The Force at work / La Force en action

The Force at work / La Force en action
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Saturday, May 19, 2018


Dans cet excellent suspense qui évolue au coeur d'entreprises multinationales aux enjeux politiques internationaux la réalisatrice Tonie Marshall, la seule lauréate du César en 42 ans pour son film Vénus Beauté (institut), met à nue les complexités que doivent affronter les femmes en affaires mais n'oublie pas le fait que le terrain est traitre pour les deux sexes dans ce monde de pouvoir d'argent et de prestige.

Emmanuelle Devos interprète Emmanuelle Blachey une ingénieure qui a une carrière solide dans l'industrie éolienne. Elle se fait approcher par un groupe de féministes prêtes à la seconder pour qu'elle devienne la première PDG féminine.

Parmi les autres comédiens on reconnaît la québécoise Suzanne Clément dans le rôle de Véra Jacob une militante féministe; Richard Berry interprète le plus sérieux et malin compétiteur d'Emmanuelle, Jean Beaumel et Sami Frey, toujours aussi beau, interprète le rôle d'Henri Blachey, le père d'Emmanuelle.

Le jeu des comédiens est inégal mais l'histoire nous tient engagée jusqu'au bout!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

NOUVELLES / NEWS 15.05.2018

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Montreal is buzzing with the most exciting events. Coming very soon, the IX Symposium @ SAT. This year it is easier than ever for you to target classes of your choice or get a one day pass if need be. This is the best opportunity to listen to and exchange with the world's brightest technological innovators in the world.

Half day passes available!
If you want to attend a particular workshop, it is now possible to purchase half-day passes for the iX Symposium that will give you access to this workshop plus a conference or a panel!
Click here.

Promo code for 1-day passes
Until Wednesday only, the code PROMO19iX gives you a 10% discount on 1-day passes! LIMITED PLACES - Remember that a 1-day pass gives you access to: * 1 opening keynote * 2 workshops * 1 panel * The iX Path - 30 AR / VR Experiences * 3 shows in the dome! Choose your theme day, come learn, create and be transported by our immersive experiences! Get your pass.

Very soon after the IX Symposium, it is the return of EFFECTS MTL 2018. One of the most fascinating, exciting and fun VFX and Animation Industries gathering in the world! I am telling you Montreal is where to do it. This year Effects Mtl will present these Premium sessions:

David Hurtubise, Epic Games"Animation Technics in Unreal Engine : Bringing your characters to life with realtime pupettering"
Epic Games’ technical account manager David Hurtubise will demonstrate live animation techniques developed for 3D productions such as Fortnite, Next Gen Digital Human Performance by Andy Serkis, Siren and Montreal’s own ICI Laflaque to bring characters to life with realtime virtual pupetteering.

Carlos Monzon, Framestore"Paddington 2"
Slip on your duffle coat and help yourself to a generous spread of marmalade: Framestore is excited to present the work produced in our Montréal studio for Paddington 2.

Aaron Gilman, DNEG "Heavy Metal: Developing a Jaeger Fight Sequence"
Aaron Gilman will dissect and analyse a Jaeger vs Jaeger fight sequence.

Expo Sessions
Pierre-Luc Labbée, rhum - humans and resources"All the recruiter's secrets - Starting a career in VFX and Animation"
It is sometimes hard to understand how to navigate through recruitment processes. Where to start? How to apply? How to prepare?

Adeline Grange and Hyrum Osmond, ON Animation Studios "Hyrum Osmond: His Character Art in the Animation Industry"
The most memorable stories come from the most memorable characters. What about the story of the artists behind the character?

Chris Wetherly, Foundry and Jonathan Bowen, DNEG"Foundry and DNEG present: Skill up with Nuke"
Looking to improve your Nuke skills and get tips from the some of the industry’s best compositors?

