The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Just for Laughs COMEDY PRO WOW!!!!

The events I attended during COMEDYPRO @ JFL: far left: Gilbert Gottfried's wake: centre left: I seem Fun: The diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast; centre right: Andy Kindler's state of the industry address 2015: right: a view from where I was sitting during the Just for Laughs Awards Show hosted by Jeff Ross.
When I received news that I got my press accreditations to the Just For Laughs Festival I really wanted to investigate the COMEDY PRO event that accompanies the festival. I was blown away! I saw four events: THE WAKE where a series of well-known comedians gathered to speak at GILBERT GOTTFRIED's funeral. SEAN CULLEN  was the minister who did the ceremony. He was so hysterically funny in his perfect suit, wearing serious eyeglasses, saying the most outrageous things! The event concluded with the resurrection of Gilbert Gottfried. Now I understood why this event is called COMEDY PRO, it doesn't get any better than this! For example I was sitting a few seats away from Mrs Gottfried. The presentation was polished in all aspects, from the decor of a funeral home, to the timing, to the comics. Everything was impeccable!

I wanted MORE! So the next day I went to JEN KIRKMAN's live podcast. I discovered many comedians now produce live podcasts. She told us she had been ill prior to her arrival in Montreal so she got to experience our Montreal hospital system! Yes! She waited for HOURS! What I like about her humor is that it addresses the life situation of many adult women who never had children, are divorced or never married. She has this hypothesis that when a single older woman dies alone in her kitchen, a cat suddenly appears to eat her face!

ANDY KINDLER's show was very late at night so I didn't even bother to ask for tickets. When I saw he was doing an industry address @  COMEDY PRO I wanted to see this! He did not disappoint as he compared his success to the success of others like JERRY SEINFELD for example. No one was spared from his incisive analysis as he was also taking notes on how to improve his performances.

Lastly, I attended the JUST FOR LAUGHS AWARDS SHOW where many of my favorite comedy stars were honored and many others were sitting beside me! I saw MIKE MYERS receive his Lifetime Achievement Award! I was in another dimension of FUN and LAUGHTER and impossible things coming true! I was also delighted to be there to see PATTON OSWALT receive his Stand-Up Comedian of the year Award! and so much more! I got to see EDDIE PEPITONE LIVE!

So imagine this, I began the evening sitting next to MOS DEF and then DAVE CHAPPELLE walked in and scouted him over! WOW!

Next year, you must try  COMEDY PRO! There are all manners of passes available My experience falls under the Conference Pass category.

See You Next Year!


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