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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

@FantasiaFest A GHOST STORY

Trailer Soundtrack Dark Room performing I get Overwhelmed  for all info on soundtrack
A Ghost Story is a complex story of time, love and life presented in stark simplicity. It is written and directed by David Lowery and stars Casey Affleck (C) and Rooney Mara (M). We are drawn into the intimacy of an ordinary couple in a country cottage. The story moves at the pace of many contemporary art video installations where the object is to assimilate a different level of information than the verbal or gestural narrative. In the first twenty minutes this irritated me but I stuck with the artistic message and it reached my core. In our ordinary daily life it appears like we have forever as we take care of our homes, work, laugh, love, but, in reality, we are all going to be snuffed out in one swift instant. To make this point, the filmmaker shakes us out of the apparent episodes of slow progress with a bang.

This is a visual art and musical film where the atmospheres transpierce our hearts with memories and feelings for all those we have loved and lost. The fact that the ghost is presented in the white sheet archetype adds a delicious mystery to the character, he no longer has what we in life call an identity. He has become like a cloud floating slowly from scene to scene, back and forth in time. He is clinging to his life and his girl but of course both are swept away.

This Friday at Fantasia Festival 7:15 PM INFO & TICKETS

I give this film 4 LENAs

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