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The Force at work / La Force en action
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

MANIFESTO by Julian Rosefeldt

MANIFESTO is a movie by Julian Rosefeldt featuring Cate Blanchett acting out 13 distinct characters discussing all forms of contemporary art practices from DADA to FLUXUS to Conceptual Art, and more. Julian Rosefeldt is a well established German filmmaker and artist who resumes the current status of art brilliantly and succinctly through the chameleon like performance of the exquisite Cate Blanchett. In one scene I found hilarious, her real life husband, Andrew Upton, plays her husband in a scene where the character she plays forces her children and husband to recite their "values" before they can eat. The three boys and the husband allow her to recite a vast array of art that she likes and hopes would manifest as they yawn, fall asleep, stare at the food sadly.

I enjoyed it so much, I will listen to it more than once because it makes me feel sane in the madness of the current contemporary art scene that, albeit producing some gems like the work of David Altmejd for example, produces way too much bullshit!

You can now enjoy, and trust me YOU WILL ENJOY,  the movie at Cinéma du Parc.

This movie gets 5 LENAs

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