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44th FNC dazzling! 44e FNC épatant! 07.10 - 18.10 2015

Français en bleu
Le Tout Nouveau Testament / The Brand New Testament Opening film English Subtitles / Film d'Ouverture Français 

The FNC launched this years programming yesterday! I was bedazzled! As usual you will have the chance to choose from a variety of movies of just as eclectic themes that come from around the world. I did the best I could to give you a tantalizing sample. The opening film: The Brand New Testament starring CATHERINE DENEUVE, BENOÎT POELVOORDE and YOLANDE MOREAU, that you will be able to see on October the 8th at 1:00 pm At Cinéma du Parc: examines the possibility that God is a nasty jerk!

Le FNC a lancé la programmation de cette année hier! Je époustouflée! Comme d'habitude vous aurez l'opportunité de choisir parmi une variété de films aux sujets tout aussi éclectiques. J'ai fait du mieux que j'ai pu pour vous donner un échantillon attrayant. Le film d'ouverture: Le Tout Nouveau Testament mettant en vedette CATHERINE DENEUVE, BENOÎT POELVOORDE et YOLANDE MOREAU, que vous pourrez voir le 8 octobre à 13h au Cinéma du Parc: examine la possibilité que Dieu est un crétin paranoïaque!

In the International Competition category you can see Embrace Of The Serpent   a black and white film relating the story of how European colonization ruined life for the aboriginal people not only through industrial greed but through religious persecution. When I think of all the knowledge we lost because of the insane self-righteous religious people that burn books and slaughter those with independent views I could scream! Here is an example of the insane greed of industrials.

Dans la catégorie Compétition Internationale 
avous pouvez voir le film émouvant Les Démons de PHILIPPE LESAGE qui raconte les phobies d'un garçon soiltaire agé de 9 ans. Avec tendresse et intuition le réalisateur révèle son personnage et nous fait réfléchir sur le sort des enfants.

A few phantasmagorical films in the TEMPS ø section: Emocean, Belladonna of Sadness, and High Rise a British release for which there is no official trailer yet!

Quelques films fantasmagoriques de la section TEMPS ø:  EmoceanBelladonna of Sadness, et High Rise un film britannique pour lequel il n'y a pas encore de bande-annonce officielle!

There are several Special Presentation that are mind blowing but I was seduced by the legendary Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien's film The Assassin.

Il y a plusieurs films dans la catégorie Présentation Spéciale qui sont époustouflants mais j'ai été instantanément séduite par le film The Assassin du légendaire réalisateur taïwanais Hou Hsiao-hsien.

Here are a few more selections from various categories / Voici quelques autres sélections de catégories variées:

Always Tired

The exciting features of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema are so numerous! There are Master Classes, FNC Pro where you will learn from professionals in a variety of media, there are parties, an exhibition, and MORE! The web site is set up so you can create your schedule and buy your tickets or passports right on line: FNC

Les facettes excitantes du Festival du Nouveau Cinéma sont très nombreuses! Il y a les Classes de Maître, FNC Pro où vous apprendrez des professionnels d'une variété de médias, il y a les cocktails, une exposition, et PLUS! Le site web est monté d'une telle manière que vous pourrez préparer votre cédule et acheter vos billets ou passeport d'un trait en ligne: FNC .


Monday, September 28, 2015

PRAS MICHEL has landed

Pras Michel Photo © Lena Ghio 2015
I had a delicious opportunity to speak a few moments with PRAS MICHEL one of the founding members of one of my ALL time favorite groups THE FUGEES. He had just landed in from LA but met the press anyway. He is in town for the opening night of the Montreal International Black Film Festival September 29th at the Imperial Cinema, when a film he plays a major role in is featured, Sweet Micky for President. The film is a look at the explosive events that surrounded the 2010-2011 general elections in Haiti where he supported the current president MICHEL MARTELLI aka Sweet Micky.

Lena- What brings you to Montreal?

Pras- I am in the city to present the film Sweet Micky for President.

Lena- Can you give us an update on what is happening in Haiti at this time? I know PAUL HAGGIS, DAVID BELL and yourself have done many things to improve conditions for the youth over there.

Pras- Right now there is an election year, the election is next month. Things are tough but we still have hope that one day it will get better.

Lena- You can't quit if you have hope and that is the only way to make it better. Is Michel Martelli going to run in the elections this time again?

Pras- No he can't run this time.

Lena- Will you support another candidate this time around?

Pras- No

Lena- So it was a little bit too hectic for you the last time?

Pras- It was a little hectic. But that is not the reason. I will not be involved in politics this year. I am not a politician. It was just a moment of time when I wanted to do something for Haitians. And that moment was that moment. But I am not a king maker, he says laughing.

Lena- You seem like such an optimistic person, am I right in perceiving this about you?

Pras- Yeah I am the guy who always looks at the glass half full. You have to maintain an optimistic view of life. You have to believe somehow good is going to prevail. Even though it doesn't always because this is the real world, unfortunately, but I believe in the good in people.

Lena- Any last words?

Pras- I am here for the movie Sweet Micky for President. I hope everybody gets a chance to see it. I think when you see the movie that takes place in Haiti you will see that it is a human story, a story about faith, hope, belief that your best is still around the corner. When you do see it, you will grab something out of it that correlates with you, with your soul, with your spirit.

There is still some room if you want to join us tomorrow and you will be there when MARTIN LUTHER KING III receives the Humanitarian Award of 2015. For more information, follow this link.


VITTORIO FIORUCCI @ Musée McCORD Museum 25.09.2015 - 10.04.2016

English Below

MARC H. CHOKO a monté une exposition en hommage à un artiste Montréalais qui a marqué son temps et les rues de la ville: VITTORIFIORUCCI! En 1951 il s'installe en Amérique et se met à produire des affiches associées à l'élite de la culture montréalaise tel l'Opéra de Montréal, le Théâtre Jean Duceppe et toujours en vue, Victor, le bonhomme vert du Festival Juste Pour Rire, et beaucoup plus. L'exposition est tout simplement magnifique! Son amie Judith Adams nous a confié comment il aurait été extatique de voir que l'oeuvre de sa vie est présenté dans une exposition solo dans un musée tel le McCORD. On retrace l'excitation des années 60 et 70 à Montréal avec l'EXPO 67, les Jeux Olympiques 1976, la vie bohémienne des jeunes artistes de l'École des Beaux Arts de Montréal.

Pour accompagner l'expo, le musée a organisé des conférences et activités qui débutetont le 30 septembre par une conférence avec Marc H. Choko dans laquelle il révélera au public l'origine et la démarche de l'exposition. Pour tous les détails suivez ce lien.

Finallement, un catalogue riche en couleurs accompagne l'exposition ainsi que plusieurs adorables suggestions de cadeaux.


