Sunday, February 23, 2020



ORDINARY LOVE is the first screenplay by Irish Owen McCafferty. The work is inspired by his own experience as his wife faced with breast cancer. A middle aged couple, Joan, played by Lesley Manville and  Tom, played by Liam Neeson, will face the deadly challenge millions of people go through on our planet everyday: cancer.

If you or someone you love have gone through cancer you will recognize the peculiar state of heightened awareness this menacing deadly illness puts people through. It forces us to get to the heart of what really matters, it makes us cry and sometimes laugh.

The most underrated aspects of our lives are the daily rituals we share with loved ones; eating breakfast, watching TV,  taking a walk. This heartbreaking story reminds us of this time we so take for granted.

This moving feature film takes us to depths of intimacy as breast cancer ravages Joan's body, she and Tom make love as a loving mature couple.

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