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“Imagination is more important than knowledge” quoted Albert Einstein. It was through my work as an artist that I stumbled on a path that would lead me to the most exciting discovery about how gravity operates on the evolution of life on Earth as it flows through the solar system. Scientists have already established the important role of gravity on life forms, that is not new. What is new is the evidence that it is propelled to living organisms on Earth, affecting their development , via the Alignment Geometries  of Celestial Mechanics (AGCM).

Meet Normand

In my yet to be published science paper « How the chemistry of life is entangled with Celestial Mechanics », I formulate the hypothesis that “ gravity propelled forward by AGCM overrides DNA, and may have created DNA on our planet.”  Normand, the young gravitropic mutant lemon tree featured in this article, is the most striking evidence to support my hypothesis and also to help us understand why it is so difficult to seize scientific evidence of the implication of AGCM in the process of evolution.

The method I used to “create” Normand is a precise calculation of the distribution of mass within the solar system and how this mass was geometrically aligned with the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the moment I would plant the seed that became Normand. I predicted that somehow the human form would be expressed in the one to thirty lemon seeds I planted at the precise moment the approaching New Moon would form  similar angles to the distribution of planetary mass in our solar system as the ones that produced the photo of the water particles in the clouds (fig 1) forming human features in front of another approaching New Moon with similar AGCM. Astrophysicists have recognized that gravity has a tendency to repeat motifs in space.  Celestial mechanics is the repeating patterns occurring in our solar system that involves every body within it. It was a probability that this motif could be transferred to the plants if my hypothesis was sound. I recognized that an alignment similar to the ones that  had produced human features in the water particles of the clouds in front of the Sun at the approaching New Moon was approaching. In three different experiments in which clouds with anthropomorphic  features occurred, the gravitational field was intensified by the approaching New Moon. The link between my impending experiment with lemon seeds and the anthropomorphic cloud formations was the intensified gravitational field produced by the alignment of the Sun Moon and Earth and the probability human features would manifest in the one to thirty lemon plants.*

At the appointed time, I planted 30 lemon seeds. After a month of incubation, and within an interval of two weeks, five seeds had sprouted. Each demonstrated unique physical features, yet Normand stood out. His leaf and stem looked like a tiny human hand breaking out of the soil (fig 2). Eventually one of the sprouts died of brown root disease. As the four that were left grew, Normand demonstrated another unique feature, a feature I had never seen displayed in the vegetal reign, a thick white  midvein stood out in the predominant leaf of the unusual five leaf formation that again evoked the human hand. (fig 3)

For many months, all the lemon sprouts grew along normally expected lemon sprouts parameters while each maintaining their uniqueness until October 2012, a few days after the one year anniversary of their seeding/birth day. Again it was Normand who behaved out of sort. Around October first, as I watered the plants, I noticed that his new leaf had bent over backward, that the midvein of the leaf was thick and white and the blade was contorted. I found it odd but I did not make much of it. On the day of the next watering, October 7 2012,  I was astonished to observe Normand had worked very hard all week to sculpt human features in his newest leaf, ( fig 4 ) manifesting human features as I had predicted!

I marveled at the intelligence of his structure. He did an excellent figurative representation of a human face that surpasses the works of many contemporary visual artists. He showed concern for the inclusion of eyes! He appears to understand the use of negative space to round off the contour of his face. He had surpassed all my expectations! The remarkable event is not just the fact his leaf produced human features, many people have observed plants, fruits and leaves assume unusual features, it is that he worked very hard to forge it in his leaf, bending it, intending it, like a true artist. The human features subsided within a few days as Normand's leaf uncurled, yet the traces of his effort still scar the midvein of that leaf.

This suggests to me that living beings have the ability to not only detect and use the Earth's gravity to evolve and survive, but that they have the ability to detect and use the gravity fields generated by the entire mass within the solar system and perhaps beyond.

What happened to Normand is that when I planted his seed, in a moment where the gravitational field was intensified by the approaching New Moon, it was loaded with instructions from that field that included the possibility to form human features as established with my experiments with cloud formations. The gravitational loading at that precise moment of time and point of space provided just enough of a shift in the Earth's G Force to alter Normand's chemical biological processes. He adjusted to the “gravity vectors, lines of force” provided by the AGCM to develop an adaptive mechanism to cope with the shift of GF of his seeding moment, the moment the spark of life activated his biological processes. As he continues to adjust to his original gravitational loading, we observe how he moves his fluids and structures to adapt to his creative intention in an exciting and innovative way outside the boundaries of his DNA programming. It is striking that he uses his leaf as his tool because the leaf is the part of the plant that absorbs the light from the Sun and transforms that light into food. In other words the leaf is the creative organ of plants.

The experiment with the lemon seeds shows several things. It does show that gravity propelled by AGCM affects life forms, that it initiates a cascade of events leading to an altered physiological response and structure. It also shows how rare the evolutionary phenomena can be witnessed. In this study, it was one in thirty plants that created a human face. And the odds of that manifesting at all are incalculable! It is easy to imagine that in nature similar occurrences, that a living entity experiences a shift in DNA produced by gravitational loading propelled forward by AGCM, pile up unnoticed or do not lead to widespread evolutionary shifts in a species, and yet it is clear that nature reacts to the entire solar system via gravity and that the slightest shift causes an adaptive reaction in living matter.

Normand is the phenomena of evolution captured and expressed with genius.


*The calculations and alignments are in my science paper « How the chemistry of life is entangled with Celestial Mechanics »


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