MARC H. CHOKO has put together an exhibition honoring a Montreal artist that marked his time and the streets of the city: VITTORIFIORUCCI!  In 1951 he settles down in America and starts producing posters that are associated with Montreal's cultural elite like l'Opéra de Montréal,  Théâtre Jean Duceppe  and the always popular, Victor, the green man of Festival Juste Pour Rire / Just for laughs, and so much more. The exhibition is simply magnificent! His partner Judith Adams revealed that he would be over the moon ecstatic to see a solo exhibition of his life work in a museum like the McCORD. In the show we retrace the excitement of the 60s and 70s in Montreal with major international events like EXPO 67, the 1976 Olympic Games, the bohemian lifestyle of the young artists of École des Beaux Arts de Montréal. 

To accompany the expo, the museum has organized several conferences and activities beginning with a conference by curator Marc H. Choko on September 30th during which he will reveal to the public the origin and the approach that led to the exhibition. For all the details follow this link.

Finally, a catalogue rich in color accompanies the exhibition as well as many adorable gift suggestions.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Recapitulating Carlos Castaneda page 1


These Emerge Art fragments show the same motif, a person looking up through a window. The first two on the left were done on May 31st  2015 with approximately 1 minute 30 seconds between takes. The one on the right was taken September 18th 2015. With the first two on the left, I was doing a study of how water would react to the subject of shamanism by placing the bowl of water on books that illustrated how  ancient cultures used artistic expressions to channel healing forces from the invisible. The one on the right was realized to verify what the water could show us about the many encounters Carlos Castaneda had with Don Juan. I placed it beside a print of a few of the original book covers of Castaneda's work and on top of a book entitled Les Stratégies du Nagual, a group work written by apprentices who worked closely with him. As I look at the three images aligned this way, I hypothesize that the motif of a person appearing to look out of a window on the left side of the bowl from my perspective is the symbol water  uses to express shamanism. The two images on the left were placed on books that looked at shamanism of many cultures around the globe and there is a sense that the two characters are from different cultures. The one on the far left looks female and the one in the center looks like a man in uniform. The one on the right has a distinct Mexican flavor with the elaborate hat and Indian features. The shamanism that was studied by Castaneda was related to the Toltec culture, a close relative of the Aztec culture. Photos © Lena Ghio 2015
I found an article by Sam Keen in a 1972 Psychology Today Magazine, Seeing Castaneda. Reading it changed my life at once. It hit me like a bolt of lightning like The Tower card in the Tarot. Sam Keen asked some very pertinent questions about the existence of Don Juan and whether or not he was a real person or merely an invention; about what Don Juan was actually teaching the anthropology student, was he de-programming him or re-programming him. In the early 1970's people were experimenting with new ways of structuring their lives instead of being continuously repressed by hypocritical politicians and clergymen.

I was living in a hopeless world where I had absolutely no opportunities, I had grave health issues, I was desperately poor. There were no representatives of the religion my family brought me up in there to give me any kind of support. Doctors could not diagnose what I had. It was very bleak. When I read the article, the words of Castaneda gave me a starting point. He said that Don Juan told him that sorcerers like him know the world with their whole body, not just with their eyes like most modern western humans perceive. I was going to start by reclaiming a healthy body. I began practicing yoga everyday. I trimmed down. My practice was a source of direct happiness for me that I held onto for many years.

In the book The Wheel of Time, Castaneda describes that he structured the book by picking passages haphazardly. I think that the way I began reading Castaneda affected what I got out of his writing. The Sam Keen article is very sober and academic. That is the mood I have when I enjoy his books. I approach them with the knowledge I will find at least one phrase that will inspire and guide me. And I have never been let down. I love the way there is no dogma to bind me. I love the way he makes the most mundane acts, like walking or eating soup, magical and full of meaning!

The next time I read Castaneda was on a bus trip to Ottawa I took for my mother. She needed me to go pay an important bill. As I was waiting for the return bus I found a cheap paperback copy of Journey to Ixtlan at the depot.

to be continued...

The full pictures from which the above crops were taken. Photos © Lena Ghio 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

A conversation with curator Joan Fontcuberta and multimedia artist Paul Wong

Pour la traduction en français, prenez le bouton "translate" dans la colonne de gauche.
Joan Fontcuberta & Paul Wong
Photo © Lena Ghio 2015

JOAN FONTCUBERTA and PAUL WONG were all over the city these past two weeks introducing opening exhibitions and giving conferences for the 14th Mois de la Photo Biennale. Luckily I got a sublime slice of time to hear the deeper thoughts behind the event curated by M. Fontcuberta, who is himself a well established photographer, and where M. Wong, a multimedia artist, had an exhibition entitled Multiverse at the Joyce Yahouda Gallery and a dazzling outside projection, Year of the GIF, at Quartier des Spectacles.

I loved the point of view Joan Fontecuberta took to construct the biennale. I kept returning to the impact of new technologies on photography, I expressed how I related to Facebook coming up in certain exhibitions like for example AFTER FACEB00K: IN LOVING MEMORY < 3 at the McCord Museum. To Paul Wong I expressed how I related to the theme of his exhibition, the Multiverse, because it is the HOT subject in contemporary physics. Scientists will spend BILLIONS of dollars to prove the existence of multiverse but, I told him, I believe artists already prove it.

Lena- The biennial shows the expanding possibilities of the image on film and the impact of our new technologies. But what do you see as the future of classical photography, of the object on the wall?

Joan- In your question you mention art with technologies and this is something I would like to avoid.  The problem I propose is not about technology at all. It is about changes in our culture, in our technologies, in our economics and so on, which require those technologies. For me technologies are not endings of a new way of thinking but the effect of the requirements that now, in the 21rst century, we have. Two years ago Mois de la photo presented “Drone: the automated image” which was about a kind of automatic vision, about how our visual experience was implemented by different devices allowing us new kinds of perceptions. We can see images from very far distances; we can penetrate our bodies, this kind of thing. My approach strayed from this concern. Certainly some of the artists in the last biennials program could have fit perfectly within my program. But we don’t see the other’s perspective in the automated image which is the perspective here. I am interested in the way, in the current situation, images speak to us differently from how they did in the past. Why do we take photographs? What do photographs mean to us? How do they communicate with others? How their historical values have changed. For instance, in the former century, photographs were linked to memory and truth, now not necessarily. My parents have family albums where they collected pictures from their grandfathers, from their ancestors. The album was a kind of totem. Photographs were tissues, materials, objects unto which we projected an idea of the past an idea of the memory of how the family was united and it was a symbol of that unity.

