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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Saturday, July 30, 2016

JUST FOR LAUGHS part 1 - I am halfway through!

Jeff Goldblum at the piano Photo © Eric Myre, 2016
Nathan Lane
What a week-end! First I saw the Jeff Goldblum Gala with Patrick Haye, Godfrey, Russell Howard, Darrin Rose, Charlie Pickering, Elon GoldAdam Ferrara and Lynne Koplitz. M.Goldblum came out in his suave New York elegance and spoke with us about life and his new family. He seems quite smitten with his lovely young wife Emily who was present at the show. His style of acting where his dialogue appears to be 'thinking out loud' where we are privy to the working of his mind is part of what becomes outrageous musings or wicked observations about people and life. He played the piano and showed us his unique way of tap dancing with the one step he has learned. He invited public inter-action as he asked volunteers in the crowd to imitate. Those that dared were very happy and excited.

The next day, I was up early to soak up as much ComedyPro as I could! I love this part of the JFL festival because we get a chance to get close to the comics and all who are involved in bringing us comedy entertainment. I had a great day beginning with Greg Proops live podcast. In the audience were Brad Williams and George Wallace.

After laughing there, I ran to Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Network. Comedian turned entrepreneur Kevin Hart described the concept of his new network devoted to comedy and we got the chance to see emerging comics presenting pitches for the shows they are developing.

Then I ran to see Living in Fictional Times: A Political Conversation with Lewis Black, Lewis Black is one of my favorite comedians in the world. I enjoy him because he researches his material and is right-on with his observations and reasoning of the material. Greg Proops was the moderator so you can imagine how much I loved this hour!

Lewis Black Photo © Felicia Michaels, 2016
I had an hour break before heading to the Nathan Lane Gala. One of my favorite performers with a comic sense that gets me. He told us that he got married with his partner of 18 years. There was a lot of humor surrounding basic human rights issue from the part of most the comedians: Alan Carr, Piff the Magic Dragon, Sean Emeny, Kathleen Madigan, Ron Josol, Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, Mark Watson and Adam Hills. I loved the improvisation where Nathan Lane invites 2 audience members to do a rehearsal with him. It was about a scene that was 'cut out' of the recently acclaimed series American Crime Story: The People VS OJ Simpson. in which he plays one of OJ's lawyers, F. Lee Bailey.

The next day I was back at ComedyPro to listen to Andy Kindler's yearly State of the Industry address where he reviews what other comedians are doing and saying. I stayed to witness the annual Just For Laughs Awards Show presented by Air Canada.
Judd Apatow and Sebastian Maniscalco Photo © Felicia Michaels, 2016

The show was hosted by JB Smoove and the winners are: Alec Berg and Mike Judge for Comedy Writers of the year for the series Silicon Valley; Maria Bamford one of Stephen Colbert's favorite new comic- oh she is goooooooooooood, wins Breakout Comedy Star of the Year; Sebastian Maniscalco wins Stand-up Comedian of the Year, and he deserves it; Judd Apatow wins the Generation Award for his work that speaks to people of all generations; and Aziz Ansari wins Comedy Person of the Year.

There are a few more great shows ahead. Tonight I will be seeing Mega Stars of Comedy Gala.

More later!


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