The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Monday, November 27, 2017

At the movies / Au cinéma


LADY BIRD by Greta Gerwig

I will not lie to you, I wanted to see the movie Lady Bird because I really enjoy the work of Laurie Metcalf. She plays, Marion McPherson,  the mother of Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson played by Saoirse Ronan. The story unfolds in the early 2000s in California. Lady Bird is artistically inclined and wants to belong to the east coast cultural scene while her mom struggles with her daughter's coming of age and is awkward in dealing with her. It is one of the best portraits of mother-daughter coming of age movies I ever saw. The two love each other but there is a power struggle going on.

LES LIONS DE CANNES au Cinéma du Parc
dès le 1e décembre
Fearless Girl 

Dans notre monde à haute vitesse la publicité obtient maintenant des niveaux d'excellences incroyables. Vous pourrez voir sur le grand écran dès le 1e décembre au Cinéma du Parc les lauréats de la cuvée 2017. Ils sont étonnants!

À droite, Fearless Girl, une statue en bronze d'une petite fille défiante placée devant le célèbre taureau de Wall Street à New York.


RADIUS by Caroline Labrèche & Steeve Léonard

If you are in the mood for a sci-fi mystery, this is the one for you. Diego Klattenhoff ( Liam& Charlotte Sullivan (Jane) star in this scary movie. 

When Liam wakes up after a car accident he has no memory of who he is. He walks to the closest town to find dead people everywhere. It does not take him long to figure out that any living thing within a fifty feet radius of him just dies with no other apparent cause. Opens December 1st



TRAILER Add caption
A samurai, Manji played by Takuya Kimura,  has an impromptu encounter with a mysterious old woman that forever alters him. She bestows upon him the gift, or curse, of immortality. Manji is devoted to only one person, his sister Machi played by Hana Sugisaki. She dies early on and the immortality weighs heavily on Manjii until he meets Rin Asano, his sister's doppelgänger also played by Hana Sugisaki. For me the movie's fascination is on the succulent characters that appear one gory battle to the next. A lot of style with a manga quality.
Violence and gore.

JEUNE FEMME de Léonor Serraille 
Auteurs: Léonor Serraille en collaboration avec Clémence Carré et Bastien Daret.

J'adore ce film qui suit Paula Simonian, interprétée par Laetitia Dosch, alors qu'elle est déterminée de refaire sa vie après que son ami de plus de dix ans la quitte. Le personnage de Paula est très attachant et contemporain.
Avec ses blagues subtiles le film dessine ce personnage en évolution qui représente ce que les 30 ans et plus de notre époque rencontre inévitablement!



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