Now all this has changed. We take pictures. We send them. They reach our target and they are deleted. So photographs become conversational. They are not intended to last. They are not intended to rest in an album, or in an archive, or in a cage, or even in a museum. Their circulation is their basic nature. Because of that last example I feel that many things have changed. Images relate to another kind of thinking and to another kind of geistig as a state of the time. And that is the reason I feel the work  of Paul Wong presented here is quietly illustrating some of these ideas. The installations presented here fit perfectly with that concept of an accumulation of images. There are so many pictures the works becomes a kind of panoscopic projection. This brings up the following issues: when we have such an incredible amount of images available, do all the pictures have the same importance? And secondly, when we have all those possibilities, are there still missing pictures? How do you recognize that the picture is missing? This could be a question I will address in the future. 

I am sixty years old, so I am not digitally born. There are many phenomena I am not able to understand. I have two grandchildren who are very skilled with the buttons and devices and gadgets and things like that. They were born in the computer age and all these kinds of devices are near to them, they belong to their everyday landscape. I see the consequences of that but I don’t understand them. I have a kind of distant and difficult way of looking at that. And I think it is not a possible perspective, it is not a complete perspective, but it is the perspective of someone who has been working in the photographic dark room with the red lights and the chemistry. So I understand this photography in another way. Comparing this practice of photography to now is similar to speaking Latin instead of the more current languages of French or Spanish. At the time, these were the fundamentals of the procedure to create images and those were the things that had to be done to circulate an image. This is no longer a necessary process to create or diffuse images.
Paul Wong  Photo © Lena Ghio 2015

Lena- I would like to hear from Paul about why he called his exhibition Multiverse? When I visited your exhibition I felt the meaning of that word, I felt the Multiverse.

Paul- First I should give the credit to Joan because he came up with the title. In the universe, multiverse, this body of work like a lot of my work is focused on the concerns everyday life. These images are mine. They are not from the Internet. I mean there are some screen shots from the Internet, also screen shots from television. There are screen shots from life on the street, architecture, family, friends, studio, studio visits, art, mine, and yours. I use photographs instead of taking notes. I photograph everything. That’s how I can remember a price tag or a piece of technology I want, that is how I do my shopping list too. Very formal stuff. And of course a lot of this work comes from me carrying around my smart phone. And I think what has made this now even more possible is the new technology, which is the digital. The digital has made it possible for me, with one device, to have the multiverse. It is all there from my business, from my pleasure, from my personal, to the ephemeral, it is all there. I carry my smart phone with me; it’s my only accessory. It’s my watch, its my broach, it’s my bank book, it’s my everything. It’s also the digital platform. I come from an analog practice as well as Joan. Before I used to work in the studio, work with the sound, with the photography, look at slides, then make long or short videos and write as well. I used all separate platforms and different mediums. It was a different way of doing it, processing it, and sharing it. But the digital has collapsed all of that. It took me a while to get into that place where the photography, the video, the sound, the text are all brought together.

Part of the process for the video installation Year of the GIF, where listening and looking were involved, was done on social platforms and part of the making of that work was exploring the medium of that particular social platform like a video. But invariably I was on those platforms making and sharing that work with a number of people via social media or Instagram. I was making this and putting it up there and people were looking at it, but it was something from me that you could see. So that work comes from exploring social platforms and sharing that. So that is a very important part of the process. I was never making the work myself or making the work  for the gallery. It ended up being in the gallery, taking this form. These things will do that. Year of the gif originated from me wanting to make this gif for you (pointing at Joan). I though “Joan would like this”. He is a part of that platform.

Lena- I would like to know more about your process since you began with analog and then quickly evolved with the technology. Do you think you will get more involved with the technology or somehow use all your acquired techniques?

Paul- I am a media artist. I always worked with media in form, in content, and also I am very concerned about the work's distribution. That’s a part of how I see things, shape things and share what I see and shape with somebody else. So the idea of taking a series of photographs … tic tic tic, photographs and snip snip it becomes little stripes is improbable. The new media thing here is that I can make the images and slice them and rework them quickly. You can see how I have taken that everyday thing, the smart phone, and worked with it and lubricated the process in the cutting of this work.


Saturday, September 19, 2015

At the movies / Au cinéma


Français en bleu

The story unfolds in Juarez Mexico where Kate Macer, EMILY BLUNT, has been asked to join a black ops team by Matt Graver, JOSH BROLIN. Joining them in the operation is a dubious consultant, Alejandro, played by BENICIO DEL TORO. The movie has the sober look of a documentary as we move with the characters on an unimaginably violent territory. The music supports the increasing tension with its heartbeat rhythm. The production teams were numerous and many officials, American and Mexican, consulted to give us this remarkable suspense and action film.  Here is a link that will show you just how accurate and terrifying the scenes of violence created in the movie are realistic. Here is a brief report on Juarez posted in 2010 that shows the reality at the border crossings where armed guards are everywhere. This brief report shows the bizarre double standard of the drug war when celebrity multiple gold medal winner MICHAEL PHELPS does not get prosecuted for taking illegal substances while Mexican civilians are living in hell so he can get high. The movie is excellent and asks the real questions, or rather states the bottom line of the drug war: as long as 20% of the American population will consume it, the cartels will produce it; as long as there are billions of dollars involved, some law enforcement officers will become corrupt. The three main characters address three relevant points of view that are in play in the drug war now. The movie is maddeningly chilling! Very well done with superb performances.

L'histoire se déroule dans la ville de Juarez au Mexique où Kate Macer, EMILY BLUNT, s'est fait demandé de se joindre à une équipe d'opération noire par Matt Graver, JOSH BROLIN. Alejandro, un consultant douteux interprété par BENICIO DEL TORO, se joint à l'équipe. Le film a l'apparence sobre d'un documentaire alors qu'on navigue un territoire d'une violence inimaginable avec les personnages. La musique supporte bien la tension grandissante avec ses rythmes à battements de coeur. Les équipes de productions étaient nombreuses ainsi que les consultants officiels, Américains autant que Mexicains, qui ont contribué au réalisme de ce suspense film d'action. Voici un lien qui décrit l'état des affaires à Juarez en 2009. Le film cerne bien les réalités de bases qui empêchent la victoire sur la guerre des narcotiques: tant que 20% de la population Américaine consomme ces drogues, les cartels vont la produire; tant qu'il y aura des milliards de profits à faire avec la droque, il y aura certains officiers de la loi qui seront corrompus. Ce qui me chavire est de voir que même dans la culture populaire; à la télé, dans les films, dans les revues à potins quand on photographie célébrité X en train de consommer;  on montre des personnages sensés être honnêtes consommer de la drogue sans se soucier des ravages que cela occasionne. Les trois personnages principaux soulèvent trois point de vu pertinant dans la guerre des drogues telle qu'elle est maintenant. Le film est exaspérant et effrayant! Très bien fait avec des performances superbes.


