The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

JUST FOR LAUGHS & Off/JFL WOW! I saw 4 great comics!

Sometimes in life, you have to be ready for the unexpected! I was getting ready to head for the swimming pool when I decided to check my emails. I found out I had two tickets to see MOSHE KASHER at PDA in less than one hour upon reading my email!
I put on my jeans and ran! Moshe Kasher is a very young comic who makes us laugh at his self-perceptions like his hairy arms, maybe the fact he doesn't quite look like the most macho man in the crowd, and he shares some of his social insights into current trends. I enjoyed this artist very much and I think we will hear a lot more from him in years to come. He has a few shows left in Montreal until July 25th.

As I was leaving, a man asked the crowd in general if anyone wanted to see DAVE CHAPPELLE the Montreal SHOWS with him because he had an extra ticket! I had been secretly longing to see the show but many presentations were already sold out! No one answered so I grabbed my cubic centimeter of chance and yelled "I'M IN!" As it turns out, the man was J.W., VIP Events Manager for WEIRD AL YANKOVIK who was giving an excellent free outside performance yesterday in the rain! During J.W.'s lunch break that day, he met with ASHY LARRY, the opening act for Dave Chappelle the Montreal Show and he offered J.W. two tickets! What a night! So I enjoyed these two excellent comics in a way that was totally serendipitous. Because of this coincidence, I also found out there are still a few tickets available for Dave Chappelle and it is so worth it!!!!!
Have Fun People!


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