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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

At the movies // Au cinéma



The Young Messiah is based on ANNE RICE 's  novel "Christ 
the Lord: Out of Egypt." It stars ADAM GREAVES-NEAL as the young Jesus, SEAN BEAN as the centurion Severus who must hunt the boy down for the unworthy Herod played by JONATHAN BAILEY. I have grown up hearing stories of Jesus performing miracles. For most of us, miracles are just tales, that is why books like Harry Potter fascinate us; we wonder what it must be like to witness the miraculous. The beauty of this film is in the detailed way it re-creates the time; the roads lined with crucified men, the roman centurions menacing the unruly, the countryside with delicate flowers and waterfalls and pools of fresh water. It is a very eloquent film that does not ask you to adhere to any religious view points but rather lets you wonder about the possibilities.

The Legend of Barney Thompson is a mad story of dark humor and murder! EMMA THOMPSON is magnificent as Cemolina, an eighty year old sex fiend who is the mum of Barney Thompson, a repressed bachelor who complains about everything at his job at the barber shop and doesn't know anything about his mother's secret life. Events are about to take Barney, played brilliantly by ROBERT CARLYLE, down a gruesome road with no end in sight. RAY WINSTONE is hilarious as obsessed DCI Holdall who can't get things right because of his nemesis Detective Inspector June Robertson played by ASHLEY JENSEN. Here is a sample of the humor that cracked me up: a goofy looking character has seen the body in Barney's car and tries to blackmail him. He sets up a meeting at the children's carousel in the park. As they are going round and round, the only two adults on the game, Barney asks him why he set up the meeting there. The goofy looking man answered that if he came alone he would look like a pedophile. "Now we look like 2 pedophiles don't we?" replies Barney.


Only Yesterday, the 1991 masterpice by ISAO TAKAHATA from the renowned STUDIOS GHIBLI will be presented at  Cinéma du Parc - starting this March 18 2016. The story is simple enough; an adult young woman is remembering a time when she was 10 years old in the 60s as she is preparing to go on vacation in the countryside she has seen too rarely in her childhood. The artwork is sublime. In traditional Japanese style, the language of flowers adds to the story. Even if we don't know the secret meaning behind the apparition of every flower, we recognize the beauty it creates on the big screen. The main characters in this English version are dubbed by DAISY RIDLEY and DEV PATEL. This movie has never been seen on the big screen in North America.


La Vanité est une production Suisse du réalisateur LIONEL BAIER mettant en vedette PATRICK LAPP, David Miller,  et CARMEN MAURA, Espéranza,  ainsi qu'IVAN GEORGIEV, Treplev. C'est une comédie noir qui est bien nuancée. Le personnage principale est un architecte qui souffre d'un cancer du cerveau mais qui refuse de vivre les conséquences de sa maladie dans un effort de survivre. Il préfère littéralement mourir! Espéranza (Maura) est l'intervenante qui accompagne la personne qui veut obtenir un suicide assisté, ce qui est permis seulement quand le patient n'a plus aucun recourt. Le jeux des trois comédiens est très captivant. L'émotivité et la sensibilité d'Espéranza contraste à merveille la désinvolture et le sarcasme de Miller. Treplev, c'est la jeunesse et le combat pour la survie qui est représenté par un jeune homme, marié et père de deux enfants, qui gagne sa vie en se prostituant. MAGNIFIQUE!


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