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HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 10 • conclusion

This gif I created for the Mercury conjunct Jupiter Healing Nature Art Challenge features one of my original oil paintings. I felt compelled to heal the battered woman portrayed on the painting I had done decades ago. It illustrates how domestic violence had destroyed both my self-perception and my perception of the world at large. I mishmashed the image research, the drawings of  the healing force I created with art and the painting. I repaired the woman in the painting as nature behind her is reborn. We will not repair nature if we do not repair our link to the Spirit that inhabits our planet with us.  I am very sensitive to ALL innocent victims of unwarranted violence. So I dedicate this gif to EVERYONE that needs a healing. Meditate on your own self healing as your subconscious absorbs the regenerating effect in the art. © LENA GHIO  2018

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A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE  ( page 1 for details)

The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.


I am writing this from Pointe aux Anglais in Oka, Quebec, Canada. It is approaching 9:00 AM EST. The Sun is almost all out. The horizon is pastel with sun rays waking up the forest around the house. I would never have believed the way the year would turn out on January 1 2018. 

My blog was at its highest ratings since I started it averaging hundreds of thousands of page views per month. I was attending top notch events in Montreal where I have spent all my life until this summer. But major changes were in the offing for all of us. My career plans and financial speculations did not pan out so I had to leave everything I knew behind, everything I owned. The time had come to manifest my profoundest lifework: mastering the stars and becoming the Great Work, an alchemical term signifying a person who has mastered her totality. My philosophies now had to become survival strategies.
This Emerge Art manifested on October 27 2017. The face resembles a woman I know. It evokes a woman traveling on a train looking out of the window at the countryside. This past July as I was riding the Oka Express, a tiny bus that can sit 30 people tops, I realized I was the one who would be traveling along endless country roads looking out at World whenever I would go anywhere. Woman on a train © LENA GHIO  2017

I had imagined that in 2018 I would be busy, exercising, drawing, creating, prospering. After all I had invested a lifetime to forge my unique art style, to discover the story I had to tell, to fight for health and well-being, to know the communities where what I had cultivated should flourish. Instead, beginning in April 2018, my life style was destroyed, my health challenged, and in June I moved to the country where I rent a space from my one of my brothers. The month of May was horrific as my landlord in Montreal did major renovations in the bathroom as I was trying to pack everything I could to give away at least 60 boxes of clothes, appliances, books and more. Amidst this pressure, I had a bizarre accident where I should have fallen down the stairs but instead landed like a jump that busted my left knee. I was incapacitated for several days before painfully resuming the rampage of my life.

Finally I was in the country. I had imagined I would be busy, exercising, drawing, painting, creating, prospering. I slept for weeks. The last time I went to Montreal, November 21 2018, before I began this challenge, I fell on the sidewalk, in the brown slush of the city, during a snow fall. I was dirty, wet and cold for hours as I waited for my brother to pick me up at the Montmorency bus depot. That day I felt sadness, loss and discomfort. After sleeping for two days, because now that I am in the country, I sleep a lot, it was time to begin this project to see where it would take me.

The wars in Syria and Yemen that are ongoing. That face in the clouds, appearing before the approaching eclipse, is staring back at me with sadness. This is what we do to the children of God. And the Spirit of the Earth DOES see it all. © LENA GHIO  2018


The image on the left is of the destruction after a super typhoon. It could also stand in for the man made destruction in Syria and Yemen. To complete this project I looked at photos of the worldwide destruction that happened this year. War and climate change produce the same devastation on humanity as it does on nature. 

We are heading towards the end of the world that prophets have been describing for millennia. This morning the global human population is 7.7 billion people. This means that by 2118, any way you slice it, 7.7 billion people and more will have died on our planet. Some will survive while beside them 2 or 3 billion people will die. Sounds horrible but think, it is only nature taking its course.

It seems to me humanity must decide how it will go through this huge process. Will we rise up once and for all to honor the extraordinary gift our planet has given us, to have been born and to have lived in this vast universe? Or will we be assholes?


I spent almost an entire month of December producing the art and articles about the Healing Challenge on my blog. Simultaneously we were dealing with repairs in the basement after a flooding that occurred on November 10th. It was quite a challenge and I confess that I have had cabin fever, overwhelm, discouragement. But I pushed through. Now I will experience the consequences of my alignment with Mercury and Jupiter in expansive Sagittarius. I will keep you updated.

 Look up page 2  to get the gist of the challenge I have invited the world to take that involves the power of art.  I hope you tune in and share your experiences on this Facebook Page.

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