Wednesday, December 12, 2018

HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 7

©  LENA GHIO  ,  2018

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A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE  ( page 1 for details)

The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.
Let me explain...

• On page 1, I give out a challenge that I undertook myself to capitalize on the current Jupiter conjunct Mercury, the symbol of a healer, to use art to create new healing powers to heal nature and re-establish a healthy ecology.

• On the linked pages below you will witness the way my original sketches have evolved as I work to integrate in me the benefits of the healing force I released and, by extension, how  the benefits of the healing force overflow to nature at large. 

• On page 6,  I felt I did not quite integrate myself in the regenerating process explored through art by the imagination. I felt stagnant and wanted to take action, be part of something. I just spent several days questioning the point of this challenge, I confronted elements that inhabit my psyche and major resistance. Why is it hard for me to imagine perfect healing for myself when all that is at stake is the imagination?

• I pushed through and focused on the process of animating the above image, finding solutions to compose the story of a great healing force rising up inside of me.

• I hope you will give it a try, the next exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury will occur Friday December 21 2018.

 Look up page 2  to get the gist of the challenge I have invited the world to take that involves the power of art.  I hope you tune in and share your experiences on this Facebook Page.

-LENA GHIO                           

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