Wednesday, November 28, 2018

HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 3

During the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius last week-end  I did several uninspiring sketches as I aimed to bring the 3 themes of the challenge (see below) onto one page.  I picked the drawing above to share for this challenge  and applied technology to enhance the meaning of the art and symbolism. In our universal unconscious hands mean healing. It is a universal truth that we need our fellow humans to " lend a hand " in times of sickness. The hands open and let their blessings fall through an opening to Earth. The effect is that all the water of the Earth are now vibrating a powerful resonance of health and youth.  My signature logo, bottom right, acquired after years of mastering the stars,  represents Spirit ( eye inside triangle ), Human ( pentagram ), Heaven and Earth ( hexagram ).  Listen to this track while contemplating. You will feel Force as an object.
Fountain © Lena Ghio, 2018
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A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE  ( page 1 for details)

The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.
Let me explain...

The challenge is to 1) draw a new source of powerful healing energy during auspicious planetary alignments, 2) draw how this force benefits you and 3) draw, by extension,  how the Earth is healed by your creation.
Above is the drawing I chose to share with you. I completed it this afternoon after I played photoshop with the original pencil drawing. Many of us would be shy to begin an ambitious project with only a few pencil lines on a piece of paper but I have encountered dozens of world renowned architects and more than one seed masterpieces with their original awkward strokes. Our creative lines will allow us to regenerate our Earth, what now appears a monumental task will manifest through our combined intent.

Look up page 2  to get the gist of the challenge I have invited the world to take that involves the power of art.  I hope you tune in and share your experiences on this Facebook Page.

“For me the world is weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable; my interest has been to convince you that you must assume responsibility for being here, in this marvelous world, in this marvelous desert, in this marvelous time. I want to convince you that you must learn to make every act count, since you are going to be here for only a short while, in fact, too short for witnessing all the marvels of it.” 
― Carlos CastanedaJourney to Ixtlan

Page 2

-LENA GHIO                    

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 2

Z © Lena Ghio, 2018 
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A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE  ( page 1 for details)

The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.
Let me explain...


June 12 1993, Lena Ghio holding Stanley Cup at F1
Grand Prix du Canada
• I really got into the study of astrology when I fell in love with a striking young man who did his best to connect with me and yet our relationship failed to manifest. I was so enraptured with him that I wrote in my journals the dates, times and circumstances of every moment our paths crossed. In the early 90's, when he moved on with his life and I was dismayed by my own actions and reactions that led to me treating him unfairly and subsequently to my own heartbreak, I knew I should recapitulate what had happened.

• During my time off, using the latest astrological application, I proceeded to verify how astrology had impacted the lives of many historical figures and events. This made me examine what role the Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) had  played in my unfortunate romance. As I prepared the charts from the beginning of our attraction to one another it was clear that the Moon, Venus and Jupiter formed very harmonious aspects that built up from the conjunction then the sextile then the trine: love blossoming! The tear down began with relentless Moon square or opposite Pluto aspects that literally snuffed out the fire of love from the previous sequence with cold icy energies: all empathy died. Often, when the Moon forms hard aspects to either Saturn or Pluto the weather outside is either extremely cold or hot and the sky will be grey. Once my love interest was gone, the best I could do with the loss is to ween all the knowledge I could from the experience.

Phenomene Art is an ongoing experiment built on a 
structure of astrological alignments. Most of my life
I did drawings of a Spirit form, luminous and bald. I
considered that to be my personal representation of 
the Aion of Aquarius. The first Phenomene Art was a
comic book (1) plus performance about how the 
planets supported the manifestation of the Eon, the 
Avatar of a new astrological age. The fourth Phenomene Art 
reviewed certain prophecies of Nostradamus in context 
with what is understood by the Aion ( same meaning as Eon ) 
and how AGCM work to make reality (2). The photograph of
the face manifesting in front of the Sun is an extraordinary 
result of the power of AGCM. I had calculated the precise 
illustrate how a Master of the Stars, Homo Mag Astrum
would be like. All images © Lena Ghio, 2018
• In 1993 I put forth a hypothesis that if we intend a specific outcome during a supportive sequence of AGCM that gravity would flow along this path to manifest the intended outcome. The details of this first public exercise is outlined in the internationally read series  The Angels and The Canadians. If you're thinking " Yeah but it could all be a coincidence. " I will reply that the Spirit of my focused intent came through so strongly that It lead to this remarkable photograph. We were at the F1 Grand Prix du Canada with the entire team when someone asked me and a workmate to hold up the cup for this shot.

• In 1994 I entered art school. All my life I had wanted to earn my livelihood as an established artist but there were too many obstacles to overcome. Even after I had earned my certificates, I was already too old by the standards of contemporary art to participate in competitions and programs that are available for emerging artists to make a name for themselves. I did not have a CV rich with exhibitions and realizations so gallery representation was not on my event horizon. To advance as an artist, I would have to invent a new platform that would take my work to the public. So in 1997 I created Phenomene Art. I would use the same hypothesis as when I prayed for the Canadians. What I see now is how everything keeps coming together in terms of planetary alignment, meaning and manifestation.