It is the cold war between the US and Russia when BOBBY FISCHER, played by TOBEY MAGUIRE, becomes obsessed with the game of chess. He was the youngest chess grandmaster in the US and wanted to become the Chess Champion of the world. For this he has to beat the current champion, the Russian BORIS SPASSKY, played by LIEV SCHREIBER,  However the US did not sponsor Chess in international competitions. This was an added pressure on this preoccupied genius. Spassky shook up the world by his exploit but he behaved so badly he ruined all his opportunities. The movie is bleak as we get inside his wavering mental health and limitless ambition. The movie nonetheless manages to be quite suspenseful as the unpredictability of Fischer and his increasing self-destructiveness keeps us on the edge of our seats. The one thing I found lacking was a description of that 6th game that turned the tide of the 1972 championships in Fischer's favor. Here it is! Now you will enjoy the movie even more.

C'est la guerre froide entre les États-Unies et la Russie quand BOBBY FISCHER, interprété par TOBEY MAGUIRE, devient obsédé par le jeu d'échecs. Il devient le plus jeune grand-maître d'échecs dans l'histoire des États-Unies et veux devenir le Champion du Monde. Mais pour cela, il devra battre le champion Russe BORIS SPASSKY, interprété par LIEV SCHREIBER.   Cependant les États-Unies ne commandite pas les joueurs d'échecs dans les compétitions internationales. Ceci est une pression de plus sur ce génie préoccupé. Spassky a chaviré le monde par son exploit mais il a agit tellement étrangement qu'il a ruiné ses opportunités. Le film est morne alors qu'on pénètre dans son état mental chancellant et son ambition sans limite. Le film est néanmoins un très bon suspense alors que l'imprévisibilité de Fischer et son auto-destruction grandissante nous garde sur le qui-vive. La seule chose qui manque à mon avis est une description de la célèbre 6e joute qui a changé le cours de la compétition en sa faveur lors du championnat de 1972. Alors la voici! Maintenant vous allez vraiment aimer le film.

Out on // Sortie en DVD Blu-Ray ™


The movie revolves around The Bellas of Barden University, an A Cappella girl group. It is a perfect comedy to have a pajama party with! The music, the voices, the performances are excellent. There are several amusing cameos including a performance by members of the Green Bay Packers. It is light and very funny. The cast is superb: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, Easter Dean, with Hailee Steinfeld and Chrissie Fit. It is also ELIZABETH BANKS' directorial debut, she plays Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games and is one of the judges in the A Cappella competition. To enjoy the movie even more, I have attached a recipe for Mac and Cheese Grilled Sandwich that you can serve with the popcorn and other movie watching goodies.

There are several bonus features exclusive to Blu-Ray ™
like never before seen performances by Treblemakers, Das Sound Machine, the most serious competition to the Bellas, Finale Breakdown, Snoop Dog in the House and more.
I promise you a great evening!

Recipe / Recette

Le film tourne autour du groupe féminin d'A Cappella  Les Bellas de l'université Barden. C'est une comédie parfaite pour avoir un pyjama party! La musique, les voix, et les performances sont excellentes. Il y a plusieurs apparences caméo qui sont très amusantes telle une performance par l'équipe de foot les Green Bay Packers. C'est léger et très drôle. La distribution est superbe: Anna KendrickRebel WilsonBrittany SnowAnna Camp, Alexis KnappHana Mae LeeEaster Dean, avec Hailee Steinfeld et Chrissie Fit. C'est aussi le début de directeur d'ELIZABETH BANKS, elle interprète Effie Trinket dans Hunger Games et elle est une des juges de la compétition A Cappella. Pour avoir encore plus de plaisir en regardant le film, j'ai attaché une recette pour des sandwichs grillés au macaroni fromage que vous pouvez servir en plus du maïs soufflé et des autres friandises. 

Le format Blu-Ray ™ offre plusieurs attractions spéciales tel une performance inédite des Treblemakers, la chute finale des compétiteurs les plus sérieux des Bellas, le groupe Das Sound Machine, une visite du rapper Snoop Dog et plus.
Je vous promets une soirée très amusante!                       


Friday, September 18, 2015

Subversive Michaelangelo // Michel-Ange Subversif

Alessandro Giardino, PhD
Art history, and contemporary art teacher
Photo © Lena Ghio 2015
Français plus bas

I started the week re-visiting the wonderful exhibit Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel at Espace 1001 Palais des Congrès until October 12 2015. This time we were accompanied by Alessandro Giardino, PhdHe revealed some secrets about the paintings done by Michealangelo that I had never heard before. First that Michelangelo did not enjoy painting the chapel at all. I had always understood that he had found it extremely difficult and that he suffered a lot during the process, but it went beyond that, all the way to it being an excruciating experience. Professor Giardino pointed to the flabby skin being held at the center of The Last Judgment (image below) and told us there was an unconfirmed rumor that the illustrious artist may have said that he would have rather been flayed alive than do this work. Also he pointed to a man standing behind the character holding the skin and told us this was a portrait of the artists great love, Tommaso dei Cavalieri. From there he went on to point to the various elements of the work where the artist is revealing his homosexuality and passion for men. In fact, Michealangelo never painted or drew a real woman. It is an extraordinary irony that the Vatican's most precious artwork is filled with transgender characters. Anyone can observe that from the horrendous breasts he tried to render on the "female" characters. He was a sexist misogynist who believed, like men of that era, that females were inferior to males.

Professor Giardino also pointed to some rather irreverent gestures on the part of some characters in the paintings, like the one on the picture below where we see a little boy holding up his hand in the upper left corner of the painting, (image below) a gesture that was the equivalent of giving someone the "bird".


J'ai commencé la semaine en re-visitant la merveilleuse exposition La Chapelle Sistine de Michel-Ange à Espace 1001 au Palais des Congrès jusqu'au 12 octobre 2015. Cette fois-ci nous étions accompagnés par Alessandro Giardino, PhdIl nous a révélé quelques secrets au sujet des peintures réalisées par Michel-Ange dont je n'avais jamais pris connaissance auparavant. Premièrement, Michel-Ange n'a eu aucun plaisir à peindre la chapelle. J'avais toujours compris que la tâche avait été extrêmement difficile car il avait souffert beaucoup pendant son éxécution, mais ça dépassait cela, au point d'être une expérience insoutenable. Professeur Giardino a pointé la peau en lambeau qui est tenue par un personnage au centre du Jugement Dernier (image plus bas) et nous a dit qu'il y avait une rumeur non-confirmée que l'illustre artiste aurait dit qu'il aurait préféré être écorché vivant que de réaliser cette oeuvre. Il a aussi pointé à l'homme debout derrière celui qui tient la peau et nous a raconté que c'était le portrait de son grand amour, Tommaso dei Cavalieri. De là il nous a souligné plusieurs éléments de son oeuvre qui révèlent son homosexualité et sa passion pour les hommes. D'ailleurs, Michel-Ange n'a jamais peint ni dessiné une vrai femme. Une ironie extraordinaire que l'oeuvre d'art la plus précieuse du Vatican est remplie de personnages transsexuels! N'importe qui peut observer cela d'après les horribles seins qu'il a tenté de former sur ses personnages "féminins". Il était un misogyne sexiste qui croyait, comme les hommes de son temps, que les femelles étaient inférieures aux mâles.

