The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Monday, July 27, 2015

JUST FOR LAUGHS: I saw two GREAT shows!

I ended my extraordinary exploration of the JUST FOR LAUGHS FESTIVAL by seeing two great shows from two performers I have always loved: The ALAN CUMMING GALA and MARGARET CHO!

The first time I became aware of the allure of ALAN CUMMING as a performer was when he played the part of Saturninus in the 1999 movie Titus with ANTHONY HOPKINS and JESSICA LANGE
Left: Alan Cumming in Cabaret; Centre and Right
as Saturninus.
He is what you call a scene stealer. He catches us with his intense eyes and then can take you pretty much anywhere he wants! I could not resist seeing what he would do in a JFL Gala! He popped onto the scene with spry energy and a huge smile so he could include the audience in his Saturday tweet!

The gala itself was a bit uneven. Rob Schneider who had been announced as co-star of the gala never showed up! Luckily many other artists did: Joel Creasey, Orny Adams, Shaun Majumder, Sean Cullen, Dana Gould, Jen Kirkman, and Todd Glass. 

It was just over too soon!

I saw MARGARET CHO on the 24th. She is an artist I have loved a long time also! I love the way she connects topics and stories to take us to the most unbelievably funny visuals in our minds! There was a sadness she had to share for the loss of two comedy giants: ROBIN WILLIAMS and JOAN RIVERS! Seeing her performance that night made me see how hard it is to be a comic. But she was GREAT! And so was her opening act: KATE WILLET.



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