• For the image of Z, I knew exactly when to step out onto my balcony to photograph the clouds forming a human face! If I didn't have that intuition, just think about the odds I would get the shots I got!

Normand's faces © Lena Ghio , 2018
• I applied the same hypothesis to verify how AGCM affect the evolution of life by making experiments with plants.

• Finally, I simply looked at Donald Trump's horoscope to observe that he is a perfect example of how a few large celestial bodies can impact the complexity of a man's life through their motion. Rise above any bias you may have towards the man, good or bad, and instead pay attention to how the underlying forces interact with his life at the moments outlined in the articles, how his behavior is impacted by the AGCM, how people respond to him. It is astonishingly precise!

• What the stars & gravity say about the Trump presidency in 2019 and previous articles:

When you decide to experiment with the challenge proposed here, you will be exploring a source of creative energy that you can tap into simply by understanding the time of celestial mechanics.

-LENA GHIO                      

Friday, November 23, 2018

HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 1


In the spring of 2014 I did all kinds of experiences to verify how water responds to questions and to its environment. From these experiments I produce Emerge Art, the art created by the image making language of water. I chose Emerge Art  as  a header because it illustrates the heart of this challenge: there are new energies being created every day,  you can use art to tap hidden energies that will then be focused on improving your personal life and the well-being of nature. The brief sequence above manifested when I asked water to tell me who Marilyn Monroe was. Here I circled an image that appeared in a sequence that looks like a comic strip character of a very elegant blond woman who appears to be carrying a work satchel. Those familiar with Monroe's biography will remember she did her utmost to refine her craft and wanted more than anything to be taken seriously in her profession but she was not. Marilyn series 2014 © Lena Ghio, 2018 
FRANÇAIS app de traduction à gauche


The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.
Let me explain...

• Our ancestors were very preoccupied with maintaining a good relationship with the hidden forces of nature. The universal symbol of this sacred task is the pentagram . This symbol represents their mindset perfectly. The meaning of the pentagram is one branch each for water, fire, air, earth and one for the Spirit that keeps them balanced. It is also the symbol of Human.

This simple movement will energize you before you get busy
on your art. Stand straight. Inhale slowly as your arms gently
flow up, your legs and feet push you gently upward. 
Take a moment to feel yourself floating on CHI.
Exhale as your arms flow down gently,  your knees bend as 
they sink into the ground, your feet send roots into the earth to 
bring up energy from the center of the earth.
Repeat  © Lena Ghio, 2018
• MY lifework demonstrates that there is a creative force at our disposal that responds to its environment. Note the Emerge Art gif above. The Montreal Museum of Fine ArtsNew Art and Health Advisory Committee for the MMFA ) has presented the result of an ongoing research about the healing force of art when it comes to aging populations. This knowledge plus the powerful energy being released by the cosmos this week-end to make fresh starts in our lives, has inspired this series.

• ART prepare the materials you wish to work with. Choose your own medium. I will begin with a small drawing pad, pencils and probably pens. 

Below I will give you some powerful aspects to Jupiter that will constitute the time of celestial mechanics when we will do art.

• SUBJECT use your art to represent all three following elements:

- a new source of healing power  
- how this source brings you benefits
- how, by extension, it heals the world around you.
These may be done in one piece or stretched into several pieces. 

• EXERCISE the gif  shows the most gentle exercise you can do to energize your entire being. Follow the rhythm  of the breath: inhale as you float in the air and sink to the earth as you exhale. Do the movement  whenever you need new energy and focus. 

• THE STARS Jupiter, the planet that rules health and healers, has entered it's own home, the sign Sagittarius. This week-end Jupiter and the Sun will conjoin under very good alignments to Uranus still in the bold sign of Aries. This week-end, we can begin a new cycle of healing energy that will transform us and benefit all our lives. This alignment is intensified by Mercury or the Mind of Human

The conjunction of Sun to Jupiter will be exact at November 26 at 6:34 Universal Time. This conjunction will biquintile Uranus, the planet of innovation. Uranus also represents Human but as a member of humanity, an individual in the many,  and it is the planet that rules our current era. To find out in what houses the energy will fall in your neighborhood I recommend you go to 

The next stunning alignments will be on November 27 and December 21 2018. Jupiter will conjunct Mercury.

