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HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 9

Inspiration © LENA GHIO ,  2018

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A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE  ( page 1 for details)

The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.

Phenomene Art IV © LENA GHIO ,  2018
• I have just spent the last 3 days working on the gifs in this article. I focused on the 3 objects to include in the art I would produce: creation of a healing force, that would benefit me, that would regenerate nature. As I fiddled with the sketches I realized I had difficulty expressing even in a humble sketch the benefits that would manifest for me. So I realized the gif on 
 , where I animate the drawing as the figure brings her arms up. I was dissatisfied because there was a disconnect with the Earth if I could not bring down the blessings. So in this article I made the figure go all around and express in no uncertain terms that what I intended was a healing of nature.

• As I worked on the gif I realized it was a continuation of the drawings I had done for Phenomene Art IV.  This led me to create the gif below where I take the figure on a flight across New York landmarks to spread the healing force everywhere.

• I am very happy that surrendering to the artistic process took me farther than I had imagined. I am also delighted by what that says about my state of mind. I took myself out of indecision and forged a solution. Read about  psychosynthesis here to deepen your own self-knowledge through this process.  

• The recent process made me recognize that the figure in Phenomene Art IV that is reactivated here is no longer startled by the abstract concept of prophecy, she has become, she is on the go, getting it done!

• It is significant to note that even when you do the most modest of line drawings you are activating change in your totality. Art is very therapeutic because it teaches us that we have creative power at our disposal, that we can use it to make anything at all. Examples of this exist everywhere. You still have several days to see what you can pull out of yourself.

Regenerating New York © LENA GHIO ,  2018
© LENA GHIO ,  2018
• I hope you will give it a try, the next exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury will occur Friday December 21 2018.

 Look up page 2  to get the gist of the challenge I have invited the world to take that involves the power of art.  I hope you tune in and share your experiences on this Facebook Page.

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