And much much more. 
The Expo sessions are open to all effectsMTL18 passes holder 
Passes starting at $15CAN for the two-days event 

Job fair: Meet recruiters from key companies in the Industry!  Hand out your resume and do on-site interviews at the effectsMTL - Espresso-Jobs18 job fair! Visit the effectsMTL18 job fair section on the Espresso-Jobs website.

Shalom Montreal • Stories and Contributions of the Jewish Community @ McCORD Museum
Our Museums are overflowing with magnificence this summer! From Picasso to the Queens of Egypt and more! I will be writing out my reviews in the coming weeks but WOW! One of the best exhibition summers ever!

 Tovah Feldshuh in Golda's Balcony coming this May 22 2018  to Segal Centre / Photo © Aaron Epstein 
I will review the intense one woman show Golda's Balcony presented at the Segal Centre next week after the premiere. It features the multitalented Tovah Feldshuh that you will recognize from her many roles on Broadway, television and cinema.

We love our summers here in Montreal! Come and join us and you will know why!


Sunday, May 6, 2018


Nostradamus seeing me  © Lena Ghio, 2016
FRANÇAIS App de traduction à gauche

In May 2018 I realize I can no longer sustain the way I presented myself and my work. This is a portion of my website that will be, was, closed in July 2018.

EMERGE ART is a documentary of an unexplained phenomena, that of water who under certain conditions creates complex and eloquent images. It is indeed a manifestation that is inconceivable by the standards of our intellectual conventions at the moment. If the images are slightly polished, they are nonetheless authentic. Using Forensic Photoshop, the contents of the bowl of water come alive with riveting visual dialogue. The pictures become conflicting for the intellect that refuses to accept that water can express cognition.  They captivate the eyes by the magnetic power of water that still appears fluid and mobile even though arrested by photography. One of the greatest mysteries of ancient people concerned the transcendental role of water in human life. Despite contemporary science’s denial of all things enigmatic, art, and in particular Emerge Art, do not have to comply with its diktat.

EMERGE ART also become OMIs once they are transferred on a support.  The photographs of water as it intends images are a result of Time + Space and the pyramids are made to capture the forces of Time Space and Gravity and redistribute them to bring about various intents programmed into
each individual OMI

Strange Dreams OMIs © Lena Ghio, 2008>2013

The Object of Mystical Importance is the result of the philosophical path I took as an artist. I was moved by the writings of Carlos Castaneda at a young age. What impressed me the most was the value he put on the world, the Earth, as opposed to putting the sole value of human life on being obsessed by what people do, the roles societies assign to individuals that limit them, and in the end dissociate them completely from the Source of life itself. Although many discredit the author's truthfulness, there was an exciting wisdom in some of his quotes that I will always love dearly. For example the point he made that being consumed with obsession over what  people do leads quickly to disenchantment and exhaustion.

I wanted to connect with the living world; I wanted to stand in the full force of what it means to be a human being in a wonderful world, in a wonderful time. Eventually, my studies expanded to include a passion for science, the martial arts, and astrology, to name a few.

The pyramidal OMIs are "objects of power" that, hypothetically, radiate a constant and precise interaction with the solar system according to the precise moment they were constructed.
To grasp the physics that underlies these objects see the following article: The Moons of Saturn, Gravity and the Evolution of Life. The Emerge Art  demonstrates the action of the pyramidal OMIs on surrounding particles. The bowl of water is in the center of pyramidal OMIs in progress whose intent is "healthy connection to Spirit". Furthermore, the meaning of the Alignment Geometry of Celestial Mechanics of the solar system in relation to my home at the time the image was photographed was "Spirit Manifest"

On the silent side of my practice, the Emerge Art OMIs capture the mystical side of reality and congeals it in a digital image that I then transfer onto a support. On the scientific side, there is much research to be done as Emerge Art seems to manifest qualities observed by scientists at the quantum level such as spontaneous creation. My art is now equal to my desire to know the fullness of the World I love, on the preriphery of what people do and the sweet mysterious planet we inhabit.

