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HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 1


In the spring of 2014 I did all kinds of experiences to verify how water responds to questions and to its environment. From these experiments I produce Emerge Art, the art created by the image making language of water. I chose Emerge Art  as  a header because it illustrates the heart of this challenge: there are new energies being created every day,  you can use art to tap hidden energies that will then be focused on improving your personal life and the well-being of nature. The brief sequence above manifested when I asked water to tell me who Marilyn Monroe was. Here I circled an image that appeared in a sequence that looks like a comic strip character of a very elegant blond woman who appears to be carrying a work satchel. Those familiar with Monroe's biography will remember she did her utmost to refine her craft and wanted more than anything to be taken seriously in her profession but she was not. Marilyn series 2014 © Lena Ghio, 2018 
FRANÇAIS app de traduction à gauche


The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.
Let me explain...

• Our ancestors were very preoccupied with maintaining a good relationship with the hidden forces of nature. The universal symbol of this sacred task is the pentagram . This symbol represents their mindset perfectly. The meaning of the pentagram is one branch each for water, fire, air, earth and one for the Spirit that keeps them balanced. It is also the symbol of Human.

This simple movement will energize you before you get busy
on your art. Stand straight. Inhale slowly as your arms gently
flow up, your legs and feet push you gently upward. 
Take a moment to feel yourself floating on CHI.
Exhale as your arms flow down gently,  your knees bend as 
they sink into the ground, your feet send roots into the earth to 
bring up energy from the center of the earth.
Repeat  © Lena Ghio, 2018
• MY lifework demonstrates that there is a creative force at our disposal that responds to its environment. Note the Emerge Art gif above. The Montreal Museum of Fine ArtsNew Art and Health Advisory Committee for the MMFA ) has presented the result of an ongoing research about the healing force of art when it comes to aging populations. This knowledge plus the powerful energy being released by the cosmos this week-end to make fresh starts in our lives, has inspired this series.

• ART prepare the materials you wish to work with. Choose your own medium. I will begin with a small drawing pad, pencils and probably pens. 

Below I will give you some powerful aspects to Jupiter that will constitute the time of celestial mechanics when we will do art.

• SUBJECT use your art to represent all three following elements:

- a new source of healing power  
- how this source brings you benefits
- how, by extension, it heals the world around you.
These may be done in one piece or stretched into several pieces. 

• EXERCISE the gif  shows the most gentle exercise you can do to energize your entire being. Follow the rhythm  of the breath: inhale as you float in the air and sink to the earth as you exhale. Do the movement  whenever you need new energy and focus. 

• THE STARS Jupiter, the planet that rules health and healers, has entered it's own home, the sign Sagittarius. This week-end Jupiter and the Sun will conjoin under very good alignments to Uranus still in the bold sign of Aries. This week-end, we can begin a new cycle of healing energy that will transform us and benefit all our lives. This alignment is intensified by Mercury or the Mind of Human

The conjunction of Sun to Jupiter will be exact at November 26 at 6:34 Universal Time. This conjunction will biquintile Uranus, the planet of innovation. Uranus also represents Human but as a member of humanity, an individual in the many,  and it is the planet that rules our current era. To find out in what houses the energy will fall in your neighborhood I recommend you go to 

The next stunning alignments will be on November 27 and December 21 2018. Jupiter will conjunct Mercury.

November 27 at 22:28 Universal Time, the delicious trio of life, health and goodness (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter) will be enhanced by the Moon in Leo Biquintile Neptune (inspiration) but also the continuing Biquintile with Uranus with the trio. This energy combines science and spirit. To find out in what houses the energy will fall in your neighborhood I recommend you go to 

December 21 2018 Mercury conjunct Jupiter occurs at 17:38 Universal Time. All that has been created in alignment with this challenge now belongs to the Universal Bank, the new source of energy we, Human, have weaved. Saturn in his domain gives exquisite physical form to the inspiration of Neptune trine Venus, art. To find out in what houses the energy will fall in your neighborhood I recommend you go to 

I hope you will share your creations on my Facebook page How To Master The Stars 
©  Lena Ghio , 2018 

I will share my art as the project evolves during GREAT alignments.

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