Friday, March 20, 2020

ART FIFA en ligne maintenant / ART FIFA online now 18.03 - 29.03.2020 P.2 Echoes of the Invisible

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The fabulous thing about enjoying the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILMS ON ART ONLINE is that you have a chance to see more movies. The founder of the festival,  René Rozon, built the event with the idea that the public could enjoy the movies in a theater, on a large screen with like minded people. IT WAS GREAT! And will be again once the pandemic is under control. The problem was that if you could not be available for a screening, you would miss the film. Some of those great films are impossible to find after the festival. With this model you should be able to see ALL the movies you desire!

Today I investigated ECHOES OF THE INVISIBLE  a quest by experts from many disciplines to find SILENCE in the Earth's most extreme environment. The movie is directed and edited by Steve Elkins, who is also its cinematographer.

What is touching about this movie is the particular dedication of people who are looking into stories that would never have been told otherwise. 

Paul Salopek is a journalist who experienced war zones as part of his work. He is a man who loves to walk the Earth. We partake in some portions of his travel through a 21,000-mile odyssey that he entitles "Out Of Eden Walk". You may not know this, but law enforcement around the world have this expression "suspicious walking" that makes them haul people off to jail for simply walking! Through his contribution to the film we encounter extraordinary/ordinary people that our societies often ignore. I loved this aspect.

Rachel Sussman travelled the world to photograph the oldest living beings on our planet like the Great Basin bristlecone pine pictured here that is almost 5,000 years old. It broke my heart that some of the unique species she photographed and one of the oldest trees on Earth were destroyed either by human stupidity or urban progress.  

Al Arnold is a runner who devoted his life to pushing the human body beyond its known limits. By following his decade long quest we travel to Death Valley where he attempts to run in the hottest temperatures on the planet.  

Anil Ananthaswamy, author of The Edge of Physics, takes us inside the  latest scientific achievements of mankind. We go inside the Hadron Collider at CERN. IT IS HUGE! 

The movie celebrates taking life with slow patience to be enraptured by the wonders all around us. Find out more about the production here.

This movie is simply rapturous with gorgeous cinematography that will take your breath away. I hope one day I can see it in IMAX.

There are many more movies you can enjoy during your isolation and for a very modest price as the ART FIFA online will be active until March 29. I will update you soon with new movies I will see. Join the conversation HERE.

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