© Lena Ghio

New knowledge is forever shaping world markets. The art market is no different. When you observe art history, it becomes obvious that some of the most wondrous works of art were ignored by the intelligentsia of their time. Those with keen intuition nonetheless preserved these wonders for humanity. While scientists are struggling with the theory of extra-dimensions, artists and architects have already employed it in the creation of all manners of work.

This article is an invitation to journey into the inconceivable via a work that is daring, a work that possesses an unusual background story and a work that will grow in meaning because of its uncanny prescience. This work is not presented in a gallery, instead it is presented superimposed on a popular media: the Internet. This recalls MARSHALL McLUHAN’s famous quote: «The medium is the message», a saying that will strike you at the end of this voyage when what you believed to be a personal story becomes your story. Contrary to most popular art forms that use technology, or the electromagnetic force, this work is built on extra-dimensions to operate with the mysterious force of gravity in a way so far ahead of its time, it will redefine your understanding of this force without whom we would not exist.
Currently physics hopes to prove extra-dimensions by finding an exotic geometrical form that will fold in such a way that expresses the concept. Scientists expect the extra-dimensions to look like rows of symmetrical objects all neatly disposed in some yet unseen time and space. The extra-dimensions found through this work are much more subtle and engaging, part of the fabric of life, messy, emotional, filled with stories, unexplained phenomena, prophecy and myth.

From the Emerge Art Nostradamus seeing me the details that blew my mind! I developped this image after I did the version of Phenomene Art IV that you can see while following the links attached here. For all my life I lived with an intuition that Nostradamus had seen me, but NEVER did I expect that one day I would see him seeing me! © Lena Ghio

As you engage on the path before you, the content of PHENOMENE ART IV : The Fourth Dimension, Phase 3 The Warrior’s Recapitulation will distract your attention from the structural changes happening in your mind with a series of paintings made in the style of ex-voto retablos. The story being told is outrageous yet it collapses into surreal authentic life events that are documented. As you grasp at a deep intuitive level the extra-dimension potentialities of the art, you will, strangely enough, recognize elements of your life and perceive that the power expressed in the work is the very force that human beings possess at their fingertips. The work is based on the scientific exploration of time, space and matter. You can navigate to links where you will see the scientific thoughts of our times in a new perspective.

The creator of this work has surrendered to the most astonishing lifestyle of any artist at any time before or since, she lived to “master the stars”. Her practice led to an understanding of gravity that could only be obtained by a long observation of how it operates with us to create our reality. As a result of her practice, she proved the Theory of Extra Dimensions by following the stars and using her art to verify the information she then intuited. The incredible connections emerging between science, religion, myths, and prophecy illustrate how we humans work through extra-dimensions to create our rich complex engrossing lives.

Z © Lena Ghio, 2018
We are extra-dimensional beings. The artist predicts that we are no longer Homo sapiens but Homo Mag Astrum, humans who can master the Unified Field, who can see the face of God without the need for religion because they now understand His mind. Our ever-evolving technologies will allow humanity to arrive at a new view of nature that will be undeniable just as we can agree on some basic facts of the world like the need for water and air for survival, like the comprehension that the Earth is a tiny ball floating in an infinite universe and so much more.

Despite its wide-ranging topics, the art presentation is built on scientific inquiry not belief. Belief needs no evidence but here, the art is the evidence.

For the savvy art collector who is passionate about art that is rich in meaning, that has a legendary provenance as well as a mystical resonance, the paintings of this unusual art form will be a precious collection favorite that will grow in value as scientists are slowly coming to terms with the science this artist discovered and proved.

As the story flows from link to link you will recognize that the supernatural is put into fresh perspective. The invisible becomes visible. Because it is so unique, the art world has yet set a place for this art form on their shelves. But you don’t need to wait for it to catch up.

Enjoy the mind-bending adventure!

