The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Friday, November 13, 2015

RIDM it's off! / c'est partie!

Français en bleu

AFTER CIRCUS looks at the life of circus clowns and acrobats once their bodies can no longer support their work. It is a film by VIVEKA MELKI presented this Saturday the 14th  and also on November 18th in the presence of the director or other member of the crew.

En fin de semaine vous pourrez voir AFTER CIRCUS , un documentaire qui demande ce qui arrive aux clowns et acrobates quand leur corps ne veut plus être complice de leur travail. Ce film de VIVEKA MELKI pourra être visionné ce samedi novembre 14 ainsi que ce novembre 18 en présence de la directrice ou un membre de l'équipe.

DEATH IN THE PORT JACKSON HOTEL is another intriguing film by ED VAN DER ELSKEN who engages in a conversation with Australian artist Vali Myers in 1972. You hear the voices of Ed and Vali as they look through a photo album of their time in Paris in the beatnik bohemian years. Many of their impoverished friends died young, some from overdoses, others suicide. A discussion on the impulse to photograph will accompany this film.

IN JACKSON HEIGHTS looks at life in the most multicultural neighborhood in New York city, including a large LGBT population. As you can see from this trailer the movie is colorful and lively. Just a lovely project! The English version will be this Saturday at 2:PM.

IN JACKSON HEIGHTS regarde la vie dans le quartier le plus multiculturel de la ville de New York, un quartier avec, aussi, une large population LGBT. Regardez cette brève bande-annonce et vous verrez combien le quartier est riche en ambiance. Un très beau projet. La version sous-titrée en français sera diffusé le 15 novembre à 14h.


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