Le professor Giardino nous a aussi pointé que certains personnages exprimaient des gestes assez irrévérencieux, comme le personnage de l'enfant dans le coin supérieur gauche de la toile (photo en-haut) dont la position de la main veut dire la même chose que faire un doigt d'honneur à quelqu'un veut dire aujourd'hui.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Montreal International Black Film Festival #11 Festival International Film Black Montréal 29.09 - 04.10.2015

Français en bleu

The Montreal International Black Film Festival is a unique event in the city. It combines historical figures, cinema icons, great musicians with the best opportunity to party all the while taking a look at the unspeakable injustice perpetrated on a people. This year's opening film Sweet Micky For President follows events in Haïti when two of the Fugees superstars, PRAS MICHEL, who supported MICHEL MARTELLY aka Sweet Micky,  and WYCLEF JEAN, opposed each other in the political elections of 2011 that followed the 2010 earthquake. The film shows the power struggles that ignited still more violence. On that opening night, none other than MARTIN LUTHER KING III will be receiving the 2015 Humanitarian Award for his lifelong effort, began by his father, to create a world free of racism and violence. Then, Pras Michel will host the opening party at Le Petit Olympia starting at 10:00 PM. The singer songwriter has promised that whoever goes to the parties during the festival will be in the presence of some of his famous musician friends whose names he will keep secret, for now!

Le Festival International Film Black de Montréal  est un événement unique dans la ville. Il combine des figures historiques, des légendes du cinéma, des musiciens hors-pair ainsi que les meilleures opportunités de faire la fête tout en portant un regard sur les injustices atroces perpétuées sur un peuple.  Le film d'ouverture cette année Sweet Micky For President suit les événements à  Haïti quand deux superstars du groupe  Fugees, PRAS MICHEL, qui supportait MICHEL MARTELLY aka Sweet Micky,  et WYCLEF JEAN, s'opposent un à l'autre dans les élections politiques de 2011 qui eurent lieu après le tremblement de terre de 2010. Le film montre les conflits de pouvoir qui ont allumé de nouvelles violences. Ce même soir d'ouverture, nul autre que MARTIN LUTHER KING III recevra le Prix Humanitaire 2015 pour le travail d'une vie, inauguré par son père, pour créer un monde sans racisme et sans violence. Après ces cérémonies, Pras Michel va animer le party d'ouverture au Le Petit Olympia dès 22h. Le chanteur compositeur a promis que quiconque se rendait aux partys durant le festival risquerait d'être en présence de quelques-uns de ces amis musiciens célèbres dont il retient les noms pour l'instant!

Martin Luther King III will participate in a talk on the power of non-violence September 30 2015 after a screening of the chilling movie Selma starring OPRAH WINFREY and CUBA GOODING jr. The closing film is another chilling documentary on the Black Panthers movement: The Black Panthers: vanguard of a revolution: where the men and women sharpened their skills and behavior to claim what should be their natural human right to be treated with dignity. On October 2nd, PAUL HAGGIS and DAVID BELLE will receive the 2015 Social Impact Prize for their work in Haïti where they contribute to provide free education for youths who would otherwise not get an education at all. Check this video.

Martin Luther King III participera dans une causerie sur le pouvoir de la non-violence ce 30 september 2015 après le visionnement du film qui donne des frissons Selma avec OPRAH WINFREY et CUBA GOODING jr. Le film de clôture est un autre documentaire qui donne des frissons sur le mouvement des Black Panthers: The Black Panthers: vanguard of a revolution: ces hommes et femmes qui ont aiguisé leurs aptitudes et leur conduite pour réclamer ce qui aurait dû être leur droit naturel d'être traité avec de la dignité. Le 2 octobre, PAUL HAGGIS et DAVID BELLE recevront le Prix Impact Social 2015 pour leur travail à Haïti où ils contribuent à fournir une éducation gratuite à des jeunes qui n'ont aucune autre moyen de l'obtenir. 

And of course there is a FA-BU-LOUS selection of movies. Two I am dreaming of seeing are: Una Vida: Of Mind and Music the story of an Alzheimer  researcher who finds a woman with the disease who was once a street singer. She sings beautifully and just that makes the film worth seeing, except that it also has a great cast that deliver a profound experience. Then there is Breathe Umphefumlo a dramatic story of the on-going tuberculosis epidemic in South Africa told to a remake of the classic opera La Bohème. IT IS JUST TOO SUBLIME!

Et bien sûr il y a la FA-BU-LEU-SE sélection de films. Il y a deux titre que je rêve de voir:  Una Vida: Of Mind and Music l'histoire d'un chercheur pour la maladie Alzheimer qui repère une femme avec la condition qui était jadis une chanteuse de rue. Elle chante merveilleusement et le film mérite d'être vu juste pour ça, mais en plus il possède une excellente distribution qui livre une expérience des plus profonde. Ensuite il y a Breathe Umphefumlo une histoire dramatique sur l'épidémie persistante de tuberculose en Afrique du Sud raconté sur un remake de l'opéra classique La Bohème. C'EST JUSTE TROP SUBLIME!

Monday, September 14, 2015

LE 14e MOIS DE LA PHOTO 10.09. - 11.10.2015

Français en bleu



George S. Zimbel : a humanist photographer

Although not an official part of Le Mois de la Photo, the Museum is presenting a rare exhibition of the black and white photographs taken by the American born photographer who now is a Canadian. You will see never before revealed photos from the iconic MARILYN MONROE Seven Year Itch promotional event that caused quite a raucous in those days. The exhibition focuses on the streets of New York in the early fifties.

George S. Zimbel  : un photographe humaniste

Malgré que l'expo ne fait pas partie du Mois de la Photo officiellement, le Musée présente une exposition rare des photos en noir et blanc prisent par le photographe né en Amérique qui est maintenant un Canadien. Vous verrez des photos inédites de MARILYN MONROE lors de la scéance promotionnelle du film Seven Year Itch qui a causé tout un scandale à l'époque. L'exposition se concentre sur les rues de New York au début des années cinquante.


