Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Film sous-titré en Français
app de traduction à gauche

A father and his daughter try to come to grips with their haunted past in this latest Atom Egoyan film that opens tonight 48th FNC in Montreal.

David Thewlis is fascinating to watch as  Jim a man who inspects restaurants for the city in his later life. He is obsessively fastidious, checking every corner, every crumb, every pot and pan. Veronica, played by Laysla De Oliveira, is planing Jim's funeral with Father Greg played by Luke Wilson when the movie begins.

Like most Egoyan films time moves back and forth from present to past as the psychology of the main characters is drawn out. Don't expect definite answers to some anecdotes about the past that are suggestive of very bad behavior by Victoria. There are intriguing questions that are never addressed like why did Jim become a restaurant inspector when in the past he owned his own restaurant.   


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