is an uncanny pervasive intelligence that is beyond the pettiness of current religious and political squabbles. And life is just one of its extraordinary manifestations.

The image on the left is a reproduction of a 16th century woodcut print depicting an alchemist being rejuvenated under a sun face. This image was one of many Dr Carl Jung studied to understand our psyche, our dreams, and the fact that each of us is programmed to address "the problem of God". The photograph on the right is the last sun face I photographed December 5 2010.
Because Einstein's theory of General Relativity can be proved by using total solar eclipses it links the theory of General Relativity to Dr Carl Jung’s quest to get at the roots of human consciousness. Where Einstein looks in outer space, and I look at space from our everyday perspective, Jung is looking into the inner space in each of us. Evidence of humans calculating the lunar cycles has been dated as long ago as 32 000 BC. Around 8 000 BC Egyptians, Babylonians and Mesopotamians are expanding their studies of astronomical cycles and include planets and stars. Every great civilization and religion grew around people studying astronomy and building their practical world around the myths it inspired. They also created symbols that repeated themselves from culture to culture even when they never had contact with each other, like the sun face. Even the science of today is but a great-great-grand-child of these practices. On three separate occasions I photographed the clouds forming a sun face, one of the most prevalent archetypes of the ancient world that is still very prevalent in modern cultures. This symbol has been central to most major spiritual systems in human history. If I could see and photograph the phenomenon three times, then it is very likely that some humans would have observed it since they began observing lunar cycles. Imagine how such a sight would have had profound impact on a primitive mind, right there in the middle of the sky, a huge face looking at you. The phenomenon is a recurrent one, but it is still rare. In ancient times all a person who had witnessed such an event could do was to recount it to others who may or may not have believed him. So it seems natural that the phenomenon would acquire a supernatural aura that would lead to myth making.

When Einstein wants to know the mind of God, he must look beyond all the belief systems and superstitions of our ancestors that still limit the minds of his contemporaries. He must integrate the new and baffling discovery of quantum mechanics to General Relativity. But he refuses to observe phenomenon, he is looking for a mathematical solution that will be supremely elegant by its simplicity. This decision makes it impossible for him to see the whole picture from which he could have deduced his mathematical solution.

A fresh look at Einstein's total solar eclipse experiment, put in context with my approaching New Moon experiments that captured the rare phenomenon of sun faces and produced at least one sapling that repeated the human face motif that was predicted in a life form, and Dr Jung’s work on the archetypes of our consciousness tells me that Einstein was looking at the mind of God but couldn’t recognize it. Einstein expressed his views about God in the universal sense of a formidable force that transcends the petty concerns of religions. When he conceived his total solar eclipse experiment he was on the right track, but he looked at it from the wrong perspective to recognize the unified field he intuited. He failed to distinguish that this great force, gravity, is also bending and shaping molecules, and us continually, with the time of celestial mechanics.

I used the equation E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S to calculate when and where to photograph the sun face, to plant the seed that would bring into being a sapling that would produce human features and to grow two sets of Amaryllis of different sizes just because they were planted at different times. I wrote a paper demonstrating how the above equation proves extra-dimensions and eliminates the need for superstring theory to reach TOE. By following the phenomenology explored in my practice, we can link the archetypal language of our ancestors, who created religions to understand their world as they were evolving, to the concerns of contemporary physics. Curiously ancient man was trying to prove the existence of the ONE GOD, a force above all others, while modern man is searching for the unified field, all while looking at the same things. My equation brings the two worldviews together to reveal the "mind of God" Einstein knew was provable.


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