La condition post-photographique / The Post-Photographic Condition

Commissaire invité / Guest curator  Joan Fontcuberta

Owen Kydd: Durational Photographs

The upcoming artist is presenting a series of intriguing still life videos that mimic photographs of random objects. What I enjoyed was the extra-dimension his process adds to an otherwise banal style. The colors are dazzling. The artist told us he enjoyed the slow passage of time represented by his installations, that they were like going fishing, waiting for something to happen.

Owen Kydd: Photographies Perpétuelles

L'artiste émergent présente une série de vidéos représentant des natures mortes qui imitent la photographie d'objets insolites. Ce qui m'a plu est la dimension supplémentaire que son processus ajoute à un style autrement banal. Les couleurs sont spectaculaires. L'artiste nous a dit qu'il appréciait le ralentissement du passage du temps signalé par ses installations, qu'elles étaient comme aller à la pêche, une longue attente que quelque chose se passe.


Le Cercles des Jeunes philanthropes a élu un nouveau président pour 2015-2016, M. Philippe d'Etcheverry. Voici le nouveau comité exécutif:

De gauche à droite, 1re rangée : Geneviève Blouin, Simon Touchette, Anne-Marie Savard, Véronique Thibault, Philippe d'Etcheverry, Dilara Buyuk, Anne Janody, Charles Assaf, Kevin-Alexandre Lavoie; 2rangée : Pholysa Mantryvong, Émilie L. Cayer, Enrico David Cremonese, Isabelle Nadeau, Jean-Sébastien Bock N., Gabrielle Soucy-Girard, Renaud Martel-Théorêt; 3rangée : Pierre-Olivier Herbert, Anne-Catherine Shoiry, Éric Prud'homme, Thoma Daneau, Antoine Cossé, Johanna Mancini et Gérald Kounadis.
Photo Sébastien Roy



Since I have been on Facebook, I have experienced two deaths of very close relatives. In 2010, my brother Joe, and this summer, my cousin Joe. I keep coming up on posts where they commented, I have the last words they wrote to me on my wall. I have also seen and shared the loss of loved ones by my Facebook friends, the loss of beloved pets. This is what this installation is about. It is mesmerizing and effective. I do have one problem with it however, the screens are all set up so we must look up and strain our necks. It impedes the flow of the experience. The visit to the exhibition is free.
Conversations about the Exhibition: AFTER FACEB00K: IN LOVING MEMORY < 3 SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 AT 6 P.M.
Discussion with the artitsts

Depuis que je suis sur Facebook j'ai eu l'expérience de deux morts de membres de ma famille proche. En 2010, mon frère Joe est décédé, et cet été, mon cousin Joe. Cela arrive régulièrement que je tombe sur des posts auxquels ils ont émit des commentaires, j'ai toujours leurs derniers mots sur mon mur. J'ai aussi vu et partagé la perte de personnes aimées de mes amis Facebook, la perte d'animaux de compagnie. C'est de cela que traite cette installation. C'est hypnotique et efficace. J'ai cependant un problème avec l'installation, celui de la disposition des écrans qui nous force à regarder avec le cou trop étiré par en haut. Ceci entrave le flux de l'expérience. La visite à l'exposition est gratuite. 


Paul Wong Multivers / Multiverse

The multidisciplinary artist presents several video installations that align with the concept of "catalogue aesthetic", which is a "massive compilation of images"that move very rapidly before our eyes, a signature of our era. All the installations are in constant colorful motion. The title is well suited to what you will experience with the work, a questioning of the substance we call reality.

L'artiste multidisciplinaire présente plusieurs installations vidéo qui s'enlignent avec le concept de l'"esthétique du catalogue", le résultat d'une "collecte massive d'images" qui bougent rapidement sous nos yeux, une signature de notre époque. Toutes les installations sont en mouvement constant et plein de couleurs. Le titre est bien choisi en vertu de ce que vous vivrez avec l'oeuvre, ce questionnement sur ce qu'est la substance qu'on nomme réalité.

Christina Battle : The people in this picture are standing on all that remained of a handsome residence

When we walk into the projection room we are met by splashes of moving colors that evoke the ocean. The artist compiled one on top the other images collected on the internet of Black Friday in Edmonton, Alberta, where a tornado killed dozens of people and destroyed many homes on July 31 1987. In our time, the catastrophes that affect one part of the world or another become media spectacles, "disaster porn", manipulated to compel us to consume the news product. She used "datamoshing" to de-spectacularize the drama, turning it into an abstraction.


Quand on entre dans la salle de projection nous sommes interpellés par des éclaboussures de couleurs qui évoquent l'océan. L'artiste a compilé une par dessus l'autre des images receuillis sur l'internet du  Black Friday ( vendredi noir) à Edmonton, en Alberta, où une tornade a tué des douzaines de personnes et a détruit plusieurs habitations le 31 juillet 1987. À notre époque, les catastrophes qui affectent une partie du monde ou une autre deviennent des spectacles médiatiques, manipulés pour nous forcer à consommer le produit d'informations qui devient du "disaster porn". Elle utilise le "datamoshing" pour dé-spectaculariser le drame, le transformant en abstraction.

Galerie SBC Gallery

Isabelle le Minh
Tous Décavés

This exhibition is very neat. The artist looks at the classification techniques developed by law enforcement in the late XIX century but uses contemporary tools like Facebook to illustrate the various facial features, or images from iPhone or iPads screens to show the fingerprinting process. The title comes from Alphonse Bertillonthe inventor of forensic anthropometry, in his work "Manuel du portrait parlé".

Cette exposition est très nette. L'artiste examine les techniques de classifications développées par les représentants de la loi au XIX siècle mais se sert d'outils contemporains tel Facebook pour illustrer les traits du visage, ou des reproductions d'écrans de iPhone ou iPad pour illustrer le processus de collection d'empreintes digitales. Le titre vient d'Alphonse Bertillonl’inventeur de l’anthropométrie judiciaire, de son livre  "Manuel du portrait parlé".

Sunday, September 13, 2015

L'OFF JAZZ # 16 01.10 - 10.10.2015

Artistes et organisateurs ont présenté la programmation de L'Off Jazz # 16 lundi passé au Lion d'Or.
Photos © Lena Ghio 2015 
Le mois d'octobre commence avec la 16e édition de l'OFF JAZZ, une riche mélodie de jazz accordée par plus de 150 musiciens, 27 spectacles, 9 lieux montréalais, 3 lancements, et 1 classe de maître.

La soirée d'ouverture aura lieu au Lion d'Or le 1er octobre 2015 dès 20h. Le grand concert d'ouverture, Dans la forêt de ma mémoire, est une oeuvre de la pianiste montréalaise MARIANNE TRUDEL composée spécialement pour l'Orchestre national de jazz de Montréal. Cette soirée présentera la musique orchestrale des femmes avec CHRISTINE JENSEN, MARIA SCHNEIDER, SATAKO FUJI, et CARLA BLEY. L'album du même titre sera aussi lancé ce soir là.

