The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Manifestations in water on October 30th 2016 before US election. For more images made by water on subject of elections  go to A + B  Photo © Lena Ghio, 2017
Like many people around the world I feel distrust about the new American President Donald Trump. Many Americans have told me on Twitter or Facebook that my Canadian citizenship meant I had nothing to say about their choice of government. Except that for many years, decades actually, the United States has assumed the role of "Leader of the Free World". From this perspective I have a right to comment.

I have made an astrological study because this lunar eclipse is accompanied by very violent alignments and they have special meaning for the USA and the rest of the world. I have used the birth charts of Donald Trump, his closest ally Stephen Bannon, and that of the country, the USA.

Basically the stars support what the majority of people are sensing about this administration: there has been election tampering from a foreign entity; there are many hidden agendas that make the administration attack the press; they work for Big Industry; their actions will destroy the environment of their own country; Bannon pulls the strings; they are setting up foreigners as enemies just like Hitler set up the Jewish people as an enemy to be destroyed so he could gather the funds to create a war machine; they are getting ready for war as a means of making huge financial profits with absolutely no regards for anything that is in their way: children, nature, truth, justice, and forget about mercy or compassion!

Here is the analysis of the planetary structure that reveals their hidden plan:

Today the Lunar Return of USA is on  February 25 2017 at 2:20 PM EST. It places a Grand Cross design over Steve Bannon’s Uranus in Cancer that is square his Mars in Libra. This falls in Donald Trump's 11th house, Mars Uranus in 9th- rules foreigners. Jupiter in 3rd rules the press. Great aggression towards the press, these men want to operate their secret agendas away from public scrutiny.

Jupiter in Libra thus afflicted is in house 10 of USA chart representing POTUS, a fat effeminate man with tiny hands. The Mars Uranus conjunction is in the 4th house, home, the country. Pluto has entered the 2nd house of USA, the money house, the resources of the country. Bannon’s Uranus is in the 8th, he wants to bring about huge reforms no matter the cost. These are unfortunate because the aggression level (Mars conjunct Uranus opposite Jupiter T square Pluto occurring now ) is enormous and hits right into the country’s capacity to earn a living! Trump’s Pluto is in USA’s 8th, he too wants this reform. Combined Trump and Bannon produce devastating aggressive energy.

Bannon’s Moon conjunct Pluto falls into Trump’s 12th house of secrets, conjunct Trump’s Mars in house 12 and his ascendant. Bannon knows exactly how to press Trump’s buttons. They share vile secrets. Mars in 12th, like POTUS, means the person prefers working in secret to avoid opposition. Pluto (Bannon) and Mars (Trump) combined is the signature of criminal activity carried out in secret (house 12).

In the USA chart, Mars is in Gemini house 7 and means aggressiveness. Interestingly, Mars in Gemini represents the press. We cannot deny that the press has mocked Trump at the expense of the real important stories of espionage and intrigue by foreign influence that were going on during the presidential campaigns. They are paying the price for this as Trump and Bannon will do everything in their power to ruin them, to change the dialog.

In the Lunar return the aggressiveness of Mars and Uranus is in house 10, while the president / Jupiter are in house 4, the land. His greed will scorch the land.

America’s Neptune square Mars is conjunct to Trump’s Sun conjunct Uranus. Trump is authoritarian, he has awakened old demons in the hearts of a certain groups of people who had been kept in check for many years as the desires for evolution expressed by the majority made it unacceptable to be racist, sexist, or fascist. Trump is very happy about that because he doesn’t understand the cost of these aberrations. While haters can feel a high as they torture others, their own energies are being consumed by their thoughts and actions. Beating down on others or denying them dignity does not mean you will not grow old, ill or die.

It is popular for Trump supporters to call decent people bleeding hearts. They obviously do not know much about history because being a decent person does not mean you will not defend yourself, it means you will not attack the weak, who do not deserve it, to make yourself feel superior for a moment.

In the Lunar Return of the USA, POTUS is seriously challenged to be honest. He has never done that in his life. The public pressure for him to be truthful causes him inner disorientations that are heavy to bear. Saturn in the same house is well aspected and in good aspect to Trump’s Mars conjunct Bannon’s Pluto conjunct Moon in POTUS’s 12th house, they move forward amid opposition and their point of release is foreigners. Or are these foreigners secret allies like Russia?

POTUS’s Neptune in USA’s 10th house squares his Mercury in USA’s 7th, there is fraud and deceit towards the American people, house 7 plus Sun Jupiter and Venus in Cancer house 7 squared by Trump’s Neptune.

What is their motivation? We know power, money and sex are the universal and historical motivators of political men. These are in force here too with a willingness to lie and cheat on a massive scale to obtain them. The motivator that is under greatest pressure is Pluto in house 2 of USA’s chart. Trump has talked for decades about the way he feels USA’s coffers are being bled by bad deals with foreigners, by foreigners being in the country. For those many decades he was often asked what he would do if he were president. The ideas are now manifesting that he must subdue these “foreign” forces and his means are Martian, war, weapons, the army.

America’s great wealth or rather the great wealth of a number of Americans was built on very reprehensible practices like slavery, war and hidden criminality.

The hidden agenda is well resumed by the words of renowned astrologer Dane Rudhyar below.


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