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I am a transdisciplinary artist. This means my work is creation and research that can be applied to other disciplines. On October 30 2016 I took a sequence of photographs of a bowl of water in an installation to see what would emerge in terms of communicative imagery. I call this practice Emerge Art. Others may call this scrying. At that time I was very much caught up by the American elections. When I saw these images, I knew water was telling me Donald Trump would be president. Today I analyzed the sequence again and found the most astonishing vignette that you can see in the gif above. I had not seen it then. This is an example of how Nostradamus received the content of his famous quatrains. Photos © Lena Ghio, 2018
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The Theory of Everything is about the unified field, about how planets and stars [ gravity, theory of general relativity, G ] work with molecules and energy [ quantum theory ] and time [ special relativity, T ]. While scientists are focused on verifying this theory with mathematics and hypothesis, I use my equation, E = MC 2 / G + RF = T + S, to verify phenomena that create our lives. Because Donald Trump is a public figure, because he appeared in the water, because we have insight into one aspect of the upcoming Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics, AGCM, that will affect him this year, we can look into how a unified field that will affect many lives Earth. For this purpose, think of Donald Trump as a superstring, a singularity.


Donald Trump will face a though year. Saturn will pass through his fifth house limiting his opportunities for fun and games. Saturn is in his own sign Capricorn. It rules over law enforcement. It is square Trump's birth Neptune. This means law enforcement will uncover any damaging actions, contacts, documents that they need to investigate any form of cover-up or betrayal. By extension it leads to the betrayal of and by people Trump depends on very seriously. Because of the fifth house component, there may be a break up of his marriage. When he divorced Ivana Trump in March 1992 Saturn had just completed this transit. It was revealed that he had been having a long secret love affair with his future second wife Marla Maples. His secret life was revealed then and it will be revealed again. The planets are very precise in the way they build up events. There will be 3 exact Saturn square his birth Neptune and each time the Moon is approaching a conjunction to Saturn. This is very bad. The first hit will be February 11th 2018. It will be closely followed by Saturn opposite Mercury. This is not good for morale and, again, because of the fifth house influence, could affect his youngest son represented by Mercury which is always a youth. This weight will roll back and forth over him for the entire year.

His sensitivity to frustration is well known. He will be tired and being the president will age him rapidly. Because Saturn has a karmic function the previously mentioned planetary influences suggest he will have serious problems with the law and may face either imprisonment or hospitalization which is more likely due to his age.

So how is this study the Theory of Everything? The article is from my perspective so it begins in the Emerge Art that produced images that evoked the presidency of Donald Trump. Although Emerge art is not happening in a quantum field that is very small, it is behaving like a phenomenon associated with quantum physics: spontaneous creation. In the heavens, the planets and stars have given him his destiny: to stand on the world stage to be the most powerful man on Earth. This is verified in his birth chart that you can see here. This year, the heavens will put on the pressure more than ever. The last time Saturn transited Capricorn was from 1989 to 1991 through Donald Trump's fifth house. This house also rules gambling. Shortly after the transit ended he filed for bankruptcy for his Casinos. 

I photographed the pages from the books: The Transiting Planets by Frances Sakoian & Louis Acker and Heaven Knows What by Grant Lewi: for transparency. I want you to see the unbiased source of my judgement.  Astrologers use these definitions when working on a birth chart. Above, some of the influences that will define Donald Trump in 2018. Some aspects will not surprise you at all as we have all observed the actions they inspire and that he took. The quotes are for his Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury square Neptune, transiting Saturn square Neptune and Saturn opposite Mercury. The Saturn transits will be over shortly after the next midterm elections in November 2018.


The vignette has been enhanced as much as possible & slightly
colored to help you see inside. The big lamp is in my living room
Photo © Lena Ghio, 2018Add caption
Evangelical Americans claim the intervention of God in getting Trump elected president. This image gives force to their claim in a sense. But sadly Trump has dangerous flaws that could make us question why God would do such a thing to us?

In this study, we are looking at a scientific understanding of the forces our ancestors looked upon as God. Life is bigger than mathematics so it may be difficult for pragmatic people to grasp that the views brought together in this article all relate to physics. I don't aim to give you answers that transcend me. I aim to bring you new questions to ponder. How does our free will exist in this universe when we observe decisions being taken by forces we don't even know yet?

Pay attention to certain words in the horoscope text above: your peculiar brand of tact. His supporters get this about him while the rest of us are stunned they would support such a blunderer!


Since 2010 Uranus in Aries, the same sign it occupied during the Nazi rise to power in the 1930s, is in the 4th house of land in a square aspect to Pluto, again Uranus square Pluto is a signature of the Nazi rise to power and WW 2, who is in the US 2nd house of money. In the US chart, Pluto is in the 2nd house in Capricorn so it is now squared by Uranus in Aries. The Trump presidency is colored by fascist and racist forces. These will reach a peak in 2019 and will cause financial losses just like the rise of Naziism did for Germany. The reason why is karma. Even if white supremacist think they should rule the world, it doesn't belong to them. They are like the rest of all earthly creatures, transient and temporary. Trump will suffer the karma of this choice.

On the positive side, women will make huge strides that will impact the female condition around the world. Would they have mobilized their forces so well without the obnoxious president to anger them into action?

The rebirth of America will materialize in a few years. The country's creative energies will bring innovations and art that we cannot even begin to imagine.

The select portion that is a reminder of Donald Trump is in the upper right corner of the bowl. After letting the formation sink in to my perception: Trump wearing a peculiar hat, surrounded by tiny objects very close to his chin: I realized that it is him watching "his" military parade. Photos © Lena Ghio, 2018
Working with water is very subtle. I saw the sequence above only today, February 15 2018. For me it represents Donald Trump although I have no explanations as to why he would manifest in water in the context of my practice. I am not there yet. The sequence of 4 photos was taken within a time frame of five minutes. I enhance the content of the image using the rules and calibrations of Forensic Photoshop so I always maintain originals that can be looked at by researchers. The more contrasted images have been filtered with Poster Edges and then lightly colored. Notice how water uses certain features to describe a person. Certainly Donald Trump has remarkable hair. But more, water somehow transmits how he expresses his inner self through some facial expressions I can recognize as his own.

God Bless America
Our neighbors to the South


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