Il y a une section qui s'appelle Les Apéroffs du festival qui aura lieu au Résonnance Café. Dans le contexte d'un 5 à 7 ouvert à tous les âges et au principe de contribution volontaire, c'est une bonne occasion d'introduire le jazz à un jeune publique. Les Fins de soirée surprenantes, qui débuteront dès 22h30, toujours au Résonnance Café, offrent la chance de terminer la soirée dans un ambiance d'improvisation, de fougue, de virtuosité et l'inattendu! Le collectif montréalais Extended Family, avec le claviériste GABRIEL VINUELA, ouvrira la série le vendredi 2 octobre; le 3 octobre, ce sera le batteur MARK NELSON qui présentera ses Sympathetic Frequencies; le 7 octobre ce sera au tour du JEAN-NICOLAS TROTTIER trio et son Acid Bunny; le 8 octobre YVES CHARUEST et le groupe Still; et enfin, le trio torontois Myriad3 viendra conclure cette série conçue pour les oiseaux de nuit le 9 octobre.
Disponible tout au long du festival,
des jolies tuques de la designer Isabel Vinuela.


Différentes salles accueilleront les invités internationaux et auront des lancements et création improvisée: le cabaret du Lion d'Or, l'Upstairs, La Vitrola, la Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, la maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges et le Club Soda.

Au Lion d'Or: le 2 octobre à 21h30 YANNICK RIEU lancera son nouvel album Yannick Rieu Da Li accompagné de SAMUEL JOLY et FRANÇOIS LAFONTAINE; mercredi le 8 octobre à 20h ce sera une célébration honorant JEAN DEROME dans la foulée de sa Bourse de carrière du CALQ. Vous y verrez son quator Jean Derome et les Dangereux Zhoms.

Il y aura une CLASSE DE MAÎTRE AVEC JOE MORRIS le dimanche 4 octobre à 14h.

Et cela n'est qu'un résumé de tous les événements et exclusivités du festival. On vous promet des musiques vivantes et sincères. Il y a plusieurs forfaits de disponible, vérifiez celui qui vous convient le mieux.

Pour toutes informations: 16e édition de l'OFF JAZZ 


Monday, September 7, 2015

Jardins de Lumière au Jardin Botanique 04.09 - 01.11.2015

Photo © Lena Ghio 2015
English Below

Cette semaine, je me suis rendue au Jardin Botanique de Montréal pour l'inauguration des Jardins de lumière. Dignitaires et artistes étaient présents pour souligner l'événement. Le projet Jardin de Chine est une conception de l'artiste MY QUYNH DUONG qui s'y consacre depuis 2001. Des centaines de lanternes ébauchées à Montréal sont fabriquées en Chine selon les pratiques traditionnelles. Le résultat est un monde féérique de couleurs et de perceptions surprenantes.

FRANCE JUTRAS et JOCELYN BATHALON s'unissent pour nous faire vivre un autre type de lumière par le Jardin du Japon. Ici ce sont les arbres, les ruisseaux et les pierres qui sont nuancés par des reflets bien positionnés pour créer une atmosphère Zen et mystique. Sur le pavillon du Japon, une oeuvre vidéographique et musicale ajoute une dimension temporelle à l'expérience en évoquant les quatres saisons. Les artistes ESTELLA LÓPEZ SOLIS et HERNANI VILLASENOR sont responsables de cette magnifique oeuvre de 3 minutes.

L'événement propose plusieurs activités à saveur des cultures orientales. Par exemple au Jardin de Chine vour pourrez voir des performances de la danse du lion dès 19h tous les jeudis de septembre. Il y aura sur place la possibilité d'essayer des costumes authentiques de la danse du lion et prendre des photos. Dans le passage du pavillon du Jardin du Japon, observez les centaines de grues en origami installées pour vous permettre de faire un voeux lors de votre passage.

C'est tellement magique vous et vos enfants seront éblouis!
Suivez ce lien pour obtenir tous les détails.


Des chemins mystérieux révèlent toutes sortes de superbes sculptures de lumière!
Photos © Lena Ghio 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

WATER: the source of INTELLIGENCE, the creator of LIFE and the irrefutable evidence of EXTRA-DIMENSIONS

I am always testing water to see if a comprehensible language can be developed between us. Here I placed it beside a fascinating article in SCIENCE & VIE that relates the excitement of scientists researching the power of water. What they discovered at the molecular level is astonishing sentient behavior from the liquid. Of course there is refraction and reflection in the bowl as I ask water to reveal how life evolved on our planet. But then there is that intriguing figure in a Hazmat suit holding a piece of paper in his right hand. The intelligence is that there is a relation between what the figure is wearing and the type of clothing many scientists wear while carrying out experiments.
HAZMAT © Lena Ghio 2015
« I ended up in a field that was a no man's land. It was not the subject of anthropology or sociology, or philosophy, or religion, for that matter. I had followed the phenomena's own regulations and configurations. »

-Carlos Castaneda
The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, P. xiii
Author Commentary © 1998 The Eagle's Trust

In this article I will synthesize evidence that suggests that water is the source of both intelligence and life and the evidence of extra-dimensions.

To this day, there is no hard scientific definition of what life is or what intelligence is. In the article: What is life? It’s a Tricky, Often Confusing Question Dr. Chris McKay says: “Many commentators hold the view that an effective search for life on other worlds requires that we first have a concise, agreed on, definition of life. This is not the case.”

There is the same ambiguity when science tries to answer the question: “What is Intelligence?” The intelligence factor is measured by certain abilities but scientists cannot say for sure: THIS IS INTELLIGENCE! Neuroscientists have observed that a damaged brain will impair intellectual faculties in people, like those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or a brain tumor or a serious injury. Yet they have also documented cases of individuals with only half a brain with the other half of the cranial cavity being filled with fluid that function normally and that are capable of maintaining jobs. Certain animals have been documented as being able to count. To be qualified as alive and intelligent, a life form must respond to its environment with an understanding of what is around it.

Why are scientists trying to prove extra-dimensions?

Because I want to demonstrate that water proves the existence of extra-dimensions, I must address the question of the research done by contemporary scientists to prove extra-dimensions and the Higgs Boson particle believed to be the God particle. Peter Ware Higgs imagined that there must be a sub-particle that is responsible for holding matter together, a particle that changes energy into matter. This idea emerged in the excitement of the revelations of Quantum Physics and in the context of Albert Einstein’s apparent failure to connect Gravity to the quantum world. The Higgs Boson solves the problem of creation, but does not include Gravity, still the great misunderstood force. For me this is a serious problem at the heart of the hypothesis.

