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HOW TO MASTER THE STARS • Healing Nature Challenge - page 2

Z © Lena Ghio, 2018 
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A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE  ( page 1 for details)

The challenge is to use art with the time of celestial mechanics to channel the healing force of the universe into the heart of Earth.
Let me explain...


June 12 1993, Lena Ghio holding Stanley Cup at F1
Grand Prix du Canada
• I really got into the study of astrology when I fell in love with a striking young man who did his best to connect with me and yet our relationship failed to manifest. I was so enraptured with him that I wrote in my journals the dates, times and circumstances of every moment our paths crossed. In the early 90's, when he moved on with his life and I was dismayed by my own actions and reactions that led to me treating him unfairly and subsequently to my own heartbreak, I knew I should recapitulate what had happened.

• During my time off, using the latest astrological application, I proceeded to verify how astrology had impacted the lives of many historical figures and events. This made me examine what role the Alignment Geometries of Celestial Mechanics ( AGCM ) had  played in my unfortunate romance. As I prepared the charts from the beginning of our attraction to one another it was clear that the Moon, Venus and Jupiter formed very harmonious aspects that built up from the conjunction then the sextile then the trine: love blossoming! The tear down began with relentless Moon square or opposite Pluto aspects that literally snuffed out the fire of love from the previous sequence with cold icy energies: all empathy died. Often, when the Moon forms hard aspects to either Saturn or Pluto the weather outside is either extremely cold or hot and the sky will be grey. Once my love interest was gone, the best I could do with the loss is to ween all the knowledge I could from the experience.

Phenomene Art is an ongoing experiment built on a 
structure of astrological alignments. Most of my life
I did drawings of a Spirit form, luminous and bald. I
considered that to be my personal representation of 
the Aion of Aquarius. The first Phenomene Art was a
comic book (1) plus performance about how the 
planets supported the manifestation of the Eon, the 
Avatar of a new astrological age. The fourth Phenomene Art 
reviewed certain prophecies of Nostradamus in context 
with what is understood by the Aion ( same meaning as Eon ) 
and how AGCM work to make reality (2). The photograph of
the face manifesting in front of the Sun is an extraordinary 
result of the power of AGCM. I had calculated the precise 
illustrate how a Master of the Stars, Homo Mag Astrum
would be like. All images © Lena Ghio, 2018
• In 1993 I put forth a hypothesis that if we intend a specific outcome during a supportive sequence of AGCM that gravity would flow along this path to manifest the intended outcome. The details of this first public exercise is outlined in the internationally read series  The Angels and The Canadians. If you're thinking " Yeah but it could all be a coincidence. " I will reply that the Spirit of my focused intent came through so strongly that It lead to this remarkable photograph. We were at the F1 Grand Prix du Canada with the entire team when someone asked me and a workmate to hold up the cup for this shot.

• In 1994 I entered art school. All my life I had wanted to earn my livelihood as an established artist but there were too many obstacles to overcome. Even after I had earned my certificates, I was already too old by the standards of contemporary art to participate in competitions and programs that are available for emerging artists to make a name for themselves. I did not have a CV rich with exhibitions and realizations so gallery representation was not on my event horizon. To advance as an artist, I would have to invent a new platform that would take my work to the public. So in 1997 I created Phenomene Art. I would use the same hypothesis as when I prayed for the Canadians. What I see now is how everything keeps coming together in terms of planetary alignment, meaning and manifestation.

• For the image of Z, I knew exactly when to step out onto my balcony to photograph the clouds forming a human face! If I didn't have that intuition, just think about the odds I would get the shots I got!

Normand's faces © Lena Ghio , 2018
• I applied the same hypothesis to verify how AGCM affect the evolution of life by making experiments with plants.

• Finally, I simply looked at Donald Trump's horoscope to observe that he is a perfect example of how a few large celestial bodies can impact the complexity of a man's life through their motion. Rise above any bias you may have towards the man, good or bad, and instead pay attention to how the underlying forces interact with his life at the moments outlined in the articles, how his behavior is impacted by the AGCM, how people respond to him. It is astonishingly precise!

• What the stars & gravity say about the Trump presidency in 2019 and previous articles:  http://thelenaghioparadox.blogspot.com/2018/08/the-theory-of-everything-life-donald.html

When you decide to experiment with the challenge proposed here, you will be exploring a source of creative energy that you can tap into simply by understanding the time of celestial mechanics.

-LENA GHIO                              


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