November 27 at 22:28 Universal Time, the delicious trio of life, health and goodness (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter) will be enhanced by the Moon in Leo Biquintile Neptune (inspiration) but also the continuing Biquintile with Uranus with the trio. This energy combines science and spirit. To find out in what houses the energy will fall in your neighborhood I recommend you go to 

December 21 2018 Mercury conjunct Jupiter occurs at 17:38 Universal Time. All that has been created in alignment with this challenge now belongs to the Universal Bank, the new source of energy we, Human, have weaved. Saturn in his domain gives exquisite physical form to the inspiration of Neptune trine Venus, art. To find out in what houses the energy will fall in your neighborhood I recommend you go to 

I hope you will share your creations on my Facebook page How To Master The Stars 
©  Lena Ghio , 2018 

I will share my art as the project evolves during GREAT alignments.

Friday, November 16, 2018


Hélène et Jacques De Bellefeuille devant Bi-sériel violet-ocre
(G.M.-T-1969-08), 1969
Acrylique sur toile
111⅜" x 90"
Photo © Lena Ghio, 2018
ENGLISH translation app on the left

 M. Maurice Forget

La semaine dernière la Galerie de Bellefeuille III  en collaboration avec La Fondation Guido Molinari a présenté la dernière exposition des oeuvres de Guido Molinari à être mise sur le marché pour le bénéfice de la Fondation.

La présentation des oeuvres est exquise et le choix des oeuvres est magnifique! C'est une opportunité rare pour les collectionneurs car il n'y aura pas d'occasions d'achat de si tôt.

Je connaissais bien M. Maurice Forget qui nous a quittés au printemps. J'ai appris son passage lors du vernissage. Pour son implication remarquable dans le milieu artistique, une bourse honorifique est offerte en son nom par la Fondation Guido Molinari, où il a oeuvré avec amour et fierté pendant plusieurs années.


Photo © Lena Ghio, 2018
La pièce légendaire BROUE écrite en 1979 renaît avec une nouvelle distribution à ravir. La pièce a été écrite par Claude Meunier, Jean-Pierre Plante, Francine Ruel, Louis Saia, Michel Côté, Marcel Gauthier et Marc Messier. La nouvelle distribution sera Martin Drainville, Benoit Brière et Luc Guérin!

Il y aura 3 séries de représentations en commençant en juin prochain:

Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne - du 6 juin au 17 août 2019
Salle Albert Rousseau - 20 et 21 septembre 2019
Salle Odyssée 18 et 19 octobre 2019


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

MAC dernières expositions avant reconstruction > 20.01.2019

Marc Lanctôt et Françoise Sullivan guident la visite de presse. Photo © Lena Ghio, 2018 
ENGLISH translation app on the left

Nous sommes finalement arrivé à ce moment fatidique que nous attendions tous: la dernière exposition avant les travaux majeurs qui auront lieu pour revamper notre Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal. Détails ici. Comme vous pourrez constater dans les archives de mon blogue j'adore notre Musée. Je ne peux pas apprécier mieux cette dernière exposition qui présente une rétrospective de l'artiste québécoise Françoise Sullivan, l'installation Julian Rosefeldt : Manifesto ainsi que l'oeuvre Toi que jamais je ne termine de Sophie Jodoin présentée dans l'atrium du Musée.

Portrait de Madeleine Marois, 1943, Françoise Sullivan 
John Zeppetelli, Directeur général et conservateur en chef du MAC, souligne:

« Puisque le Musée est sur le point de vivre une transformation majeure et comme le présent cycle d'expositions est le dernier dans son édifice actuel, permettez-moi d'extraire quelques mots de notre passé d'il y a soixante-dix ans pour annoncer audacieusement l'avenir:


Dans ce contexte, le choix de faire une rétrospective sur l'oeuvre de Françoise Sullivan a une résonance significative! Cette artiste pratique son art depuis plus de 70 ans! Plus est qu'elle est parmi les Automatistes qui ont réalisé le manifeste Refus global et la seule artiste femme à le faire d'ailleurs sous la réserve de Paul-Émile Borduas. Cette artiste travaille encore et vous verrez sa recherche créative au travers plusieurs médiums.

Activités Spéciales
L'oeuvre magistrale de Julian Rosefeldt, Manifesto est présentée dans un ordre unique à l'exposition Montréalaise, un ordre que l'artiste compose avant chaque présentation dans un nouvel espace. La comédienne Cate Blanchett incarne une multitude de personnages alors qu'elle récite des manifestes historiques ayant marqué l'évolution de l'art actuel. Leslie Johnstone en assure le commissariat. Ce qui nous emmène à Partitions. "Cette exposition présente des originaux de la plupart des grands manifestes historiques cités dans l'installation filmique de Julian Rosefeldt, du Manifeste du futurisme de Filippo Tommasso Marinetti (1909) au déclamatoire I Am for an Art... de Claes Oldenburg (1961). La proximité de ces documents avec l'oeuvre de Rosefeldt fait ressortir l'importance de la matérialité du manifeste en tant que média, et sa nature essentiellement performative..."

