Monday, December 1, 2014

PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3, preface The Warrior's Recapitulation p.3

© 2011 Lena Ghio

As I write this recapitulation, I have three days left of a long Saturn cycle that took me from being an ordinary person to becoming a warrior on an abstract mission. As I resumed in page 1, the circumstances of my childhood led me to an unusual way of looking at the world. After the unique geometrical alignment of celestial mechanics that changed the lines in the palm of my right hand into a large pentagram, I began to study astrology and astronomy. This opened the way to studying astrophysics. Meanwhile in the months following my personal transformation my family was enduring tragedy upon tragedy. As a child, after violent episodes where my body and identity were mercilessly degraded, I would spend the hours I could get away in solitude in this exact state I drew June 5th 2011.

What is intriguing as I review my past through the art I produced is how my logo evolved in stages I was unconscious of and how past trauma lingered in my unconscious. I hate it when I regress to this state where I feel so powerless that I assume the fetal position to be able to withstand the unbearable pain that then radiates through my whole body. But I have to accept that these gifts from my parents have been active for my entire life. These are not imprints I can intellectually dissipate. Loosing my brother Joe was one of the greatest suffering in my life. He knew me, he remembered and understood what I went through as a child, he had been violently assaulted as a child, over and over as I had, but not from the same person.

On the above drawing the < eye in the triangle > is beside the two stars that manifested in my right palm. This design, the < eye in the triangle > had just recently manifested as a feature in the palm of my left hand. I noticed it for the first time after my brother Joe died on November 15 2010. I was devastated by this loss.                                

To be continued...


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