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The image on the left is an enhanced Emerge Art that evokes Donald Trump. On the right, one of the many photos found on the internet. The photo on the left was taken October 30 2016. The reason I include Emerge Art in these articles about the Theory of Everything is that it is a microcosm on how particles interact with gravitational fields. There is an unexplained physics at work in the water but at this time I can only show the effects of this physics. Science is not there yet. 
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Donald Trump is the perfect human being to illustrate how the Alignment Geometry of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) moves gravity and affects human life. In mundane terms, his life illustrates how Astrology works brilliantly. Basically astrologers studied meaning while astronomers studied the physical attributes of the solar system and the stars. Both discipline rely on mathematics to map out the trajectories of objects in the universe. Meaning plays a big part in science but scientists are stuck on the concept of  measurement.
Donald Trump's solar return for 2019 produced by the best astrological site in my view.
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On the left you see the Solar Return chart of M. Trump for the year 2019. It is a focused and dramatic design containing powerful aspects: the opposition from the Midheaven and Nadir, the kite ant the T square. I will only consider the elements that relate to the presidency to keep the analysis on point. 

The Capricorn 10th house contains a heavy karmic load. The Solar Return will manifest after the first hit of Saturn in Capricorn square his natal Jupiter in Libra ( 26 February 2019 ). This transit brings legal, financial and business losses. It means lack of support from those in authority and problems with the law. There is another exact hit on July 6 2019 with a final blow on November 25 2019. This suggests the color the Saturn position in the Capricorn 10th house will take, one of a serious downfall. This is augmented by the presence of Pluto which enhances the karmic load. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the 10th house is opposed by Mercury conjunct North Node conjunct Mars in the 4th house. This is a sign of great turmoil, verbal and physical violence. For Trump the human being, this is devastating as the aspects cause ill health. I believe he has been fairly healthy all his life but this is devastating. There is Neptune and Chiron in 12th house suggesting M. Trump will be better off away from public affairs and in retirement. He will not be fit for office as his emotional and physical state will be very erratic. The kite aspect is dominant with a Grand Trine softening the opposition. Traditionally it protects the person undergoing the opposition that forms the kite. In this case, all the helpful planets forming the Grand Trine are afflicted: the Moon in house 7, the public mood, opposes Uranus in house 1 indicating the erratic explosive behavior of M. Trump. Neptune is in house 12, the house of self-undoing, Neptune is very powerful in his own sign and ruling his own house. It is activated by a powerful T square aspect from Jupiter also in his own sign and house, the house of the law; and the Sun in Gemini house 3, the house ruled by Gemini, forms the 3rd point of pressure. M. Trump will believe himself above the law even as he is obviously in seclusion wether in hospital, house arrest or jail. From what we know of him, I suspect he will tweet like a madman while in reclusion. His Grand Trine will protect him so he will have many privileges afforded to him others don't get.

 USA solar return for 2019 produced by the best astrological site in my view.
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His case is fascinating because his life is very complex yet it can be reduced to a few powerful AGCM that can account for everything that happens to him as an individual and the country he rules at the time I write these observations.

On the right, the Solar Return chart of the USA. The opposition that brought a heavy karma to the president is still very strong. The land and productivity are in serious jeopardy but the American Spirit is ignited by the trine of the Moon in Leo to Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct the nadir. Sagittarius is the USA's Ascendent. Saturn in 4th house slows down the recovery; "alternate truth" plagues advancement; the cruelty unleashed in many Americans will lead to verbal and physical confrontations. It will take a long time for the country to recover but it will.

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