The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Monday, March 21, 2016

At the movies

The third installment of THE DIVERGENT series, ALLEGIANT, finds Tris, SHAILENE WOODLEY, and Four, THEO JAMES in conflict with the new situation in Chicago where Evelyn, NAOMI WATTS, now rules. Johanna, played by OCTAVIA SPENCER stands in direct opposition to Evelyn over the rulership of the ruined city. Tris and Four plan to go over the wall with a few others in an attempt to find a better solution than the ones proposed by the competing ruler.

The story itself is not unique. Good guys and bad guys are in a fight for survival. However I really loved the technological inventions illustrated in the film. These are revealed once they are across the wall, where they meet David, JEFF DANIELS, at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. For me this was the best part of the movie in terms of surprising unfoldment.


Starring BEN FOSTER as Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France American cyclist who was dishonored after confessing to doping during seven consecutive races where he was the World Champion. It is a very interesting thriller about how the need for glory and significance can lead people astray. David Walsh, CHRIS O'DOWD, an Irish sports journalist working for the British newspaper The Sunday Times grew suspicious of Lance Armstrong's sudden unexplainable victories. Adding to his suspicion were the consecutive wins for seven years in a row. In this story, Lance Armstrong goes to such lengths to maintain his shameful secret it blows the mind! Meanwhile he is collecting millions upon millions from his sponsors. It is also very sad because he has three children that were witness to his international downfall.


A TERRENCE MALICK movie starring CHRISTIAN BALE, CATE BLANCHETT, NATALIE PORTMAN and BRIAN DENNEHY to name a few of the faces you will see in this unusual film. We follow Rick, Bale, from scenery to scenery as the narration goes on and on. He appears to question the meaning of life as he searches for God or his father, it is not clear. This is not a movie for everyone. It is closer to contemporary art films that the usual types you will see at a theatre. Even the mostly white noise background music evokes the art film genre. In this sense, the soundtrack provided by HANAN TOWNSHEND works beautifully. What kept me going is the fabulous cinematography by EMMANUEL LUBEZKI and the relentlessly fabulous homes illustrated throughout! The splendor of these decor kept me mesmerized.


Starring a plump COLLIN FARRELL as David a man who is once again single and goes to The Hotel in The City to find true love. However if the patrons of The Hotel do not find true love within 45 days, they will be turned into animals. David chooses to be turned into a lobster should he fail. RACHEL WEISZ becomes his love interest after he is unable to make a love connection and escapes. It is a brilliant satire on modern love and modern expectations of what love should be. The result is a constant subdued humor that takes us by surprise because of its absurdity like when the character who always had cookies with her threw herself out a window and someone comments: "There was a lot of blood...and cookies."


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