In all the great scientific institutions, there is a buzz of excitement to demonstrate extra-dimensions. There have been perfect geometrical figures drawn by imminent scientists who speculate about what    the hypothetical extra-dimensions would look like. They have received grants for these designs but NEVER provided ANY evidence they exist. Now that CERN has seen a “new” particle, the elusive Higgs Boson, which was the main reason for its existence, it will need to keep the institution going on a new very hard to prove theory. Enter the search for extra-spatial-dimensions. The scientists at CERN and the judges for the Nobel Prize, accepted the following as evidence of the Higgs Boson: 

My questions to scientists: If such a particle played such a crucial role in giving the big universe substance, why does it decay so fast? To me it just doesn’t make sense.

 Amir Aczel said this about the results from CERN:" More work will be necessary, in order to both obtain stronger statistical proof of the new findings, and further verify other properties of the boson. But it looks like we are finally getting pretty close to certainty that the Higgs particle exists, and it agrees with the theory that has launched the massive search for it.”

Consider what was accepted as evidence, and the flimsy quality of the proof,finally getting pretty close to certainty.  And now consider what CERN will be looking for to prove extra-dimensions:

Brian Greene – “If we totted up all the energy of all the particles created in a collision and compared it to the known energy of the colliding protons before they smashed, and some energy would be missing, that would be indirect evidence that the lost energy might have strayed into the invisible dimensions.”

To prove extra-dimensions, they will explode particles until the day when they find one that is so unusual that it will be 100% evidence of extra-dimensions, according to them. And I am not saying they wont succeed, I am arguing that their level of evidence for the Higgs Boson and their requirements to prove extra-dimensions are weak at best and non-existent at worst. On the other hand, what I am showing you through my artistic practice is proof, undeniable proof that you can verify for yourself. It is evidence gathered by a person who would base her reasonable deduction on lengthy observations of nature, a person who documented and gathered facts, albeit they are not facts recognized by institutions at this time they are the classical standard of gathering evidence at the origin science. I want you to judge who is more credible, the ones who may finally get pretty close to certaintyor the one who can show you in one startling image after another, the evidence for her hypothesis?

The discoveries and experiments I use to validate my hypothesis fall in the scientific field of Astrobiology. The applications of my experiments once refined by scientists will predict what type of life forms to expect within a solar system, they would lead to Gravity based technologies with infinite capacity for planetary regeneration and the regeneration of our own bodies. The applications will also assist healthy space travel by creating the appropriate gravitational modulations within the spaceship.

I used the following equation  « E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + F », my solution to the Theory of Everything, to observe and document through my artistic practice the process by which forms and events manifest in the course of life. Below I lay out my evidence in a work of Extra-Dimensional Art © Lena Ghio 2015 that will leave you breathless.

PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension Phase 4 The Seat of Power

Emerge Art of Nostradamus seeing me © Lena Ghio 2015

Like Carlos Castaneda when he found himself and his work in a no man's land, my indescribable field of enquiry, that is also my practice as a contemporary artist, has landed my work and me in a no man's land. Regardless, I have done what every human must do; I have tracked the unique gifts and challenges the world has put in front of me.

While in art school I determined that I would develop a practice that would create a phenomenon in reality through applying creative gestures at specific moments of time and points of space that would guide a hypothetical vector of energy until it would collapse into an observable event in line with the intention of a multidisciplinary art intervention brought forward in public places. I felt it was the only way to move forward as an artist without the encumbering idiocy of the contemporary art process. I wanted living energizing and spirited art! With few resources I theorized that the force itself would provide all that I needed to actualize my intention. Later, in 2011, when I studied science at McGill University, I understood that the force I was carrying along the vector was none other than the mysterious force of Gravity.

The 1999 invitation © Lena Ghio 1999
In 1999 I realized Phenomene Art IV: The Fourth Dimension where I came to terms with an unbelievable intuition that inhabited me since 1982, that I was entangled in some of the prophecies of Nostradamus. I researched to figure out what my intuition could be about. The first question that came up is WHY? Why would a man complicate his existence with such a tedious task that in his lifetime he could never verify? I deduced that because of his vocation as a healer, albeit an apothecary, he could only do it for a healing purpose. The quatrains where I saw a synchronicity describe a task of unification at such a deep level that it alters certain destructive patterns of human behavior, like the deadly ritual of war. He also intended an ending to the prophecies that have sadly been misused by certain tyrants. When I produced the event, many prophecies had not yet come true so I imagined what they could mean without ever expecting in a million years what I would experience in these last five years, 2010 - 2015, that have taken my lifework to unimagined heights.

Then came another wondrous breakthrough, I realized I could photograph the image-making faculty of water by using our new technology!  On December 12, 2013, I took a series of photographs that looked like failed attempts. Since then my mastery of the technology I use to bring out the forms created inside water got better and I pulled out a formidable image that shows Nostradamus seeing me, as I was when the Spirit caught me. My Phenomene Art IV has come full circle! The reflection of Nostradamus in a bowl of water looking at is the same type of imagery I used for the 1999 invitation I sent out. This is a manifestation of the extraordinary perceptive force of our greatest ally, water.  Scientists around the world that are studying water at the particle level are seeing it behave in such a way that they have hypothesized it is intelligent and fulfills the requirements to be declared alive.

A close-up of the center of the above Emerge Art with
supporting photograph of me at that time, right and
a popular portrait of Nostradamus. The resemblance are
uncanny! © Lena Ghio 2015

Emerge Art, the practice of bringing out the images created in water by water by using Forensic Photoshop, reveals that it is extremely creative, that it never rests, that it uses any means to communicate; it will refract the information from its environment, use micro-waves to build up images, transcend the limits of life and death and reflect extra-dimensions in the same manner as a mirror reflects us to ourselves. Water reflects the entire universe back at us. If what I have shown you on my blog is something water can do inside a tiny bowl, imagine oceans looking out at the stars! Many have argued that Emerge Art is subjective, that it is refraction. They are not entirely wrong. But upon closer study what I keep observing is that the portion where the unlikely image manifests is always in relation to what I put around it. (Jeanne + Napoleon)

A study of how life emerged on earth has revealed that the first life forms, plants, were mostly 90% water. We are 70% water. The experiments I conducted with the clouds and plants reveal that water and living forms respond to gravitational modulations propelled forward by the Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics. (AGCM) This process clumps particles and in living beings can create more or less mass, plants that will drink more or less water, plants that will influence the well-being of their environment by the task they are given by Gravity. And more so much more!
This proves my equation: E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S
And it proves that water is the source of both intelligence and life and the evidence of extra-dimensions.

Extra-dimensional Art © Lena Ghio 2015 is an art work presented in a medium that allows the visitor of the work to travel in cyberspace to experience extra dimensions via the links provided throughout the pieces.
The virtual visit of PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3 The Warrior's Recapitulation is the background to this breakthrough.