The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Friday, July 8, 2016

ALT Court: a unique party for Millennials presented by National Bank and Tennis Canada

From left to right: actresses at work filming a commercial: Penelope and Chloé getting to work on a live installation: print artists teaching guests how to print their own bags. Photos © Lena Ghio, 2016
The National Bank of Canada has been associated with Tennis Canada for many years already and many more to come. With this perspective in sight, Yann Jodoin, Senior Vice-President - Client Strategy, Marketing, and Branding at National Bank decided it was time to renew the institution's relationship with the strong group of emerging customers identified as millennials. Tuned into social media, having access to unlimited knowledge at their fingertip via smartphone, making and sharing videos of almost every life experience, millennials are a savvy bunch!

I took these images early in the evening to give you a sense of the setting @ Uniprix Stadium where the party was held and where the Montreal Rogers Cup will happen this July. Photos © Lena Ghio, 2016
Thursday July 7th, National Bank greeted more than 500 influencers from around the country to the ALT Court party. The elaborate event was organized by leading edge companies like SID LEE, BLVDVibrant Marketing, MASSIVart.

A shimmering crescent Moon lay in the background as a huge team of people all dressed in unique designer style took care of us.We also enjoyed free designer cocktails like the one being prepared for me here, La Volée,  with Pure Vodka and an exciting strawberry juice with Jalapeno combination. Photos © Lena Ghio, 2016
What I truly enjoyed was the impeccable fluid beat of DJ Ryan Hemsworth! It made me feel like I could fly! WHAT A TALENT!

Soon even the huge space was filled with an animated crowd. The party went on long into the night but a taxi service was offered for those who partied too much!


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