Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Creation Story of our Times

This is a sequence of images I took on June 14 2014. They were taken at an interval of 10 seconds between each take. The sequence numbers are IMG_9351-52-53-54 where IMG_9354 forms the last 3 images of the completed face of a woman with eyes filled with tears. The sequence belongs to the series of photographs I took where water was surrounded with books containing reproductions from art history's most famous Jesus portraits. I had put a note beside the bowl of water with the question: Who is Jesus of Nazareth?  What is extraordinary about this sequence is how you can see water building up the face beginning with the beautiful lips. The first 4 images from the left have been screened once, made lighter, the one with the total image, the fifth, is the one I chose as an Emerge Art, and the last image on the right has been colored for those who could not read the face otherwise. If you click on the image you can see it bigger. © Lena Ghio 2015

Every civilization has its creation story from which it derives value and meaning. Although our era is witnessing the erosion of cherished myths with a rise towards pragmatism, a new story is silently emerging from the current scientific discoveries and the discoveries of my artistic practice that is so hard to define. This last topic will be addressed in the future so we can look undisturbed at the evidence gathered so far by both disciplines.

It is vital to note that no belief system is being referred to here. The choice of the images used to demonstrate water's intelligence and communicative skills are based on the art history of the western world of the last two millennium that put a lot of emphasis on Christianity.

There is an intelligence at work in the universe and man has endeavored to connect with it since he became aware of it.

In February, an article was published in the French magazine SCIENCE & VIE detailing how scientists have proved the creative power of water. In the article, scientist JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BARET reminds us that the true classical discoveries of science are those arrived upon by accident, which is how he and his team: SYLVAIN LADAME, KAMEL MEGUELLATI, ALI FALLAH-ARAGHI, and CARLOS MARQUES: came upon the observation that water the size of a tiny drop or smaller held an incredible creative force. From what they have observed so far, they even proposed the hypothesis that life could have emerged on earth through the power held in the tiniest droplet of water. They also hypothesize, through their repeated observations, that the smaller the droplet the more intense its potency. The scientists conjectured that life could have begun in the sky where water is often in the form of tiny droplets.

The principle experiment speaks of the extra-dimensionality of water by observing that two molecules, aldehyde and amino acids, when put inside a three dimensional droplet stick to the inner wall of the droplet at a two-dimensional level from where they will fuse into a new compound. This is relevant to my hypothesis that Emerge Art is evidence of extra-dimensions. I outline this in an article I published on this blog on June 5th 2014 where I reference the same type of research as the Science & Vie article going on in the US: Emerge Art and the Theory of Extra-Dimension.

It is also intriguing that the scientists imagine life originating in the sky since our ancestors who believed in God placed Him in heaven.
The same sequence as above but screened twice so you can see even better the work of water as it is building up to the final face. © Lena Ghio 2015

There is an intelligence at work in the universe, what Einstein called the mind of God. Where scientists are studying the power inside a droplet of water, I am doing artistic studies on the action of water inside a bowl. The bowl is filled with a huge amount of droplets. In this quantity, water has the power to respond with visual symbols to what is going on around it in a way that is understandable to us. This extraordinary capacity of water to construct coherent forms also contributes to its role in the creation of life on earth and its diversity.

But that is not the whole story. Life cannot evolve anywhere without a relationship with Gravity. Gravity created water through its action starting at the Big Bang. Celestial mechanics influences the shape of living beings: The Phenomena of Evolution Captured, Amaryllis Sculpted by Gravitational Modulations: and Gravity clumps molecules together. So it appears logical that the first living cells would have formed within drops of water compelled by the action of Gravity as it acted on the drop of water.

Like the scientists, I have arrived at Emerge Art by accident. My work is ignored by all sides: scientific, artistic and metaphysical: at the moment because it makes many people hysterically blind; it shocks the worldview of those who are admitted skeptics and atheists; it drives scientists crazy even though they operate on the same basic "chance event" of observing water behaving in a way that was not expected; and finally not one major religion knows how to speak with nature the way Emerge Art has revealed her Spirit to me. This means our latest Creation Story, the one of our Times, will maintain securely the human propensity for arguing about who is right and who should win the coveted Leading-Worldview-Championship title. After all, humans commit genocide over worldviews!

The scientists will patent their water discoveries and monopolize our natural resource, our life source, for corporate gains, the one current international value that proclaims silently that we are allowed, or they ( the government ) are allowed, to do anything for money. As for the art/religion of our Creation Story, it is, for the time being, swallowed up by "concerns for the environment" that are totally oblivious to the Spirit that inhabits our planet. So we will have to wait to get a picture of this side of our developing tale. Perhaps this is why the beautiful woman in the water has eyes full of tears.

On the left is the Emerge Art, on the right the colored version for those who cannot make out the face.
© Lena Ghio 2015


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