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THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING & the energy shift coming in the USA for 2019

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A- Solar Return 2018
• The Theory of Everything ( TOE ) is our generation's Philosopher's Stone. Physicists have been working to find the most elegant equation that would express everything in the universe. By sheer inadvertence and misadventure I began reading and learning  about it. From my humble perspective TOE is not successful if and until it can account for everyday occurrences. In these last few years I recognize that events going on in the United States allow us to observe just how the macro and micro dimensions work together to manifest our daily experiences.

• The charts in this article outline several Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) that underline some major events in the US from the country's last Solar Return in July 2018 leading to this year's Solar Return in July 2019. The focus is about how the shift in planetary positions will uplift the mood of the country as it faces ongoing challenges. 

B- Transits January  2019
• My equation for TOE is  E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S  and means that the rotating force of celestial mechanics creates gravitational waves that are responsible for the moving back and forth between matter and energy through time and space. Every single experience that can happen, every molecule created or dissolved, even the bizarreness of quantum mechanics   are accounted for by the dynamics underlined by my equation. What follows is a look at the impact of celestial mechanics on the USA.

• Chart A- The 2018 Solar Return of the chart used to represent the destiny of the USA illustrates the turmoil the country experienced this past year: a large Grand Cross with Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Taurus has endangered institutions, sources of income, the arts and the sense of identity of the country. There is a luminous Grand Trine in very strong position with Neptune conjunct Mid heaven and Sun conjunct Ascendant all trine Jupiter. Through this very challenging year, some breakthroughs will move forward the principles on which the nation was built. The year 2018 will have seen an extraordinary rise to power of the cultural diversity of the land. With the government shutdown that began 2019 the erosion of wealth, the criminality that leads to massive investigations over the handling of money, the injustice towards the public servants (Saturn house 6) will have major consequences.
C- Solar Return 2019

• Chart B- Shows the transiting planets on January 20 2019. What is significant is the transit of Mars  in Aries, the US chart's fourth house. The square to Saturn in Capricorn has passed but upcoming is the square to Pluto in Capricorn on the night of February 1st 2019 and the conjunction of Mars and Uranus in Aries that will be exact on the early morning of February 13 2019. This translates to very aggressive and impulsive behavior that will put lives in peril. Saturn enters the 2nd house of the country, the house of earned income, and will stay there for a few years. Then, Pluto in the same house will be conjunct to his original place in 2022. There is a heavy karmic debt to pay but the mood of the land will have changed starting in July 2019.

D- Transits July 2019
• Chart C- The 2019 Solar Return shows the country  still marred by the impact of Saturn and Pluto opposite the US Sun but the mood has lifted even as the president (house 10) still brings hardship on the people (house 4) with constant deceptions, Neptune conjunct Descendent square Mid Heaven.

• Chart D- Uranus has now left the 4th house that represents the affairs of the land and the country, and the sign of Aries. The square between Uranus and  Pluto, the signature for the rise of dictatorships, white supremacist movements and Naziism is over. Uranus has entered the 5th house of the arts and the sign of the bull, Taurus, in March 2019 and is gaining momentum.

• Starting in May 2023, Neptune will be sextile the US Pluto as Pluto completes it's return over its native position. The sextile between these large scale transformative forces will be almost exact in August 2023. Neptune repeats its sextile to US Pluto in the spring of 2024 and in August 2014 it is joined by Uranus in Taurus that will trine both the transiting Pluto and the US Pluto while Neptune in Pisces is snug as a bug in a sextile between the two. The US will produce exquisite literature and architecture during these years that will bring about major philosophical shifts in the nation.

• There is much to look forward to America!

• To get more understanding of the astrological terms go to:


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