Friday, February 14, 2020

THE ASSISTANT by Kitty Green

Julia Garner plays Julia, a young girl hoping to become a movie producer who starts a new job in a big movie production enterprise as an assistant. Although it is described as a thriller it is more precisely an étude de moeurs, a study in mores. Day after day Julia observes the double standard that exists in corporate business and entertainment industry where it is mostly females who are devalued, ridiculed and abused. When she finally gets the gumption to do something about it, she is shot down.

The movie is slow paced as we follow Julia's daily routine through which she begins to put the pieces together about the abuse of young aspiring actresses who are used for the "boss's" sexual pleasure. 

In an interview Kitty Green, who wrote and directed the movie, said her aim was not to point the finger at the "boss" but to expose a complex system of relationships where many become complicit in the sexual abuse in order to protect their interests.


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