© Lena Ghio, 2018

Emerge Art ORIGINS

After I studied science at McGill University so I could learn how to explain what I was observing from a pragmatic perspective I wrote several articles with links that support the scientific language used in them to bring together two apparently diverging subjects: science and mysticism.

As you follow my footsteps, a new world view will become apparent. One you already know intuitively. That view will be confirmed by the growing evidence produced and gathered by all of us. We have the power now to document what we observe with our available technologies.

























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How will Emerge Art create a better world?

GRIM REAPER Emerge Art and Death • Happy Halloween!

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Emerge Art the first steps • Les premiers pas


EMERGE ART AND THE 2016 US ELECTIONS - reading the language of water



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Science VS Religion a NEW Argument

Enter the Dragon / The Science & Spirit of Emerge Art

Emerge Art & Healing America & Healing the world

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Recapitulating Carlos Castaneda page 2


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Friday, May 4, 2018

Recapitulating Carlos Castaneda page 2

«Who is the Nagual Juan Matus » © Lena Ghio 2015-2018 /  « He put his hands on his hips and swelled his chest and asked me whether or not I liked his appearance. It was only then that I noticed he was wearing a suit. » Tales of Power page 106 Carlos Castaneda 1974
page 1

Although I was raised within the judeo-christian system of values and approach to the spirit world I found the approach most compatible with my mood and verifiable in the writings of Carlos Castaneda. His writings are not about a perfect man or a system that a community must adhere to or else. In fact, he may have been a yarn teller! However, every reader of his books could get his own challenge according to how the writing came to him. For me, it is inconsequential that he was an ordinary lecherous man. His words catapulted me into a way of thinking and being that I value above all.

Today, May 4, 2018, I am in the first stages of dissolving the life I have been living for decades. This involves getting rid of all my superfluous possessions. For the past 5 years I explored Emerge Art. I was amazed by the experience I had as water created magical images to respond to me and the fact I possessed the technology to record it. I was so bedazzled I was sure I had found an art practice with which I could sustain my life financially. I was so wrong! During those 5 years, I met resistance at every turn and ridicule and now I face the loss of everything I own. The first weeks of April when my options began shrinking and I received the latest rejection email from a project aimed to present cultural diversity in art, I felt a great pain in my heart chakra and fear. Who would I be now? Where would I go?

At the same time, I observed that the stem of a rose I had cut and put into a glass of water had created new roots. What a striking metaphor for moments like those described above that we must all face eventually.

In early March I had an extraordinary experience of the luminous energy field that surrounds my body. I have kept the water in which the above image of the Nagual appeared and use it in the same way flower essences are used. I add a few drops in an once of water alcohol mixture and consume that mixture a few drops at a time. I realized the above photo on September 18, 2015. I have ingested that fluid, a few drops at a time, since then. But I had never had any particular insight until this March. After a dinner with friends, where we shared a glass of wine and laughter, I was walking back to the Metro with my friend when I was jolted into an alternate view of reality. I became aware of the phenomena that is illustrated in the Emerge Art above, in the water I had been consuming for 3 years now.

The air was cool and crisp and I was breathing slowly and deeply when I saw myself as an empty luminous cocoon in a jolt. My physical presence was non-existent, although the real environment remained the same. I saw luminous tentacles stretching out of the edge of the luminous cocoon but I had no eyes proper to "see" that because I had no body. I became aware of the infinite nature of the Nagual. I understood what happened when people saw different versions of Don Juan Matus when in his presence. I became aware that a lineage of Nagual was a simple energetic fact I was now privy to. Our individual bodies disappear, but our energetic identity is a long endless river.

We are at a time when our diverse cultures are smashed together in wild confrontations whether it be because of immigration, technology or exigent circumstances that force people to flee their native lands. In the current art world, the concern is to politically defend this diversity at the cost of the forces that bind us, which are now judged to be silly, and the values all humans share. My art practice is about what we share and need as humans even before we have a culture. It is about the mysterious underlying forces that sustain us that I document using the scientific method.

to be continued...


