Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer is getting hot in Montreal!

I have been meditating on my last two posts and decided to conduct a study that will be detailled later although maybe not on the blog. On the first day of my study this striking image on the right emerged. It is a bit blurry but it reminds me of another Aztec God, the Jaguar.

I have also visited some cultural events in the city. I met with the visual artist Martin Beauregard pictured on the left with a fraction of one of his works exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts this summer. The concept behind his exhibit is to compare ideas we had of us being the new world from the last century vis-a-vis the ruins evident in older European countries. He illustrates our ruins as a car graveyard, an old drive-in movie lot, an older cowboy reflecting on what he sees. DRIVE END is a free show you can drop in to contemplate as you cool off this summer. It will last until September 19 2010.

I attended the announcement of the latest nominees for the Gémeaux, the French version of the Gemini. There was excitement and joy as the nominees heard their names being called up. I am impressed by the quantities of web shows and /or series that now are so good they cannot be avoided. One of the most popular Musée Eden. The official ceremony will be in the Fall. You can take a peek at to get more information on all the nominees.

I even went to the movies! TOY STORY 3 in 3D. What a delightful movie! All the usual characters are back, but there is a new love in Barbie's life as she meets Ken. How good was it? The only noise made by the audience of any age was uproarious laughter! You will love it! The kids will love it! Opens June 18.

-Lena Ghio

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2012 Return of Quetzalcoatl

After my last post I meditated deeply on the image I photographed. I took the photo nearly a year ago. I had seen the face looking back at me once I processed the series of cloud shots I had gathered. I had felt vindicated that my theories about time could be verified. Then I got busy producing the radio show I had then, working at my part-time job, doing my art. When I began this blog I thought sharing these images would illustrate the line of thought I would explore here.
After the first post, I was haunted by that face and realized I had to understand more deeply what I had done by taking this photo.
Like many humans in the present I am concerned with issues of livelihood, of the environment, of the weirdness of our pop culture, and the bizarre evolution of politics and big business. But I stood before the phenomena that produced the image I shared with you and it propelled me into a conundrum. If that is a sentient presence, what does it want from me, from us? Is it a personal event, or one that It wants me to share? Is it an entity that big business or religious fanatics could abuse? I don't want that.
I had studied Aztec astrology and myths and knew of Quetzalcoatl, one of the principle Gods of this culture, the feathered serpent God. I googled It and the year 2012 which signifies His return. Could this be the entity I photographed?
I put this possibility in context with the devastating oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, begun on April 20 2010.
The perception I got from recalling the entity I captured is that of a force that gives life, that creates diversity, lusciousness, beauty. I did not get a Judeo-Christian idea of divinity. Then I pondered if It could have the power to heal the gulf. Then I wondered why would it be interested in coming to our aid when we are to blame for so many catastrophe.
In the end, I concluded that it could be a message to decent folks that they are not alone but that we have to be mindful about what we are doing as a species.
I concluded that if It chose to appear to me, something I am doing must be right. I will work on that.
About the return of Quetzalcoatl in 2012 I would say "He is already here Baby!" and that would mean that the countdown has begun.
-Lena Ghio

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Intelligence in the clouds

Darkened photo taken October
16 2009 © Lena Ghio 2009
We will begin our journey into the energy side of life by retracing some past events.
We will observe patterns and effects, but what will we find out about the mystery? For example the first images I share with you are of a face appearing between the Sun and the clouds. I am astonished that I found evidence of what I expected to find. I am also astonished that the face is not a random feature, but one I found again on another date. I have gathered several photographs of events in the clouds that resemble our human interactions. I remember seeing the shape of my mother in a cloud shortly after she died. This phenomena also occurred with a work mate who had died of cancer. I did not have a camera then so you will have to take my word for it. But I am not the only one to have captured the drama in the clouds. Check the Youtube video God eyes in sky Kerch . During a violent storm people filmed a striking pair of eyes looking down on them. I have seen those eyes too in my life, I even took note of each time in my journals. You can see a video of other clouds I photographed on Youtube.
Now imagine we are a very ancient civilization and some of us grasp these fleeting images! There is an undeniable relation between human survival and the power of the clouds, the life giving force of water. Could the appearance of these human forms in the clouds have been a basis for the beliefs in Gods living in the heavens?

-Lena Ghio