Finalement, Toi que jamais je ne termine de Sophie Jodoin, vient boucler le tout. Cette nouvelle acquisition du Musée est une oeuvre féministe et manifestaire qui nous apparaît en étroite connivence ainsi qu'en parfaite position de dialogue avec les expositions Françoise Sullivan et Manifesto. Marie-Eve Beaupré est la conservatrice de la collection.

Les commissaires sont déjà en train de mijoter les expositions à venir qui auront lieu hors les murs. Je n'ai pas voulu en savoir plus pour l'instant, je veux être surprise.

Julian Rosefeldt : Manifesto détail

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

MIGS18 12 & 13 November 2018


Le MIGS, c’est l’événement de l’année où toute l’industrie du jeu vidéo se retrouve et c’est dans 6 jours ! Il est encore temps de vous inscrire pour découvrir les dernières nouveautés sur l’espace d’exposition, pour participer aux conférences ou encore assister à une classe de maître. Le programme est en ligne ici et il est très prometteur ! Si vous êtes curieux de savoir qui est déjà inscrit vous pouvez cliquer ici.
Aujourd'hui, nous vous présentons l'ensemble de la programmation de la track Design.
Vous pouvez retrouver ici toutes les autres conférences du MIGS18: Affaires & MarketingArtsAudioPlaidoyer & IndustrieProduction & Management et Programme & Technologie

MIGS18 Classes de Maître Design

Mercredi 14 Novembre - au Westin de Montreal


Méthodologies efficaces pour le design UX

09h00 - 17h00 
Matthew Tomkinson- Ubisoft

Le bon game design est invisible : designer pour la psyché humaine

09h00 - 17h00 
Jennifer Scheurle - Opaque Space

Macro Design et Histoire

09h00 - 17h00 
Brian Allgeier - Insomniac Games

Game design procédural et construction de niveaux avec Houdini

09h00 - 17h00 
Robert Magee - SideFX
Retrouvez toutes les Classes de Maîtres ici.

Lundi 12 Novembre


The Session : l'unité atomique du succès en free-to-play

11h00 - 12h00 > Salle 510D
Nicholas Lovell - Electric Square
Flinthook : créer de la variété en créant plus de 400 pièces à la main
13h15 - 14h15 > Salle 510D
Marion Esquian - Tribute Games
Avoir plus decontrôle : le prochain jeu de Remedy
Salle 510D
Thomas Puha - Remedy Entertainment
Conception de simulation subjective : la congruence ludonarrative dans The Shrouded Isle
15h45 - 16h45 > Salle 510D
Jongwoo Kim - Kitfox Games
Armored Warfare : leçons sur le processus de conception UX / UI
17h00 - 18h00 > Salle 510
Kylan Coats - Freelance
Le game design avec des opérations de jeu en direct - Presenté par PlayFab
15h45 - 16h45 > Expo session - Salle 1 

Mark Val - PlayFab

Mardi 13 Novembre

Les aventures de l'écriture de jeux vidéo
10h00 - 11h00 > Salle 510D

Panel: Lisa Hunter - Compulsion Games
Comment l'apprentissage automatique peut vous aider à améliorer votre conception de jeu
11h15 - 12h15 > Salle 510D
Tiago Tex Pine - Bethesda Game Studios
Aidez-moi!: Concevoir pour la sensibilisation et la collaboration des équipes
13h15 - 14h15 > Salle 510D
Tutorialisation : cachez vos règles de gameplay devant tout le monde
14h30 - 15h30 > Salle 510D
Matthew Compher - Tarsier Studios
Au-delà des écrans : amener les jeux dans le monde réel
15h45 - 16h45 > Salle 510D
Aleissia Laidacker - Magic Leap
Les tickets peuvent être achetés directement en ligne sur la billetterie du MIGS18 ou contactez notre équipe de vente pour réserver vos tickets en groupe :
Annex Pro aimerait inviter les professionnels de l'industrie du jeu vidéo à un lunch et une séance d'apprentissage gratuits, mettant en vedette Double Stallion Games, qui partageront leur expérience et comment ils ont réinventé le développement de jeux 2D en temps réel à l'aide du logiciel d'animation Toon Boom Harmony et du moteur de jeu Unity. De plus : les concepteurs sonores verront une brève démonstration de Dolby Atmos pour les jeux vidéo. RSVP ici !
Merci à nos partenaires et commanditaires :
English version:
The MIGS is the event of the year where the entire video game industry is found and it's in 6 days! There is still time to register to discover the latest news on the exhibition space, to attend conferences or attend a master class. The program is online and it is very promising! If you are curious about who is already registered you can click here.
Today, we present you all the programming of the track Design.
You can find here all the MIGS18 conferences: Advocacy & IndustryAudioBusiness & MarketingProduction & ManagementProgramming & Technology and Arts.

MIGS18 Design Master Classes