Rose © Lena Ghio, 2018Add caption

Thursday, May 3, 2018

NOUVELLES / NEWS 03.05.2018

La Virée Des Ateliers 03.05 > 06.06.2018 
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La Virée Des Ateliers 03.05 > 06.06.2018 

Sous le signe de l’ouverture et de l’échange! 
Du 3 au 6 mai prochain à la Grover et au Chat des artistes 

Les artistes, artisans, designers de mode vous ouvrent leurs portes  
pendant 4 jours seulement, profitez-en! 

Que vous soyez amateur de photo, de céramique, 
d’art visuel, de mode ou de luminaires en bois, soyez assurés que vous trouverez de 
petites merveilles à la 11ème Virée des ateliers!  Du 3 au 6 mai prochain, près d’une 
centaine de créateurs de la Grover et du Chat des artistes de la rue Parthenais, en plein 
cœur des Faubourgs, ouvrent leurs portes pour 4 jours seulement! 

Depuis onze ans déjà et ce, avec autant d’enthousiasme qu’à ses débuts, l’équipe 
multidisciplinaire de la Virée des ateliers est ravie de vous présenter en primeur ses plus 
récentes créations afin que vous puissiez bénéficier avant tout le monde, non seulement 
de la nouveauté mais aussi des meilleurs prix. Faites-vous plaisir, partez à la chasse aux 
trésors et laissez-vous charmer par tous ces artistes et artisans : sculpteur-jouettier, 
designer de plumes d’art, photographe-récupératrice. La créativité n’a pas de bornes! 

CAVALIA ODYSSEO de retour à Montréal
Odysseo / Credits : Jak Wonderly Bande Annonce / Trailer


Du  haut  de  ses  38  mètres,  le  Grand  Chapiteau  Blanc  d’Odysséo  laisse  une  signature  caractéristique dans le paysage urbain des villes qui l’accueillent. Dès leur arrivée, les spectateurs  sont accueillis dans une atmosphère intime et somptueuse, digne d’une salle permanente.   

Un des spectacles les plus enchanteurs que vous verrez dans votre vie, de retour à Montréal à compter du 25 juillet. Événement incontournable de l’été, Odysséo dressera son Grand Chapiteau Blanc –  le plus grand chapiteau du monde -  à l’entrée du pont Jacques-Cartier, sur la rue Sainte-Catherine Est à l’angle de l’avenue De Lorimier. C’est la première fois que Cavalia s’installe au centre-ville de Montréal, sur un site exceptionnel qui vibrera au rythme de l’effervescence estivale et facilitera grandement l’accès du public dû à la proximité du pont et des transports en commun. « Je suis très heureuse de savoir que le retour d’Odysséo se passe à Montréal, dans un quartier en revitalisation avec un énorme  potentiel. Cavalia est un bel exemple de rayonnement international de notre industrie culturelle montréalaise », a déclaré la mairesse de Montréal, Valérie Plante.

Billets en vente dès maintenant!


Sunday, April 29, 2018


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J'ai passé ma vie à Montréal et plus le temps avance, plus la tragédie des sans-abri prend de l'ampleur. À certains endroits au centre-ville de Montréal on ne peut pas marcher sans se faire solliciter par au moins trois personnes dans le besoin. Même en banlieue, on retrouve les gens démunis près des stations de Métro, dans les centres d'achats, devant les super marchés. Face à ces gens, je vis toutes les émotions partant de la peine, à l'incompréhension jusqu'à l'impuissance et plus encore.

Le 12 avril 2018 je me suis rendue au Restaurant Robin des Bois pour une conférence de presse sur la disparité de financement entre les centres d'accueil pour femmes et  pour hommes. Je ne réalisais pas toute la politique qui sous-tend les actions pour venir en aide aux SDF.

