The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
As the past is removed, a new beginning emerges.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Open letter to Elon Musk

«The anthropic principle (from Greek anthropos, meaning "human") is the philosophical consideration that observations of the Universe must be compatible with the conscious and sapient life that observes it.» This phenomena I photographed on December 5 2010 at the approaching New Moon [ THE MOONS OF SATURN, GRAVITY AND THE EVOLUTION OF LIFE ] demonstrates that nature is programmed to create anthropomorphic forms in the clouds and in living molecules. It is the opposite of the preceding anthropic principle because the phenomena occurs without human interference. However to recognize it you must be human. A delicious paradox.                                        Photo + GIF © Lena Ghio 2017
Mr. Musk,

I am reading many speculative articles about sending humans to travel or live on Mars. This concerns me because so much of the science community's understanding of how gravity interacts with life is WRONG!!!! Even, and especially, NASA. I am a transdisciplinary artist that combines hypothesis in theoretical physics [ The experiments I did calculated a moment of time ( T ), the time of celestial mechanics, and a point of space ( S ) to verify if gravitational modulations affected phenomena that could be documented. ] to then photograph the effect on matter. I use the equation I propose as the Theory of Everything :  E = MC squared / RF + G = T + S, that is also the equation for the Theory of Extra-Dimensions, to structure my experiments. What I have documented suggests that sending humans on Mars at this time would result in their sudden or very quick death. The reason is that there is no scientific understanding of the intricacies of how gravity interacts with matter in relation to life. The experiments I did show empirical evidence for what I am discussing but this evidence is far to tiny at this point to catapult a living being on another planet without knowing more.


1)  We have NO IDEA of the operations of the AGCM that propel gravity to the surface of Mars. We do not understand the implications of the different G force of Mars, the different velocity of its rotations and orbits, and the impact of the fact that it does not possess the same ratio of solid surface VS water mass as Earth does, which is the same ratio as animal and human life, that is 70% water / 30% solid matter. We do not understand the effect the greater distance from the Sun would have on living tissues from the Earth. We know that people on Earth who do not get the right amount of Sun get ill. Would the change in distance = insufficient or no absorption of Vitamin D, for example? How would our DNA be impacted? Our bones? Our children?

2) Our Moon plays an extraordinary role in the cycles of life on Earth. How would Mars's Moons affect human life? Look again at the image on top of the behavior of the clouds at an approaching New Moon. This phenomena cannot occur on Mars because even if it does have water, it does not have enough, its moons do not possess enough mass. At first glance we could form the opinion that Mars, therefore, does not create life, as we understand life AND that on that world, life like ours would collapse.

3 years after forming his original human shape, the lemon tree I call Normand produced this exquisite form with one of his leaves, that I documented and that represents the ages of man.                                           Photo © Lena Ghio, 2016 


The subject here is astrobiology: the branch of biology concerned with the study of life on earth and in space. To answer if we can find another planet that sustains life, OR adapt to life on another planet, I am looking at what we can tell about how life began, then evolved, here on Earth in the simplest language possible. So far, what I have found in various study on the subject is that scientists are searching for a planet with a similar "primordial soup" as that of our young Earth where the first living cells emerged. There are two things missing from current experiments to replicate the origins of life on earth: 1) the biochemistry of the young earth is no longer available even if verifiable through technology. The repeated cycles of life have depleted certain elements that were available in the beginning and hat may have been crucial to the emergence of life. 2) The AGCM of that time, that commanded the molecules to become alive, also do not exist anymore.

Today we are depleting the Earth's mass at an alarming rate because men are ruled by greed and money. Money is like a magical talisman that makes people believe they are invulnerable no matter how aberrant their behavior. When it concerns space travel the consequences are enormous and the considerations for the safety and health of our planet, 0! 

It is possible that some billionaires who wish to live on Mars imagine they can "buy" a quantity of water to export to our neighboring planet as easily as they fill a vehicle when they travel. That is a "flat world" view, not an extra-dimensional view that is needed for safe space travel.

a) They have not considered how that, taking away an X quantity of water from our planet, would impact the actions of gravity on the life forms left on Earth.
b) They have NO IDEA how water would perform on Mars or any other planet. The only thing they know is that it would probably freeze.
c) The quantity of all other resources needed for the journey and the maintenance of life would cost a monetary fortune and it would cost incalculable consequences on the quality of life here.

An example of Emerge Art study process when I look at a series of photographs to find what I call a BOMB! Here to express the extra-dimensionality of water I chose one where 3 caped characters appear. Photo © Lena Ghio, 2017

Finally, perhaps the most significant issue of all is the unstudied creative quality of water. I have demonstrated many times on my blog how water creates unexplainable images that transcend whatever is going on around it. Scientists have cavalierly dismissed my research because I study the images it makes instead of just it's chemical composition and dynamics. The cost of their prejudice is that they are wasting huge time and huge fortunes trying to prove extra-dimensions when it is already self-evident. Water is essential to life and for all we know the only reason we evolved is because of the exact ratio of mass and water of our planet. Is this ratio an important factor to consider as we ponder sending humans to planets that do not possess this ratio?

Water is the living heart of our planet and some people seem determined to destroy this extraordinary wonder that is our home!

We do not have to leave the Earth to save mankind. We must remember who we are in regards to our planet, we are it's wards. Men have sought to treat it like a slave that should obey them when it is we, during our ephemeral life, that must take time to feel the great awe that is our gift of life AND allow our best work to operate for the sustenance of the life force of OUR living sentient planet.

IF you answer the above questions, you may yet find your way to Mars. But you do not need to encourage humanity to seek salvation this way, because it is not, not until you figure out how to manage the big big force of gravity. Look at this paradox.

Thank You for reading this letter,
It is written with the best of intention
From one visionary to another,

Best Regards,


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