The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

FANTASIA this week-end / en fin de semaine &+


This Felipe Rodriguez movie is based on the fact that there are '1000 drop houses at any given time'. In the US, Phoenix Arizona is the Kidnap Capital. Check this 2009 report. It is an excellent tension filled drama. The story is so outrageous you may find it hard to believe.


Mel Gibson, Link, makes a remarkable come-back in this action packed movie about an ex-con struggling with alcoholism while trying to save his daughter from gangs she became involved with. Erin Moriarty plays Lydia, his 17 year old daughter and William H. Macy plays Kirby is recovery sponsor. The movie is witty, gritty, right on in terms of timing, emotional tone and resolution of the drama. I LOVED IT and I loved Mel Gibson in it. He plays a passionate father who accepts the truth about his child and is willing to go all the way. The script is based on Peter Craig's novel of the same name. He worked with Andrea Berloff to adapt the book for the movie directed magnificently by Jean-François Richet.


Based on a legend that inspired many writers such as the Brothers Grimm, Robert Browning and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe this Korean movie is beautifully done. A father, Ryu Seung-ryong, and his son, Goo Seung-Hyeon are en route to Seoul to find a doctor for the child. They come upon a village where the father hopes to earn a few dollars to help with the treatments. What unfolds is the gruesome revelation of the villagers crimes.


Il y a 6 ans, le 22 août 2010, je me suis rendue au tapis rouge du film L'Arnacoeur mettant en vedette Romain Duris ( Jacques ) et réalisé par Pascal Chaumeil. J'avais tellement ri. Les deux sont réunis pour un nouveau film qui sera présenté en fin de semaine à FANTASIA et que j'ai vu en visionnement de presse. Un petit boulot raconte comment un gars d'usine devient un assassin professionel après que l'usine ferme ses portes. Ça riait dans la salle! Il faut écouter les subtilités du dialogues comme il faut car les blagues sont délicates et perverses. Example: Jacques vient de faire son premier meurtre. Il se dit: c'est dure commettre un meurtre, c'est dure pour les oreilles. À ne pas manqué!



An action film I enjoyed. Emma Roberts is Vee, a shy high school senior who is dared by her best friend to spice up her life. She becomes involved in an online game where the 'watchers' tell the players what to do. With every challenge accepted and won, the player earns money. She is paired with Ian, Dave Franco, and the chase is on! It is non-stop excitement with a disturbing look at a possible scenario involving our evolving dependency on technology and the equally evolving Artificial Intelligence smart-bots that track all the information we put on our cell phones and computers. Let me just say that at one point to save themselves they had to use a pay phone!


The latest Woody Allen movie looks at the 1940's Hollywood / New York Jewish involvement in the movies and in organized crime. Bobby, Jesse Eisenberg, lives in New York but his mother sends him to go work with her successful Hollywood Agent brother Phil Stern played by Steve Carell. Bobby falls in love with Vonnie, Kristen Stewart, who also happens to be Phil's mistress. The decor is sumptuous, the humor and the repartee flighty like champagne bubbles and some say the story lines reveal yet again Woody Allen's own pathos. It is enjoyable without any emotional panache.


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