Annie Roy / Pierre Allard
photo : Manuel Baumann
 ATSA -Quand l'art passe à l'Action
présente un événement ce 16 mai 2018
Ce jour-là, ce sont les représentantes des ressources d'hébergement,  Florence Portes du Pavillon Patricia Mackenzie, et Marcèle Lamarche de Le Chaînon qui nous ont dévoilés jusqu'à quel point leur financement était minime en comparaison aux autres centres avec des missions similaires. Dans le gif plus bas, on voit les installations qui illustrent cette disparité.

Ces deux centres accueillent plus de 600 femmes sans-abri par année. De souligner Madame Portes: « Sur les 10 millions de dollars annoncés en juin dernier par le gouvernement du Québec pour soutenir les services aux personnes sans-abri, Le Chaînon et le Pavillon Patricia Mackenzie ne recevront rien ou presque chacune alors que le manque de financement publique et équitable affecte directement les services offerts à ces femmes en besoin. »

Les deux organismes se questionnent sur le pourquoi que des organismes faisant à Montréal un travail similaire au leur auprès de la même clientèle féminine peuvent recevoir jusqu'à 100$ par lit alors qu'ils n'obtiennent en moyenne que 9$ par lit. La formule de financement présente créé une situation de concurrence entre organismes où ce sont les femmes en difficultés qui en souffrent le plus.

Puisque mon article paraît quelques semaines après la conférence, j'ai contacté Madame Melissa Bellerose de Mission Old Brewery qui est la relationniste de la conférence pour obtenir les dernières nouvelles sur ce dossier: « De façon globale, je peux vous confirmer que nous sommes très touchées par la réponse du grand public. L’annonce des iniquités en matière de financement provincial pour les deux plus importantes ressources pour femmes en situation d’itinérance au Québec semble avoir choquée beaucoup de gens. Le travail de sensibilisation ne fait que commencer. »

Marcèle Lamarche, gauche, et Florence Portes, droite, lors de la conférence du 12 avril.
Photos © Lena Ghio, 2018
La situation de concurrence est aussi bien élucidée dans cet article d'Olivier Kaestlé: qui va plus loin en rendant compte de la complexité à répondre aux besoins des différents types de gens ayant un besoin urgent d'hébergement.

Vous vous devez de découvrir le Restaurant Robin des Bois sur Saint-Laurent qui donne une large partie de ses profits pour aider la communauté. Ce 12 avril dernier, j'ai goûté les plus délicieux muffins de ma vie cuisiner par Matthieu, en haut à droite. À sa gauche, Émily ajoute que ses quiches sont encore plus succulentes!
Photo © Lena Ghio, 2018 

Monday, April 23, 2018

DÉFI SPORTIF ALTERGO! 23.04 > 29.04.2018

Photos © Lena Ghio, 2016
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Le mini-marathon 2016
J'ai commencé cette semaine en me rendant au coup d'envoi de la 35e édition du Défi sportif AlterGo qui se déroulera jusqu'à ce dimanche au Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard. J'ai été tellement émue par tous ces enfants dédier au sport, les parents prêts à tout pour accompagner ces jeunes et les bénévoles extraordinaires! Vous pouvez assister aux compétitions, essayez des sports adaptés, rencontrez des athlètes paralympiques, participez à des ateliers dans l'aire d'animation au Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard et suivre les compétitions par la webdiffusion!

«Pour son 35e anniversaire, le Défi sportif AlterGo a eu la chance d'accueillir plusieurs élus et personnalités qui sont venus encourager et partager des moments forts avec des athlètes prêts à donner le meilleur d'eux-mêmes tout en faisant rayonner le sport adapté »,  a souligné Monique Lefebvre, directrice générale d'AlterGo et fondatrice du Défi sportif AlterGo. Parmi les personnalités de marque l'athlète par excellence l'honorable Chantal Petitclerc. Les activités sont gratuites mais l'expérience très enrichissante. 


Power-ball soccer 2017